Thursday, June 05, 2008

about 2 years ago i once bought a kodak "extracolour" slide film in a small photostore downtown, more one of these tourist-trap photo stores. I then didn't expose the film until this may.

so that's what kodak means by "extracolour". i wonder if the film still exists ?

miriam and i were going to some picnic with firends. usually the underground is not a very colourful place.. but this one turned out pretty overwhelming

waiting for the bus. going to that park was quite a round-the-world trip.

it was one of the hottest days this year. this man collapsed somehow after jogging a bit too much.

eine kleine eibeschauung

i don't know why.. but slide film just looks unique sometimes.

later in may, some of miriams friends invaded vienna for a few days.

in the overcrowded asian restaurant

in another restaurant. so this is what you learn assisting dentists


so this is where they get their coke from !

say hello to an old friend ! i once took a photo of him at the erotic fair some time ago

later i went to watch some of the max reinhardt seminar students i made sedcards for, on stage.

and then we decided to have some drinks

drunk actors are the best !

the next day i was too wasted to join the lesbian army by invading the inner city districts.

but on sunday i dared to show my face in the public again. what a nice sticker by the way.

another picnic. we were trying to make a new world record in most picnics in one month. almost.

guy, my french uncle looking over vienna.

eat this !

lunch time

kids are easily the main attraction.

when it comes to desert, little ino and miriam are very similar. they can never get enough.


so small bit still able to look over the whole city. "enough watching i want to eat more cake now"

from one family to another.

miraim the nutella addict.

didn't know we had a deviantart staff meet in vienna !

diane arbus lässt grüßen

a very nicely drawn cunt for my series

vienniese high class

more prater people

now that's a straight crop for a rangefinder !

he asked how much i'd earn with his photo. how selfcentered can you be ? i mean iwhen i capture brad pitt giving johnny depp a blow job.. then they can ask how much..

after some billibillibops and große mafia bössinnen the gang was pretty exhausted

this photo is for stefan.

he wants to get as close as he could.. all those leicas.. the viagra for elderly photogeeks

putin left a tag. it was an emo day for him.

the most idiotic thing i've seen in a long time. the sign is saying that you should use the hook to fix your shopping cart and after unloading you can unhook your cart again and place it back to the other carts.

all this special service
only because they built the supermarked askew !! damnit :D

i don't know who of you remembers a pepsi advert of the 90's that started similar to this photo

lorant can be monster like !

this dog was insane !

let me in !

the classic teacher and his class. "herr fessor der wül da a foto machn fon earna"

an elk saying something swedish how cool is that !

eating at micheles place. cute italian restaurant

that should be a rayban advert if you ask me.

probably my faourite streetshot in a while. "suffer, suffer, till death seperates you" written on a church. i don't know why she was lying there. but it is as god placed her there right in that context!

miriam and jürgen at work. they're a funny team.

i've been a few days to a festival then didn't take photos. more photos probably in a month at lorants blog (

back in vienna.. it was raining and storming.

i actually hit a lighning in that shot, well the light of it.

the next day, walking around with nina.

an as per usual having something at li's cooking. nina almost is
a "japan girl" (a meal at li's cooking).

she had a phone bill of about 90€. in austria !! (probably cheapest place in the world when it comes to phone bills). so 90€ is incredibly high.

she lost her rayban. she said a skater has stolen it but she isn't sure... so she had to switch to the DG glasses again :*(

looking for a cigarette in the never ending universe of her bag.

unable to light ot though... ;)

first victims of hooliganism in vienna ! OMG !!

once more some barbeque with friends.

MERKUR greets austrias barbeque master daniel göller, choosing only the best austrian cow-farmers can offer !

die klassische hausfrau kümmert sich natürlich um den cafe !

shopping is fun !

wolf pimping with the lawn-mower

cleaning the chairs. very manly!

first beers. starting at 3pm

lorant inspecting the lightbulb

hot discussions
in the kitchen

olga is "pining for the fields"

daniel agrees. incest is the best. the czech answer to amstetten.

a very uncommon way of sawing a branch but a great performance it was !

the birthday cake!

walking around in the dust of the waldviertel.

obviously not taken by me.. but still very crisp for a 4th ;)


Yama said...

wow at that first shot of miriam!! i want to get my hands on that film! i looked it up and people were going on about how it supersaturates reds and what not

oh yeah, you inspired me to wind up an unfinished roll of film and i accidently wound it up all the way.. i have to head to the photo store to purchase a film leader retriever so i can practice some more

damn you!! :)

simon said...

wow, pure awesomeness all the way :)

especially these shots:

simon said...

and this one of course:

kirby said...

Mate, this shot is fantastic:

Between the colours and the smile, that photo really reminds me of "Amelie".

pf said...

I didn't expect Miriam's portrait could be better, and yet it can. It's beautiful, truly wonderful (not only in) colours. And I love overcrowded asian restaurant, it's magical somehow. And if it comes to deviantart, I noticed that you Leica fans tend to be very touchy about the subject, even if try to joke about that. To say the truth this "community" of "self proclaimed geniuses" and "deviants of many talents" that in the greater amout produce only kitsch is not worth a single thought, really. Although I am still a member there I am much more alone there than ever because I can't flatter anybody just because I like the pictures, that is common there. But I decided not to give up just because I hear silence. I read your blogs. I feel sometimes that you should know maybe, that there is no need to even mention dA, whatever it is and whatever it has done, if one has a blog with the photos that inspire so many. It only tells one thing: "I am still disappointed so I will fight with dA-idea forever. Oh, they're so silly and I try to laugh at them but it still annoys me what they done and what they still do." -- it is the sign that dA still has a power over a person. And for you, Viennese friends of Leica and photography, really dA is not a chellenge anymore. I assure you I see many people devoted to an old school photography that is not overphotoshopped and that is as simple as it can be. True photography defends itself.

Baltazart said...

awesome photos as normally but the first one comes out, great portrait:D congrats!

Suzan said...

Damn, I totally missed this post. Only saw it after the comment of Stelios on the new entry.
Shitload of photos, mate. But very enjoyable. Lots of spontaneous portrait stuff - I like!

Anonymous said...

deine fotos sind einfach wunderbar.
grusskuss aus münchen, maxim

Lorant said...