Monday, September 08, 2008

i don't know what crackhead has programmed but it must be said once that it's a pain in the ass to blog here, especially when you put up many images... that's also one of the main reasons why i will start working on my own blog soon.

so posting this whole entry again (because blogger deleted it) !

starting randomly in the supermarked. old ladys just rock for b/w. right ?

going to bregenz with sabine. somtehing like 7am. rising sun

sleeping couple next to us.

shooting a poker event for the ACE

at one of the tournament's final tables.

can't comment much. a poker player facing another.. woohoo ! 

doesn't seem to go well for him that day. that moment, he wasn't knowing that he will win the tournament in the end.

dinner at the casino's restaurant.

of course poker is a "man's world". some players take their wifes and girlfriends with them. i first wasn't sure why some of them had great massage capabilities, when i later realized they were professional masseuses, who get paid each minute they knead the "pros".

had expected poker players to live less healty ;)

usually they try to hide emotions not their faces.. but when it's over, it's over.

looking a bit different now, after he won something like 20k.

most of the players where staying at the(mer)cure hotel.

the first of a dozen caipirinhas that night. we gently called them "caipis"

a hot palm !

the nikon AF-light of a party-photographers camera.

of course i was mistaken as a party-scene photographer too.. so i did my passage-photo.

at the bodensee. i felt like taking an artsy photo. DA would love it ;)

more of the "caipis"

one of the casino's dealers. looking different in nightlife.

a beer called "blackmoors brew" oder neger-brause.. 

more dealers partying.

rino having more fun on this table than on the pokertable.

too many caipis ?

red bull verleiht fluegel.

emptying the jameson.

going to another place.

shaking our bootys.

bregenzer aufrissjungs.

playing darts. works well, drunk.

on the way home, we crossed this fire engine from the 50/60s..

the next day. shooting for the cover and interview. sandra with the cuban.

2 versions for the ACE cover.

strolling around in bregenz.

found an old campaign for "PAS Post Adbortion Syndrom". funny is that they called it "Myriam why are you crying?"..a propaganda of the catholic church against abdortion. seems like some things survive on the country side.

cliche scene at the bodensee.

no paris hilton dog !

"blackmoore brew" sponsoring the stadtfest.

former box champion ?

a hobby magician, entertaining some kids. wouldn't make it far at america's got talent though.

poster for the arena bregenz. weirdly looking much alike the "blackmoor brew" symbol. of course they don't mean to be rassist(?), but it has always been the "nigger beer" so why change the name or symbol.. and aida is about we can put a black woman in chains on it.. right ?

one last coffee in bregenz.

going home again

8 hours ride. we decided to have dinner in the train.

hello nina !

she's always so lively. hard to capture with 2.8 and manual focus.

later at the badeschiff with sabine. lately it's been sunny again (finally).

nina and the "jungle book" around her neck, unable to decide from the menu.

cornelia from romania visiting vienna. she wrote me a mail, knowing i was from vienna. it's been a while that i met someone from (fistique)

luckily we had more than 30C° in the last days. 

of course a polaroid camera with her ;)

we were at a photo exhib. (world press 08) as always a few good ones between less good ones. the prints are low quality, so is the framing... and i didn't know that getty-images was a photogapher ? he got a few prices.. same as newsweek.. weird names.. is it male or female ?

trying to meet her friend(s). it was a bit complicated.

so we went on.

the sun was setting.

having dinnner. she's a great model, holding still for a 4th second here ;)

the next day i was about to meet a friend. i had some spare time in between and walked around taking mediocre streetshots.

it's her second day in vienna. shame on me, i forgot her real name.. coming from portugal not knowing anyone in vienna, she decided to study for half a year at the technican university. she even doesn't speak german, but she recognized me on the street and just called my name. funny coincidence. (she's btw.)

a man carrying a bag with my deceased grandfather's name on it "Hans Krenn".">aschi and i talking about his portfolio.

a car for suzi9mm ;)