Tuesday, August 26, 2008

the following entry won't be anything special, i wasn't really focusing on photography lately because i was working on my website that is finally online ! would appreciate your opinion about it !

starting with trix:

a friend staying over in vienna.

this shot is pretty vienniese i'd say.

no need to comment this ad.

people dancing at the market.

at raffi's

these cookies...

now to plusx:

"oldschool porn". it's art now ;)

lost in vienna

a barefoot party

man buying medicine for somoene in the family. i just heard "yeah, she feels sick ..puking"

i had a total hangover of the night before. so i was walking around shooting some street, then went back home again.

that reminded me of the night before ;)

some people think this dog is cute, well some also think these glasses are cool...

found a very washed out newspaper. something for a darkroom print i think.

now efke25:

f2.0 1/2 second (in a pub) handheld.. seriously sick sharp frame considering the exposure time.

it's a joke i can't really translate in one sentence.

die freude an der arbeit !

cafe blaustern. i think the reflection in the back really makes the shot.

one of the most famous hotdogstands in vienna.

at the station. something for a big print. you can clearly see the leopard-bra on the highres scan.. 25asa is pretty sick.

a perfect day to wear all in black and leather !

left is kip from hawaii, me in the middle and lorant to the right.

i wish i had a midifile to this photo.

inside the supermarket. a guy wearing a jeans saying "i'd do anything for a fuck" on the left and "fuck you you fucking fuck" on the right.. seriously WTF?

f2 1/15. 25asa really are a pain in the ass sometimes

gigolo not being amused about being photographed. i bet he'd like the shot.

kip in the MQ

lorant still having a hangover

one plus two makes...

switching to trix here. a roll from hawaii ! ;)

the magician behind the bar !

playing pool till the morning

walking home at 6:30am.. crossing these pigeons.

seems reliable to me.

her shirt said something like "reconstructing the authentic couples.." whatever that meant.. made me take this shot.

it was just a matter of time ;)

girls talk

i know it's stupid.. but when i see a moment like this i can't just not release..

a squirrel jumping from one tree to another.

at my place (not decorated yet)

at the darkroom. had a frame left on the roll..