Friday, November 30, 2007

a bit more than a week ago, i was shooting a model whole day. i found this thing on her head kinda funny. next time i'll make the shooting with the fan-machine, bet this will look less serious.

i <3 austria 3 times !

on the train to germany. the obligatory self portrait on the toilet. i always take the camera with me on the toilet, it's not that it's save to leave the toy in an empty cabine.

there's always such great light in these toilets.. and traveling alone for about 10hours through the night by train always sets me in a special mood, i only have when i travel by night for hours.

salzburg. half past midnight.

7 something am. Miriam still very dozy just as i was sleeping for 5 hours waking up every 10minutes when the train was driving uncomfortable or some spotlights flooded the cabine with light.

i won't explain why, but i managed to open the camera while film was not rewinded... so i exposed some negatives completely. intresting what was left over here.

like a cat. liking her paws... paws rhyms on awwwws !

watching six feet under, while having breakfast in the bed is something i can suggest to everyone ! :)

sitting on the backof a tiny car with the dog in the trunk is someting i cannot suggest to anybody ! ;)

at the campus.


in the woods of frauenstein.

beside exposing the trix by opening the camera, i also managed to take 36 frames on a apx that wasn't correctly winding up. so i didn't expose 90% of the film. my complete disability, wasting 1 1/2 films made me wanna puke... so i ripped out the apx and threw it away... i had to document this shit.

she wasn't impressed.

guessing the exposure with a trix pushed to 2000iso and a ND filter attached (makes 250iso) is quite a challenge when you have the light of a weak setting sun. i went for f4.0 1/250 here seemed to work

dog and panorama over frauenstein.

ciao miriam.

german platforms newly have "smoking areas" where you are allowed to light your fag. he was looking somehow confused.. really like the photo.

on the train back to vienna. this time i was sharing the cabine with two others. a musician (chellist) and someone else. took this shot in a station.

f2.0 1/8th at 2000iso, just so you know how dark it was.

a beer bottle between my legs. gotta cool my balls.

getting up in the morning. first greyish dalight entering the room.

back in vienna. meeting up with friends. i love this "cloudy" beer.. it's so photogenic.

late night snack. i got a eitrige with an buckel..

lorant having troubles with opening up his mouth more than 3 centimeters. kinda weird to have 5 screws in your jawbones.

was shooting for a company. in my short spare time in between, i decided to walk through their huges storehalls.. and met some people i was talking to for some minutes.

he's working there beside studying something like media informatics. had a conversation about digital cameras.. something i can talk about a little too i think.. hehe.

something i found somehow nice and beautiful in it's simplicity.

shots were taken with 1dsMKII+24-70 2.8 500-640iso if you're intrested.

Friday, November 23, 2007

I know it's been ages !

the reason why i wasn't posting for so long is pretty simple. on 2nd november, i moved flat. i haven't managed to install internet on my computer yet. so i'm posting again because i have access now, here at miriam's place, who is in germany again.

i was begging sebastian to scan a roll of colour film for me. he is now member of the proud owners of a nikon coolscan V ED !

mine decided to scan b/w only. so he sacrificed to scan 2 rolls.

these photos have been taken years ago, when i started the roll (fuji press 800)

taken at a concert in the WUK.

intresting how much light you have out of nothing when your hair is blond instead of black.

they were watching the concert from save distance. that's more or less a tradition in our small boring country.
i'm glad that i've been to new model army lately.. there was a real good audience and mosh pit.

tobias didn't feel charmed by the masculine butt getting closer and closer. i think he was even blushing. i found that hillarious. cannibal corpse. i remember hearing them for the first time some years ago. the lyrics were about fucking dead girls. it was pretty detailed. good that you can't understand shit when they sing or puke, i never managed to hear the difference. always a welcomed thing to spit on buttons of atms or in elevators, you have to use. i wonder what idiots do such shit. i mean we all know (or probably it's just me) what it is like to walk home drunk as shit and piss in the next corner we can find... things like that happen.. but spitting on an atm, is definately no charming act. this roll is full of random shit. i started it years ago and loaded it several times after some months. lorant and frankenstein. this was about a month ago. i almost forgot what it is like without a dishwasher.
on my way home. the streets of meidling. 1/4th here. a frame i pretty much like. still, shooting street in colour isn't my thing. she was so into reading this rather nonsaying newspaper, that she used space of two seats. i thought i'd take a photo as a statement. she didn't realize. it's public transport, not private ! ;) miriam left on the 22nd october as far as i remember. last evening we spent at my fathers place. had some nice dinner as always there. here i really love the colours. shoud be something worth to print. news from the military ? yeah. november the 5th we were packing our stuff and moved from our barracks to the army cloths archive, where we got rid of our uniforms and all that useless steel helmet and "combatdishes" how we call it shit. you have to pack all the things you had in your locker into one big rucksack, it's called 3er-KAZ. lovely. inside the beautiful barracks, last march with army content on your back. some recruits created funny versions of the 3-KAZ after months of negligence of training how to pack one the correct way. for me he was still the winner, packing a rucksack so that you can only carry it horizontal on one shoulder instead of vertical on two. he wouldn't be able to walk more than 20 meter with it. the backbag is fixed with a belt. now you probably wonder as much as i did how you can carry it turned 90° when you have a belt to fix it ? anyway, it's sometimes not easy to open a belt, i know.. he ensured us that he was sober that day. inside the cloths departement, you had to put all your army stuff in different trolleys. it's their system. seems to work for years now. so for the last time you've been the owner of all these green cloths and military objects from the 70s. they advised us to take care of our carts, because it wouldn't be the first time that someone stealed a fucking shirt or trousers... god dammit who'd do that ? the guy in the back also pointed out that it is not allowed to take photos in any barracks.. and i never gave less a shit about it than this day. it still took ages to get rid of the 3er-KAZ, despite their great system that they had since generations... so outside the others had to wait, while we got send free ! look at their faces.. i was lucky. they said they wouldn't accept dirty shoes. mine still had mud from the last combat training we had in may this year and it was centimeters of mud. so i didn't clean mine at all.. and others who had minor dirt got sent back to clean their shoes. one last time the army salute. they were so agog about the way you salute in the basic training.. but in vienna people saluted in various ways up to "Paast scho" my favourite. november the 6th. last day as an austrian soldier. i don't have photos from the actual process, because they love to give you punishement one last time on your last day. so i was not going to take my camera out in front of the leutnants and other heinzis. on my way home i found this still life in the radezky barracks. the sign "no smoking" with those uncountable exclamation marks was absolutely useless.. after we got our final release documents, we went to have something to eat. we ate till close to puke. damnit we were full. and tired. so we went home to sleep. we had to be fit for the night. for the last hours of being a soldier in complete drunk state. i managed to move flat, but i didn't manage to clean it up yet. bushido always makes me think of alice schwarzer too. for those who know what i mean. winter is coming. next to my current flat there is this judo "studio" for young and old. glad mr.bush doesn't know something about it. he'd probably add it to his list of axe of evil.

anyway. that's some condensed water or sweat of 50 or more ambitious young judo trainees on the shop window next to my flat.

beer can romanticsm once again.

christmas is coming and the shops prepare for the strom. it's almost a tradition to throw the empty boxes right in front of the shop on the street. i'd have needed them for my flat clearing in early november.

good, awesome, cheap. in german it's better because the words gut, geil und günstig start with a g.

so if you ever need professional application photos, go to this thingy.

for few money, you'll receive "good" photos and it will be an "awesome" trip that will make you wet, cause geil also means horny.

who's the owner of this car ?

either he has 4 daughters from the age of 13 to 19, almost like the virigin suicides, or he has one daughter at the age of 16 that is really believing she's a princes that has birthday that day. these were my thoughts crossing this poor man.

the streets are getting decorated. every year the same ugly shit. i only liked the graben sometimes..

so the very last hours as an austrian soldier have started. innovative and rational as we are, we decided to go to drink as much as we could get for our last money.

these were just the starters.

there was no light to take photos. so i took my chance to shoot once in cellphone light

and once in lighter light situatuon.

half past eleven, we decided to walk downtown. he really is a saluting fetishist. even now drunk as shit, few moments before the final redemption, he was giving me the army salute one last time.

that's my message to the austrian army. straight but honest. it doesn't need to be subtile, the army isn't subtile.

we've been to mcdonnalds to have something in our stomache for the last act.

the last act was burning down the ADV (Allgemeine Dienstvorschrift). A small booklet you always had to carry with you in uniform. The bible of the austrian soldier with all the paragraphs about your rights and responsibilities.

it was pretty cold but we were drunk.. and it was windy and we only had those ridiculous lighters.. so it was hard to get the darn thing burn.

after some tries, we started to almost to despair but it was funny too.

our WIGehilfe.. Pastyrik, trying to burn his ADV inside the bin that he used as a windshield.

finally they were BURNING !!!

i was too drunk to expose correctly with the leica without a working metering.

look at the joy in their faces.. it was midnight, we turned to civilists again.

getting disturbed while taking a piss at the western union bank.

we continued drinking. spent almost 250€, only steiner and me.

left at something around 4am. Last station where we were drinking, the "kaktus". it says "celebrate with us" i'm impressed that i still could take a photo.

on my way home. taking photos sometimes keeps me awake. can't really remember the situation

next "morning" around 2pm.. woke up in my chaotic chambre, had a frame left. felt like taking a self in a complete fucked up state.

some random concert photos

went to a party where they had a kids-tablesoccer table. after playing a while on it, your back felt horrible..

the girls thought they had better chances if they played in three... but that didn't really help.

sebastian was eating something he didn't enjoy. just a small spice thing that bothered him.

but he kept eating it. he's a monster, you know it.

aaaaaaargggg ..... and the last bits all into his mug !

seb in all his beauty

there was also a polish ex-basketball player. 207cm high. he was a funny person. we wanted to give him a kiss after he finished his job on the toilet. (insider story)

friends of mine being photographed watching my blog. i'm living with ina for a few months right now, she's on the right.

at my fathers place again. nina has been there last time 13years ago. back then we watched everything from a different perspective.. about 60cm closer to the ground.

champagne ! good liquid.

on the way home. waiting for the tram.

no comment to this one.

first snow this year.

christmas time. time of love. time of hearts and stuff.

markus is sexy but this camera is really sexy too !

vienniese ladys deluxe.

shooting apx100 in winter, quite a challenge sometimes.. but i like the tones better when the film is a bit pushed, because winter tones suck ususally.

my new busstation for the next months.

a brave man with a mission.

so i was in a shopping centre. waiting in front of the store of my internet provider, to cancel my old contract. i had to wait because he was busy with a young lady. next to the shop was this fitness store. they were playing this video of a man or animal i'd say, who was training and posing for almost 15minutes. i was more fascinated of this weird narcism and fetish than of his mountains of muscles.

this couple came across and watched a little. they went inside then. he bought some protein pills and stuff.. classic couple.

on the way to "boesner". it's a long way there. enough time to sleep. she also got off endstation.

i passed the gravestoneland then.

last frame. didn't know what else to do than one of these selfportraits in myspace style. is it myspace enough ?

on the left there are the framed portraits, the reason why i went to boesner (art-store). one year after the exhibition, verbund decided to buy the portraits all of a sudden.