Tuesday, May 20, 2008

didn't find the time to post a new entry lately. the weather was just too good to stay at home and even if i was, i had to go through many digitals in the post lately, so no time to use the internet much lately.

starting chronologicaly as always. burggasse was closed by the firefighters because a brothel burned down. no big loss..

met sebastian. we ordererd a few 8GB extreme cards. 55€ each.. i remember paying 100€ for a 1GB when i bought the 20D a few years ago.. prices are much nicer now !

shooting apx100+ND here. makes useful DOF and shutter in such light

walking through the inner districts.

workers preparing for the 1st may. national holiday in austria.. more a kind of rightwing holiday in germany

weather was great that day. nearest park to the university. i liked the graphical similarity with the advert in the background

businessmen at lunch

some tourists

miriam in the NIG looking for books

not a pretty building. typical for the 70s

1st may. getting ready for a short trip to germany. years ago i could have never dreamed of such a backbag.. i'm curious what will be in 5 years.. view cameras, rolleiflexes ?... maybe mamiya 7 IIs ?

first fuel break in germay.

wheater turned crap suddenly

piss break at a parking. i noticed this sticker on the bin. reminded me that prostitution is legal in germany.

my uncle and i met a friend/collegue of his in kaiserslautern.

went to a restaurant. had steak.

on the toilets they had this automat, selling codomes.. and "travel pussies" weird stuff..

most ugly building in kaiserslautern. i think i like it the "bechers" way. i was told they covered it back in 2006 during the world cup in soccer, that happened in germany. after they uncovered it again, they left it like that.

i was hoping that i hit one of the skaters in mid air... here is the crop: (too bad i had a trix loaded instead of a higher resoluted film)

patrick showed us his car wreck then. the actual reason why my uncle wanted to meet him. they both buy such wrecks to rebuild the actual car of the 60s/70s. all original or selfmade parts. takes some years and thousands of hours in the garage to make it look like new !

discussing about the details

i also found a hidden motorbike

very german countryside looking scenery. reminds me of wuppertal somehow.

my uncle showing him the paintings of my deceased grandfather. we transported them for my older unlce, who will hang them in his new house later.

good bye kaiserslautern !

hello trier!

we arrived at evening and met some of the others in the house. mainly family

people like to take pictures with the leica.. i agree it feels different to the cameras nowadays.. most of the times photos turn out blurry or out of focus.. but not this time.

here my older uncle showing the paintings he was waiting for some time.

we also had a birthdayboy !

uncle with new toy digital camera

they were building a street of plastic animals

going back to the hotel. they built their house in a very spacy scenery.

next morning. the view out of my hotel room. trier old town.

had to get me new batteries. so we went to a mall.

those were the good times. slides. i wonder how old this advert must be now... definately extinct

almost extinct.

having some bagels downtown.

in the house, they have a huge mirror. had to make a self in there.

i wandered around the aera. reminded me of smicity a bit. like a digital lego landscape.

i liked this house somehow

cought the sprinter in air

a detail i liked.

back in the house. my niece sitting by the window

she first was a bit photo shy.. it changed soon

my older uncle

his wife. it was short before we left with the bus to some really nice wine tasting

still a bit shy

flo (uncle) trying to get the new TV running. he's a great snooker fan (and hobby player himself) and it was semi final of the world cup.. so he tried hard to get it running ;)

my cousin who soon will be comfirmed with his brand new watch.. one of his presents for the confirmation if i'm right..

nora, arguing about smthng

riding the bus. talking about digital cameras and why i use prime lenses and why i need a second body..

it was quite a long trip.

finaly there ! we got some welcome drinks

beside the wine we got bread, tomatoes and some ham.. all very delicious

my mother and sister. with too much energy.. or was it the wine ?

probably it was the wine...

this one was hard to take.

we decided to have some stronger stuff later. wir waren ja alle mal jung nicht ?

father and son. mensch schau doch mal die porta nigra! ey papa.. die sonne nervt, wann kriech ich mein eis !

a couple enjoying the sun. efke25.. i might should print this one becuase of the imense amount of details

what a dog

again father and son. this time son trying to get attention by father, who is being busy on the phone though. brumm brumm

another stressed father.. this time with a bunch of girls

old man with "thailand" cap


some chocolate ice cream

preparations for the beatification.. i don't remember who or what..

the boys doing some fancy pushups

in the hotel

trier does wedding photography too. their photos aren't any special, but still better than their english..

instead to wasing time. we decided to go and play some snooker. it was the only bar in whole trier that offered a table. the table itself was in a horrible condition though.

the confirmation was somehow made in two steps. i don't know much about it. i'm not a religious person. i was told that photographing was not permitted.. so i watched in silence like the others and took some snaps with the leica, because nobody will notice anyway,

we were going by car to have dinner later. we had some space problems though.. ;)

at the dinner. light can be fascinating

father and son fighting for the last beer !

the second mass the next day. again taking photo (illegaly) with the leica... ;)

all you need is love.. and money, and health, and world peace.. and good looking or a plastic surgeon..

after the mass.. everyone was allowed to take photos of the confirmants.. people stormed the front.

the basilika was huge.

maybe my favourite frame from the trip. in combination with the sign of course. works best in german though.

back at the house. champagne and buffet

looks like someone can't wait to eat

on the roof.

my sis.

i like this one

efke25 with ND makes 3ISO (2.8 1/60th) here. pretty ridiculous though ;)

good bye !

on the way home. another 9 hour ride.

back in vienna

nina looking for a cigarette

<;div align="center">

nina looking for a lighter

maki time again

hello ina !

going to the darkroom

going back home

does this dog know what it looks like ?

streaked socks.

may i take a photo ?

the whole day was sunny, except a few seconds.

probably have stolen some wedding photorgapher one of the wedding-preparation photos .. who knows ;)

at the max reinhardt seminar.

american tourists with rented bikes in front of the schönbrunn castle.

it's in the details. (german)

boy getting dirty pants. "da wird die mama aber schimpfen" zitat ende

man with car

hauptsache pornobrille

lunch at home. too bad i still had the 25asa film here..

schefs birthday. more photos on lorants blog (lorantracz.blogspot.com)

starting the last plusx from last summer here.

have a closer look at the image on the right. is this how austrians advertise for icecream... ?

at my fathers place. ready for the picnic koller edition

you might remember this cute boy.

my father fighting with the rubbish bags.

like fallen from the sky

next day. same great weather. so some friends and i went to a lake. i got there by bike.. i finaly have repaired it.

we they forgot about the chocolate in the sun.. so we had so called "trinkschokoloade"

we went to some heuriger later.

last weekend we went miriam, sophia, schef and i went to hainburg.. to enjoy some nature, silence.. great salads and barbeque.

we somehow also took care of the kids.

little flex and his father.

they have all sorts of animals there. really different way of living.

going shopping for the barbeque

i decided to join the hells angels by the way

enjoying the last sunrays.

säcke brauchen auf pflege!

babyboy in the electric vehicle

later i was busy with cleaving the wood for the fire for the barbeque.. so miriam took over the camera.

they seemed to have their fun with it..

sunday ice cream day. that's what his bib says.

those were really chillin times

we were haning around literally..

we were sleeping in this tent.

it got late. schef decided to water the grass

it was night. schef was playing some songs. by the fire. the most cliche things are the best.

in the tent. we only had one flashlight.

the next morning. bi ba bu die sonne scheint.

those were nice days.. great weather.. now it's raining day and night.. but at least i managed to put all these photos online..


christian said...

da bekomm ich ja glatt heimweh wenn ich das so les...hab mal im hunsrück gewohnt, also ganz in der nähe von trier.

artis said...

aah, excellent entry - enjoyed it whole from the start to end. don't wanna praise you but I must say that it was a plasure also to view the photos of such a high technical quality, although on screen.
hard to comment on specific parts or photos, but I'll just pick out this from many and say that I like the way how it communicates in context.


kip keston said...

wow that was a huge post!

shashank said...

wonder how much time it took you to make this blog...nice frames as usual...PlusX look a lot like Delta...

Shady Enbashi said...

typical smk entry, lengthy yet not boring but rather very interesting.

What is that booklet in your camera backbag?

kirby said...

Holy cow that was a long entry. A great one though, I enjoyed the whole thing, especially the sneaky confirmation frames.

I think you guys must put sex hormones in your icecream to inspire adverts like that though.

Ana M Angel said...

great long entry, so much diversity,, its always nice that you document your life so well.. some great photographs from the confirmation(or what ever it was you went to germany for) specially the one int he church where the kid id the only one looking at you and everyone is looking forward...

chris weeks said...

"people like to take pictures with the leica.. i agree it feels different to the cameras nowadays.. most of the times photos turn out blurry or out of focus.. but not this time."

so very true.

amazing work as per usual!

hope you're well!

always nice to see photos of "nicole," by the way!

Suzan said...

I especially enjoyed the last set of photos shot at the countryside. Such lovely atmosphere!

Anonymous said...

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