Friday, February 29, 2008

february was one of my busiest month photography wise.

so here the last photos from february 2k8

left: here is space for your creativity
right: fuck scrubs

i've tried my best getting straight lines with the rangefinder.

luckily this one turned out.

intresting threesome

in the elevator of markus place.. it's the smallest i've ever seen.

cream filled willies... awesome.

thought why not also include miriam in my series.

met this redhead at h&m

yum !

funny how bernhard and i took photos of the same situation without knowing of each other versions.


just some friends at my place

the m is still my favourite of all cameras..

on the street again.

first sunny and warm days this year. it's like everyone crawls out of their caves all of a sudden.

catching the last sunrays


the other day..

a little metro-boys gang at burggasse.

somehow i felt like shooting slide again. kodak 100e GX was laying around for a year now.. so i took it out of the fridge for the first time. nice film !

apx 100 in comparison

we did a polaroid for a project of chris d. and it didn't work out, so we took one with the leica.. then we managed also to do the polaroid. it's pretty complicated to expose with a sx-70 on a 600 film.. but now i know how to do it (with ND filter)


that was february