Monday, June 16, 2008

i'm currently pretty busy with the european championship see:

still i found some time to scan the latest negatives somehow

efke25 in the underground.. means 1/4th f2.0 ;)

miriam writing text messages in top-speed !

at the lake

more or less a tricky photo with a rangefinder

going back to vienna

the last daylight for the 25asa..

one more for stephan !

miriam with her new uber ugly glasses

why oh why did they bring these glasses back in fashion ???

at the prater, finishing the roll beside the digitals you can find on the graffiti-blog

this family was around all the time

uwe deconstructing the "graffiti thing"

watching a game. t'was greece - sweden nothing special

the wild one and the greenhorns

vienniese casanova

a nice lady reading

in the park


vice party. free booze, free punk, free electro

morning brush


fabzone vienna. just walking around wasting one film (125px)

a baby in german dress

marius has nice lady friends.

watching another game at tobi.

and another game at the prater fan zone

after the game

"abused" toilets

watching another game

more photos from the european championship at


Stelios said...

for some reason your last 3 posts never made it to the RSS feed. I got an overload.
slides are always nice aren't they? (previous post about Kodak extracolour)
pictures can be as good as your life. and you seem to do lots of interesting stuff lately.
good to see more of your pics again mr koller

stefan said... <3

kip keston said...

24L must be addictive ;)

nice work as usual

aschi said...

also mir gefällt ja "behinderte" besser als "greenhorns".

pornobrillen sind schon wieder out. gfallt ma.

Ryan Marr said...

Love these frames


the rest is pretty good :)

simon said...

hahaha, bist das du?

smkblog said...

ja. bin ich. meine photos sind aber welten besser als cremers.. dafür riskiere ich halt meine ausrüstung und war waschlnass..

simon said...

gheart eh her :)
aber naja, cremer is halt doch fast zwei bis dreimal(?) so alt wie du ;)

kip keston said...

hey sev, love this frame

why don't you print it?

Yama said... if you feel like seeing some shots i have done so far :)

chris weeks said...

she looks hot in any kinds of glasses.

bad austrian for making fun of her. ;)