Thursday, June 28, 2007

here some more left over crap

military lunch. right side

left side

barracks in hoersching.

franz without hat.

szeller with hat.

random people in linz.

we had to clean every single corner before we were allowed to leave hoersching. franz took their orders pretty seriously.

new barracks. finally in vienna. a message to welcome me ! "koller you whore"

random mother. i always wonder what kids think if they see their mother like that in the public. especialy in europe where noone else is covered.

this is the whole team in vienna. i was lucky enough to be there at the right time when they did a group photo. so i took my camera to make my own.

the new barracks where i'll be till november is the "medical examination station" where every 18y old male austrian being has to go for 1 1/2 days to get checked on physical and psychical health.

my job is to write down diagnoses of the doctor and a few other things..

the lady right in center is my doctor.

nice mix, eh ?

and of course there is a lot of nothing-to-do-time.

everything is a bit more "loose" here in vienna. vienniese so to say.

random atmosphere shot:

funeral of my grandfather.


random, boredom.

lost lady.

lady lost in the worlds of substi and a handsome austrian policeman.

bernhard lost in the world of le-koller fiber prints.

weird guy lost in a book

back light.

recruits on their way home.

recruit on his way to the barracks. shot with my new bessa r2m. only frame that is in focus yet. yay.


markus. nd8 filter used.


my new camera is bessa r2m. everything is perfect but of course the photos have front focus. it's crap. who would have expected that a new camera would work 100% nowadays, right ?

so i gotta switch back on my M6 without metering.. great.

ps: for anyone who feels like criticising here on my blog entries. just leave it. thanks.

Monday, June 18, 2007

it's me again. still taking pictures from time to time. still no motivation yet. gonna get a new camera on friday, hope to "buy" some motivation with it ;)

the time in hoersching is over. we actually were staying more time in the car driving back and forth than staying in the barracks. almost..

always driving as late as possible, to enjoy as much time as we can at home.


drunk night. very drunk.. lost my purse but got it back one week later. lucky me.

old vs. new. old wins of course.

linus had birthday some time ago.

from the hip, from the back, double decker action, rar !

hoersching again:

shooting with the 50/2 a littlebit.

going home.

some by train.

others tried it by car. poor bastard.

others by bus....

vienna again.

st.poelten. a stop in between the road trip.

vienna again.

hoersching again.

linz this time.

this nice fella wanted us to show some "nice" area of linz. he didn't care for traffic lights.

the "nice area" with his buddies.

random girl who "ate" andi later that night.