Wednesday, April 30, 2008

the last days were really sunny. summerlike. so i started to dedust my ND filter after some months.

apx100 (without ND)

ein schluckal vom cola und weiter gehts

on her schoolbag there is a white pony.. made me think of the deftones.. then i was looking closer.. it says "white beauty".. well it's only a schoolbag in the end.

very common scene, very common street for photographers.. featured in many blogs i suppose ;)

oh there is nina. also westbahnstraße.

nina with her dad on the phone

still with dad on the phone

nina with itching knee

at lee's cooking, looking for the "girly" sushi stuff.

waiting for the takeaway.

serious talk at the other table

nina doing her most charming face

very boring photo of a bycicle

we decided to have our takeaway at the academys parc.. we had some entertainment included.

more intresting than me or my "toycamera" it seems.

please focus on her last maki roll

because she lost it on the way to her mouth. the LAST one !!

there it lies and dies..

somehow the roll was finished.

so some digitals.

they seem to have something common

she didn't only lose her maki but also a piece of her tooth, a day for "losers".

the 85/1.2 is not the real street lens, because of it's slow AF but i went for this one..

talking and licking

lorant once asked me when you ever need the option 50.000K in the raw editor for whitebalance..

miriam came back in vienna.

these are no scratches.. more threads of gelatine. sometimes happens when i develope serveral films at once.. still have to wash these first before i print any..

this guy got himself a huge flatscreen. getting ready for the euro 2008. after spending hundreds of euros for a tv, he should probably take a cab instead though.

if there was an award for the most tasteless car in austria. it would be this one. for german speaking i have uploaded a bigger resolution of the scan !

the other day we went to climb a little

or attempt to at least ;)

but after some time even a dan osman (R.I.P) couldn't have believed his eyes when he saw miriam doing her moves !

"ihr photo!"

those three gentlemen were imposing the ladys which were passing by.

more actors/students from the academy commission. this time two at once. we had a "blast".. no really it was fun.

trix with the ND

they shaved for the photos. to have both versions with and without beard.

they wanted to have some photos together.. i took some close with the 85 and then to document the whole scenery with the M.

because of the great light that day, i switched to efke25 asa (xtol 1:1 20C° 8min agiation every 30sec for 10 sec)

i wonder if they're more than best friends !

really neat film though. it first seemed cheap.. but it makes some nice contrast.

a boy i randomly met there. i asked him if i could take a picture of him with his camera (a Leica M2 paper model with an kaleidoscope instead of a lens). i asked in german, not knowing he was from italy or spain as far as i remember. so his first reaction was kinda scared, because he didn't know what i wanted him to do and why i wanted a picture of him.. but somehow he realized after i showed him my camera, the leica. then he got the idea..

downstairs his parents were kinda confused until i told them that i just wanted a photo because he had such a cool camera toy.. and showed them mine.. that was the moment where i realized that none of them spoke any german.. so i explained in english. then they explained their son.. in the end i got this photo and i like it a lot.

inside the MQ the "enzis" are back. usually one to four people share one of those, but you rarely see 7 people sitting, standing, laying, leaning one a single one. this seemed kinda special to me. they probably wondered why i took their photo.. but on a frame you can see the oddness much better.

the efke makes beautiful DOF and exposure times possible in bright light, even without a filter. f4 1/250th there.

if you look closely, both, the boy and the ball itself are captured in mid air. i sometimes wonder about luck of such moments. then again, on a rangefinder, you see when you capture.

this photo shows well that the efke film does not have a lichthofschutzschicht, sorry don't know the word in english... well it sometimes starts to glow when you have lots of light difference in a single photo. it seems like bright areas start to glow into the darker.

a tramstation sign resing in a tramstation.

a nivea advert for shaving foam, saying "for men who can't get enough of shaving".

he of course didn't know where he was leaning on, what makes the whole even more entertaining to me.

I <3>

we were going to some barbecue at tobi's place. i took this one with one hand, carrying a sixpack of beer in the other. the man then asked for one of the beer.. he might thought he could be lucky enough to get it just like that... so beggers ask you for money normally, except for the situation when you have beer with you. makes sense, they would buy some anyway, so they save time and effort to get one by asking for it directly !

i had 2.8 1/30th here. perfect settings for a photo like that as long as you don't shake too much. the resolution of the film is amazing. the picture itslef ain't very special, but the settings and the tones.. i think it's worth a testprint to see the film's characteristics !

so there i got even f2.0 1/30th. 25asa ain't much in the end.. but the glowing effect really adds here. i wonder what this frame looked like on a trix. i think more detail in the lights, but i don't miss it here, i prefer the glow for this shot.

finally there. getting rid of the efke, because the sun was setting soon.

the glow has some kind of dreamy, nostalgic effect and look. probably because later b/w films we shoot regulary nowadays don't have this "failure" anymore, but older emulsions have it..

so back to trix. you can see the difference.

after the barbecue, we went inside for some drinks featuring ouzo, büffelgras vodka and some sparkling wine (eww)

schef was about to lose the tray... hahah.

so the ladys took the responsibility

"tscchuuh" das muss härter sein !

jo moi, mausibutzschatzibärli !

his hand, a sneaky little detail.

siehst du michi. du siehst ganz normal aus auf photos, trau dich nur ! ;)

the lovers getting shot in different ways.

shooting each other.


du der sevi und mein schnuckputz, die haben da reingepfurzt !

from f2.0 1/8th with trix to f2.8 1/500th with apx100+ND8 filter... (same as 12iso)

lisa after our odyssey looking for a bank austria.

eva soon joined on that great sunny day.

schuld sind die pornobrillen !

sind die besser als mit dem handy ?

the MQ turns into the kitzbuehl of vienna lately. well it's like everyone is there on the first summerlike weekend of the year.

i've never seen it that full i must say.

pure contrast.

melting people everywhere.

i mean, how do people decide to rest like that ! they must be forced to share this little stone bank because of the "global space problem" i can't think of any other reason.

in the tram. taken with the ND grad filter on 2.8 1/125th. this makes the photo live much more. imagine it at f8.0. wouldn't be the same

i've taken some photos for a band that weekend too. you can see one bandshot on my flickr.

i was packing my things, when they all had a look through the pictures on the digital camera. so i took two frames of them, because "i had nothing better to do".

monday. shooting the last students/actors of the max reinhardt seminar.

then having some spontanious lunch with sopherl, mario, schef and flo and miriam later.

it was incredibly bright.

florian enjoyed his "daily" salad. i later had a "haloumi" salad.. great stuff.

more melting figures. almost erwin wurm like.

then the roll was finished.

going to germany a few days. back next week with some material. till then !


chris weeks said...

i have several rolls of efke but didn't really know if i could trust it. have plenty of apx25 still so ... i just use that.

the nd on the trix looked incredibly nice!

nice to see you guys have some sun!

hope you're well!

kip keston said...

badass post. several you should really print!

Eva said...

Haha I like the "melting people". ;)
My favourite frame is the one of the little boy though, very candid capture. Love it. :)

shashank said...

man...i wish it was sun and not rain here in oslo...

Lennart said...

amazing stuff amongst it, some beautiful unusual angles and compositions.

and... maki means roll.

kirby said...

People are so unused to the sun that as soon as it comes out, they melt. Better than here in England. The second we get some sun you can't walk 5ft without seeing 12 guys in shirts and flip-flops lugging BBQ gear back home!

jiwaki said...

great post!
the pictures i like the most are the kid jumping with the ball and the woman in the tram (the one taken with nd filter).
they're fantastic!

Lenart Senica said...

Severin, great post! Although there is a lot of photos it's still fine story.

I wonder which lens do you use on your Leica. 35 f/2?
Thank you for answer.

Best regards in Vienna.

Yama said...

don't you hate how you miss some of the most amazing shots when you're stuck behind the window pane of a car?

they should create a new photography 'style' and call it 'car window prisoner artsyfags'

great shots again..i just realized today how long i've been following your blog; cheers to you and hope there will be many more

protten said...

ich zieh' mal meinen hut... du kannst es.

Suzan said...

Very enjoyable entry! Really laid-back. Seems like you're enjoying the good weather to the max :)
Nina looks really great on photos, she has so much expression.
I really liked this one of her:
It's a totally "ooh nooo!" expression. I feel for her and the maki.
Great frame... Gorgeous guy and cool expression!
Also I really dig this one:
Nice and negativespace-ish.
And these expressions:
Great stuff! :D

severin said...

cheers suzan !

it's been 20 days and you still comment on the blog :)

therefor i'll post a new one !

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