Saturday, April 12, 2008

so it's been ages since the last post.. just didn't find the time to write an entry. don't worry, you won't miss a thing ! ;)

so jobwise i was lately busy with vitus and his machine. we were testing all kind of things two weekends long.

the master himself !

here with the "machine" !

currently borrowed a schneider kreuznach 28 shift for the 5d.. shooting mostly arch stuff with it. here an artsy self.. tested the lens, comparing with the 24/1.4L that is about the same pricerange, at f5.6. the schneider beats it without a doubt !!

working a lot in PS as well lately. here some insight in my late night meal and drink.

these white covered bikes are sorts of memmorials for people who had fatal bicycle accidents right there.

um apx100 btw. last rolls with bessa.

f2.4 1/4th or 8th.. don't know exactly.. but shooting 100iso in this light condition is kinda senseless... but i took several shots and some were actually sharp, really sharp.

on the streets again.

one of these bad mother cliches. sorry lady, didn't mean it this way ;) just the whole sircumstances were funny, so i took a shot.

blind lady crossing.

shopping street.

officially last self with the bessa *teardrop*

paast ! bam oida fix !

going to the airport. catching up friends from germany (wiedervereinigung).. we actually had long time to wait for the train because of the very complicated scheudle information in the internet *wink*

miriam making fun of me and probably any other rangefinder shooter out there !

misspelled insults are simply the best.

one more yawning !

back to the wiedervereinigung ! germans in the vienniese sub

straight to the next pub for a beer.

i like how they both smile so "american way".

a bernhard w. shot !

thought when i shoot the last rolls on the bessa (trix here) i'd use that 1/2000th once... at 2.8

vitus after one of our marathon weekends with the machine in a pub for some beer we really needed ;)

on my way to my father i met these nice people. first contact was their reaction on my plan of taking a photo while they take one of themselfs... so they kinda invited me to take a photo.. doesn't happen that often to me but that's probably a question of culture and surcumstances.

then we had some chat. they took some digitials of me in return ;)

at my fathers place. what a pretty boy and mother.

of course he was the center of attention, how else could it be.

hello german fella !

no this is not a manipulation, it's a scan from a negative, i swear ! (inside joke)

little baby boy hoping from one to another.

he even held still for the 8th !

the last frame with the bessa.. random bernhardish photo.. then sent the camera to graz.

so for a week i was without a rangefinder, because the M was at the service. so i kinda had to switch to the eos.

miriam at work. neat agency ;)

eating with collegues from the agency.

later that night playing pool

kinda cute gay couple.

and ther it is again ! almost fully working.. payed 500€ but will have to adjust one last thing, that'd be for free then ;)

carrying 20 litres of used XTOL to the waste disposal.. das geht eine !

very suspicious entry of an "agency"

neat lamp !

wasting frames in the shelter.

this band actually was rocking a lot.. beside two more bands playsing rock/metal/pop combinations i used to see at this location.. this band was one of my top favourits !

tried something else here. f8 bulb during a flashlight series from the background.

later the mike got loose... so he needed a little help.. kinda funny.

in the nightline, way home. yeah someone reading ! but the mood made me take one.

last frame on that roll.. two not so similar couples in similar poses.

a weekend with vitus again ! this time starting with some nice lunch at his place.

he's got some rats

...he loves them

noodles !

he used to turn up the volume and push up the bass on max and roll down the windows just for fun. i gotta say it's pretty stupid.. but were just making fun of those who "mean it".

the story about a jetta...

after one of the test marathons.

miriam with her infamous breakfasts.

trying the life-view of the markIII with the ts-e 45mm here.. if works absolutely great.

duck in the MQ.

don't remember taking this one.. i might hit the realease by accident :B

hi conni ! schaust eh brav meinen blog ? ;)

a classic. still i needed to capture.

some resolution test with the markIII and the schneider.

perfect motiv for the tilt toys look.

got me a 85 1.2L II as well.. first tests with it.

still preferring the M.

lisa before the shoot.. she is the first of the max reinhardt seminar (a portrait comission) i was photographing.

while taking this one i had to think of the cweeks doppelganger contest years ago... that was fun !

a funny door. something for besma ?

glorifying the alcohol corner in the supermarked.

steffen. he got "shot" second of the 16 students.

we had coffe. very different ones though ;)

then later meeting with the class. we were going to the cinema. drawing restraint 9. still thinking about the film.. but it was more a visual experience i think.. or maybe more.

then out of nowhere we met again after more than a year. we had pizza.

at home the germs are partying... so we decided to watch lost episode 3. something to kill time when you're sick.. and it works.

raphaela's birthday meet. (she is the one with the wine glass actually)

you should play deftones "hole in the earth" now

didn't expect the 85/1.2 to be useful for photos in a cafe... but i was wrong.

tobias seemed to be shocked by his lighter.

more fun with the holes.

birthdaygirl fooling around.

actually being very busy right now. so don't expect too much blog action going on in april !


Christopher said...


Love it

kirby said...

Love this shot. Also the detail shot of the hand and cig and the portraits of Miriam with the 85 are great too. Nice work. Good to see that you can still get natural portraits even with a beast of a camera.

kip keston said...

looks great!


Tomé said...

"no this is not a manipulation, it's a scan from a negative, i swear ! (inside joke)"

don't know how insider it is... but it sounds pretty clear to me :D

Alexey G. said...

Intriguing machine. I wonder what does it do...
I found the duck, two couples on the tram, the classic shot, as well as the alcohol shots particularly interesting. Great entry!

artis said...

seems I could adapt that book reading position of Miriam!

this concert photo is cool

looking at your equipment only Hasselblad H3D is missing..
also, what is that mysterious 'machine' for?

btw, could you comment on 35 and 85 since I'm planing to get 'em one fine day - just wanted to know how did you like them.

simon said...

he, ich hab meine entwickler auch in solchen kanistern :)

chris weeks said...

fucking cunt and that doppelganger shot. you forgot to put your hand down your pants.

happy you got the 85/1.2! and, yes, it's very useful in situation where you wouldn't necessarily think it's useful.

miriam looking amazing as per usual.

say hi for me.

when you coming to los angeles?

christian said...

ein riesiger automatischer bücherscanner?! was für ein einstieg für ein fotoblog!
scheint so als ob du zu viel geld hast...500 für die leica (für genau die hälfte hab ich gestern ne m3 auf ebay geschossen), das t/s, 85/1.2...
die t/s bilder gefallen mir gut. ich mag diesen plastikspielzeug look.

Suzan said...

Hmm, good to see some photos again.
This one really confused me for a second, thought she had wicked bendable arms!
This one's great:
And I do very much adore the colourtones here:
So nice and clear.
And this one just cracked me up:
Nice! Take care and all that jazz!

Yama said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Yama said...

i agree with the "when are you coming to los angeles" comment by c.w....but then again, i'm just a baby

Pascal said...

ein bücherdigitalisierungsgerät? :D

Stelios said...

why are most of the photos with the schneider in b+w?

Yama said...

pretty much my favorite

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