Wednesday, March 26, 2008

that day i was walking around the inner districts, with my headphones listening to beck's "the information" and the new meshuggah's "obZen" awesome albums !
checking all photo stores i know for a rolleiflex 2.8 gx. only found one that was sold the day after. it was too expesive anyway.

so these are more or less random things i captured.

the flea market.

the books title "doomed for eternity" kinda weird with all the random things around and the doll up there.

a man trying some shoes.

things i'd usually capture on b/w film.. but i didn't have had any film left.

gassi gehn

back to trix. all shot taken with bessa. the last rolls so to say, since i sold the camera a few days ago. the leica m6 is currently at the service, that will cost about 500€ but the camera will work like new he said. the complete electricty has to be renewed as well.. seems like i killed a leica m6 ! yay..

love this guys look.

rechts schaut !!! you know, i had to take orders from guys like him back when i was a recruit.. now being a civil i just take a photo of him, as a silent (focal-plane shutter silent) statement so to say.

guy playing around with the smoke of his cig.

david, the graphic artist from brazil in the agency.

intresting how sharp this came out ! i think i've cleaned my lens right beforehand ;)

plan to return to that place to take a better photo.

t'was february.. and pretty warm, like 15C° or more and sunshine.. so i kinda liked how this guy was chillin' at the "sumer station" (yes with one M !) also cheap vodka.. bissl vorglühn !

people were storming the ice cream stores.

i took a random photo of these guys.. then they asked me why i did.. so we started to talk about this and that.

the offered my wine and beer.. i won't comment if i had some though !

loved his hat.. so i took some digitials too.

they showed me their "living room" too. i gave the one with the orange hood 10 euros.. on the photo he says "heut gemma uns an ansaufn auf di!" meaning they'll get real boozed tonight (dedicated to me).

till next time dudes !

he was looking kinda grumpy.

at mc-donnalds. he seemed to be unable to decide which french fry he was about to eat.

these dudes had some happy meals.. and were playing around with the presents they got.

was kinda tricky to photograph with the rangefinder, because of the bar right there.

then i stumbled across these two. first didn't even realize that they were closed and full. so i took them with me. didn't end up in the "deep sleep" though, war ja auch kein mon chèrie !

they removed the tram station. suckers !

chilling after we were playing some pool.

this must be honestly one of the sharpest f2.0 1/8th photos i've ever taken.. and that with the bessa where i have to add some guessing as always ! it's luck in the end.

later we decided to get some hot dogs.

there we met "santa" and another homeless seeming man.

we talked a bit. he was speaking real good german.. he had some cool attitude going on.

"whore" for my vienniese greets sereis.

shopping is fun !

a real prick. he almost hit us with his car because of his driving "style". i had to hold miriam back, because he was coming closer pretty quickly.. he screamed at us "wos saats ihrs für zwei oaschlöcher" (you assholes!).

first i didn't even realize.. then i started running to catch him up. luckily for me he was looking a place to park. then i "knocked" on his rearviewmirror to say hello. his first reaction (while still parking the car) "na woat, glei kumm i ausse und leg da eine auf" (wait a second, i'm just about to give you a slap! in very vienniese slang)..

i just answered, "i can't wait" with a pretty agressive tone... but he never opened the door.. he instead wind up the window a bit more and started laughing and saying more stupid things.. inside his car, he is the strong one.. but he was pissing his pants in real.

but who else drives a yellow pontiac (MD kennzeichen ;) ) with black shaded windows and wears a jaguar-patterned scarf !?

before i moved on, i left a little present on his head.

sunlight.. something rare these days. i thought that must look nice in b/w.

took this one for bernhard ;)

german preteens !

miriam writing the shopping list on her hand. something very miriamish.. but i think i never captured it in the last 2 1/2 years.. so finaly i have a photo that makes it justice.

we moved the bed 90°. it's now a bit more complicated to take a look in the circle cut mirrors on the wall to do the mascara thingy.

the skirt in combination with the "home only" socks.. really tight !

warming up for the event-szene photographers...

practicing for the professional austiran party photographers.. ;)

sunday. not much sleep. driving to the country side house of my grandparents for easter.

the weather switched from sunshine to sleet and fog.. almost zero degrees.

then it snowed a bit.

my sister.. talking !

the oven (oldschool)

me being a brother.

this kinda tourned out high key !

checking the tv-program. oh ! america's next top model at 2pm !! glad the channel didn't work.. i was watching poker then instead. gus hanson for live !!! ;)

my sis and mother doing one of there many-expressions-you-should-not-captur- on-photographs-because-it-will-make-them-look-like-freaks.

wie hoch ? (it's about german shepherds)

evening. my sister doing some yoga.

how else can you talk and capture at once then with a rangefinder ? good system.

miriam lightning up the candles.

a so called "candle light dinner"

time for some more deep moments.

but the mood was fine actually. thanks to wine (just kidding)

more yoga before going to sleep. my mother washing the dishes. what a frame ! and again the little crucifix in the back.

the commissioned one.

with the new bessa voigtlander r2m, you can capture 1 picture per second (if you have a snappy thumb), to ensure you capture the moment you really want on your photograph !

the non avaiable image stabilisator provides best image quality and sharpeness, so that you will never have weirdly looking soft images. the non existing auto focus will never block your shutter when you hit the release, no matter where the focus is set ! the complete manual exposure metering will give you the individuality every photographer and artist requies !

take some years of practice with focusing, metering, hitting the trigger on the right moment, film developement and printing techniques, and the bessa voigtlander will be just the perfect tool for your images !

i just had some thoughts about the modern kind of photography by looking at this photograph. 10 images per second, auto focus, image stabilisators, auto exposure, raw possibilities... and then you have a completely manual camera and self developement and still you capture the moment. would i have captured the same photo with the 1dMKIII, or just the 10 moments "around" this one... i don't know.

we drove right to the next easter family meet&greet. my mother joined us, which never happened as far as i remember. my parents are divorced since almost 20 years.

you might know this room already from the christmas entries 2006 and 7.

weird to see my mother there..

lil cousin looking like his french father there !

almost straight lines ! almost..

my father taking a rest under the palm.

always good for a little fight.

we shot each other.

my father shooting with the mustard.

3:44am i think a good time to join the bed.


just managed to recover all images from the blog entries july, august, september, october, november and december 2006 as well as january 2007, that has been offline for a while already.
the webspace provider has changed his URL so i had to change every single tag of every single image from 7 months blog entries. now everything but 2 november entries are completely online again !


Yama said...

oh god, if you think your sister is bad, you have no idea.

i like the commentary at the end about all those new camera features we have now. it seems like the approach people are taking is more of a 'spray and pray' because you know, composition is too fucking hard

by the way, when you focus and recompose, do you move from side to side without tilting the camera toward another angle? i hear this is a common 'problem' with rangefinder focusing.

can't wait to start shooting some beautiful tri-x. hope to show you some shots within the next 2 or 3 weeks, thanks again for all your help and most important of all, so much inspiration

Christopher said...

I love the first one of Miriam, and the goodbye waves

artis said...

great one again.

I liked a lot the photos of random things captured on the digital medium. especially the tires and the bus-stop photo.. most would just walk by unnoticing the beauty in simplicity. fantastic eye.
also, I'm wondering how you process the RAW files.. the digitals you share color wise have some unique character I could recognize among millions of others around. digging the contrasty, selectively saturated/desaturated photos with deep blues and high yellows. but I suppose there must be more than that.

and that practice for pro austrian party photogs.. has a commercial potential... so I guess it means you passed 'the test' hehh.

in addition, wanted to say that I actually liked the Easter family gathering photos also.. I can feel the warmth of a positive sentiment coming through. I guess they become more and more valuable as the time goes by.

kip keston said...

Lots of random beer moments.

12687 and 12732 are just great

Robert_K said...

Great post.

A Thursday morning well spent, checking this.

Baltazart said...

love the photos in this post... do you find bessas at the flea markets there? :) congrats

radek said...

about update:
you could use some software to do this for you, for example sed ;)

James said...

I sent my Bessa for repair a month ago - as things stand now they have no idea where it is and are looking for it. I actually hope they've lost it as I wanted to sell the R2M and buy an R4M anyway.

Anonymous said...

I'm happy anyway,

Maxyme said...

Great shots!
The first half really kicked ass.

You should venture off by yourself more often.

I'll go rub now. Have fun.

Pekka said...

Damn, you're good.

kip keston said...

Hey, quick dev curiosity

How do you agitate your tx in the first minute?

sev said...

depending how many films i dev at once.

with one film, i start to pour xtol starting the counter at 9' 15'' that takes about 5 seconds. then i agiate till 9' then again at 8'40'' till 8'30''

when i develope 2 films i start with 9'20''

with 3/4 films 9'30'' always agiating till 9' and then 30seconds rhythm.

depending on the contrast of the captured material i develope from 20C° to 22C°.. so in winter and photos from the pub and caffe i usually do at 21-22C° if i had sunlight and normal daylight 20C° will be the better choice.


kip keston said...

Interesting. I've been trying to refine my first minute methods. Good to know. thanks

rHytHm123 said...

the image with your sister doing yoga curled up like an egg made me laugh!

kip keston said...

hey yama, I just read your comment and you're supposed to move parallel to the subject but It's much easier to simply tilt the camera to recompose. With a 35mm lens and f/2 it's not likely to be a huge problem regardless.

Simon said...

wollte mich nur kurz beschweren dass mich dein blog und die dazu obligaten vier bier die letzte nacht vom arbeiten abgehalten haben ;)


mustafah said...


real, evocative. nice!

Stelios said...

ah, family holidays. hope you had lots of food!

Enterhase said...

Nice photo of yor grandfather you got there, Severin.

I *would* buy your Bessa. Free shipping to Latin America, right? :P

Andi said...

finally, i made it to your blog... took me "only" half a month.

well this here helps me to understand the meaning of bloging much better... remember our talk about the purpose of internet blogs??
maybe i should give my own "sad hegdehog blog" some kind of remake soon.

very nice piece of work you've got here. impressive pics!

Michael said...

also .. dann fang ich mal an ;) .. das könnt ein längerer comment werden.

find die serien derzeit sehr gut .. wie zB die bilder mit de sandler oder später dann die serie über deine ausflüge anlässlich ostern .. da dokumentierst ja doch einiges wenn man das so genauer durchsieht. zwischendurch die random shots zur auflockerung .. da macht des lesen spass ;) .. abwechslungsreich.

favs: IMG12610s, IMG12611s, IMG12638s und IMG12680s

bin schon auf den nächsten eintrag gespannt.. bis dann!

Ana M Angel said...

I love your blogs, they are always so full of great art, great street and just moments of your life :d
fav image is

ovi said...

The few times I check internet i read your blog. Great photos as always!

By the way, I was checking for a medium format camera also and the 2.8gx would have been just the one I could adore outside the hasselblad sistem.

I only found one but too expensive for me and it's italy.

Go check it at I bet you'll like it!

fms_foto said...

ach du scheisse.. gerade ugf 20 minuten auf der Seite von diesem Tischlerhomo verbracht.. Das is ja mal das größte Selbstmissverständnis seit Adolf Hitlers Malerkarriere... das About me fickt Hirn.

simon said...

der nightlive-photografentyp? der is super, ja, ich mag vor allem die bilder wo er einfach nur titten abfotografiert hat ...

und ein eintrag wäre wieder mal ganz nett :)

kirby said...

Hey man, nice entry. I have a quick question for you. I've only just started shooting film (on an old Pentax ME my dad had hidden away in the loft somewhere -- A busted light meter and no shutter dial, what better to learn on?) and I'm just curious how you store your negs? Should I stock up on negative sleeves everytime I buy film or is there an easier way?

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