Monday, April 21, 2008

i passed this street dozens of times and never realized that the hairdresser was next to the tailoring.. well the pun works much better in german.

a frucade. traditional austrian limonade, just like fanta but much better. you don't see these often, that's simply why i captured it.

an inside view of a bycicle bell, pretty neat i think.

more between the "actual" portraits snaps with the leica.

we were waiting for some sunlight.. but weren't lucky.

so we went for some lunch.

later we had some sun.

way home again.

next day much better weather.

those still exist ?!

had some spare time. went to a park.

she seemed pretty confused. i told her "the light was nice". well it's true. sometimes it's only light why you take a picture.. but how could she know ?


it was the endstation. we two shared the tram. so i had some time to choose another angle..

oh so classic.

eva spent some days in vienna. we met up for some schnitzel, beer AND cheesburgers.. well i had most of it !

through the wind was with us too. he decided to have a big mac instead of a schnitzel.. banause !

i think he's well known because of bernhards blog. this is the most classic expression he has, thought i'd need a snap of it.

neat shoes i thought !

we then decided to have some ice cream. eva didn't know she had ordered the XL one ;)

good luck with this one !

then i went to the hairdresser. she said she didn't like photos of herself. well she covered herself on this one in a tricky way.. ;)

then went to st.gilgen near salzburg at the wolfgangs lake.. the train was stuffed with people.. worst time to travel on a friday afternoon i tell you !

i took a photo of the sleeping lady, because i thought that people who try to look pretty most of the times can look very unaesthetic when they sleep. sorry foreign lady that you had to be photographed because of my thought !

the blonde woman beside her was playing sudoku, not in a newspaper though, she had an extra book full of it. she said she was addicted. the guy was reading the sports part of a newspaper. he said he was a fan of soccer.. but since zidane quit playing, he didn't had a new favourite player..

switching to bus. driving through nowhere.

almost arrived. a view on the lake. shot through the window while the bus was driving... so don't expect better !

actually went there because of a photo commission.

here are the photos i took besides the actual ones i was asked for.

funny. this little boys name was severin.

before it started, they were practicing the song. his son was holding the notes, like that !


hello little one !

i wasn't the only one documenting there !

some held some speeches... they baby seemed to care more about my shutter here.

i like this frame for all the hands.

lotsa action and jesus all in between.

no comment !

outside it was raining. that made it even darker inside the chapel.. as always !

there were some balloons too. center of everyones attention. good for photos though.

one of my "bosses" was there too. he was eating his son's ice cream there on the "kids table"... just found that little funny.

cuteness OVERLOAD !! ;)

how does it taste little fella ?

i then switched to the M.

i could never capture her, because she was somewhat photo shy. but with the leica i was quick enough. intresting how much difference the manual focus and non existing black out time made a difference in this case.

going back to vienna.

i had 5 minutes to catch the train. still i thought i'd should get at least one streeshot from salzburg. in the back it says "feel like being gay?" on the bus... i didn't see that when i took the photo though..

back in vienna i stumbled across this completely retarded advert-series. wart.. wie kömma die em2008 und bissl bumsen, blasen und wixen für unsere werbung in verbindung bringen ?


aschi there too ! he's got a leica r4s from his grandpa.. funny thing about this camera is the signature on it. he got it for his 70s birthday.. which was 20 years ago. the camera still looks like new ! that made me laugh... i wonder what a camera would look like if i had it for 20years !

eva trying to catch the beer coaster. just like last year she didn't :P

go somewhere else ?

lorant trying to hit through 3 beer coasters with his middlefinger. of course he didn't make it.. too bad he didn't break his finger... i'd have had the photo of it ;)

i actually made it twice "through 3 beer coasters".. you may try it too and let me know if you succeed ?

next day finnishing the roll


Eva said...

YAY first hawmygawd.
Why do I look angry most of the time? I think it's because of all that frenchness I cannot keep inside.

It's nice to hear the story about the pictures you took and then seeing them on your blog hehehe. Like the fantastic picture of this guy filming the baptism. ^^
Anyways, it was cool to see you Mr Koller, see you in London next time maybe... ;)

kirby said...

Nice entry, the ones from the baptism are cool, especially the one of the kid looking up at his balloon.

The first one of Eva is fantastic as well.

*malvenko said...

Sweet shots, mate...

OMG... severins are starting to appear everywhere... ;)

Take care and keep it up.

Cheers from Mexico


stefan through the wind said...

"through the wind was with us too. he decided to have a big mac instead of a schnitzel.. banause !"

ich hab mit der eva selbst schnitzel gemacht, also nix banause.

noch ein schwarzfahrer ohu

cheers von sauvwoche

kip keston said...
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aschi said...

haha.. muss der eva recht geben. ist echt witzig zuerst die geschichten zu hören und dann die fotos zu sehen.

die friseurin muss dich ja für einen freak halten... ;) eins meiner faves von dem eintrag.

Tina said...

lol @ the self-portrait at hairdresser. I enjoyed this entry.

chris weeks said...

love those m-photos shot right into the sun!

very nice to see the 85/1.2 treating you so well.

cheers from los angeles!

Obsidian Fox said...

That one above all the hands, the girl in red. Stunning, i love the color saturation in it.

nonpareil said...

i agree with obsidian fox.

the little girl is amazing - she looks like a mini-hipster(old-fashioned glasses, short dark hair, shirt, red cardigan..)!!

it's nice seeing more and more colour digital shots in your blog. adds a fresh..dimension? ;p

simon said...

your´e faster with your M than with your 5D + autofocus? damn, i´m still feeling like my grandfather while shooting with my rangefinder when it comes to speed ;)

bruno braun said...


What kind of lens is it -

5d or leica?



smkblog said...

24 1.4 with 5d at f2.0 or something

Harry Mitchell said...

awesome stuff as always severin. As someone else said, the mixture of digital and m6 shots works really well, adds another dimension to it. Will drop you an email about the digital stuff if you don't mind..


Q said...

i always experience a tremendous pleasure going through your photos

actually have a folder going with your shots.. sounds kinda creepy doesn't it ;)

mustafah said...

dude, the boy with the balloons is solid.

Tim said...

Good Job! :)