Thursday, February 07, 2008

starting a while back. a roll of apx 100.. took some time to expose the film since 100iso is pretty absurd in winter.

the photo itself is not very special.. but i'm surprised about the sharpeness at 1/4th second. didn't expect that.

makes me think of courntey love " When I wake up in my makeup" phrase of a song.

windows 98. it's been a while now.

also back in the class when we had exhibition. 1/8th

i really liked the scene but thought that with 100iso it will be impossible to catch. so i tried f2.0 and 1/15th while walking parallel with the two.. i took 3 photos this one worked out best.

old man with lots of beer (und tschick)

austria em2008 still life.

i wonder if this combination was intended.

vitus driving the car while having a kebap.

driving on the highway..

Mmmh !

i'm having a deja vu ! i think i posted an entry 2 months ago or even earlier with a photo of the 30trix package. here is a new one. the old completely exposed already.

switching to trix.

checking the outfit.

made me think of

tram D.

at vitus place. they have small rats there.

music via pseudo-i-pod ! ;)

still a bit sceptic, because i was not doing it the myspace way.

vitus was cooking some wok. actually nicely done!

too bad the scanner exposed on the wall i the back here.. it's because of the lamp. the tones really suck.. but it's just a negscan.

here you see the difference when the lamp is covered.

i think that turned out pretty cute. stupid lamp in the back fucking up my tones !

documenting how to make profile photos.




four.. (my favourite)

that was nice !

the other day having late lunch with linus.

and developing some films.

i can't think of anything better !

the developement seemed to like the exposure here. f2.4 1/30th. trix in xtol 1:1 21C° 9:30min

at some friends place. we werer playing "mäxchen".. the worst game ever.. but i like it.. you just have to drink a lot of strong alcohol.

what do the magic dice say ?

(trying the 28/1.8 ef here)


4er pasch !

so the rum was empty pretty soon.

eating like a dog !

pretty boozed already.

tamar joined when we left.

on the way to the next place i was doing the "boozy rider".

we took a cab.

carneval in the morgenstern.

looking for something to write on.

this one i didn't take.. must have been lorant.. the guy on the left tops it.

holding the "toy" camera.

lorant wasting a frame on me.

me wasting a frame on lorant.. or was it someone else ? i don't remember.

playing foosball.

the return of the mummy !

two ladys on the bar, dancing.

action !

confetties all over the place.

posing for the camera.

opening the stoly!

having a "nap".

she is good at selling those !

one for me.

one of those "comissioned" ones ;)

anna looking for something. i liked the whole compositon here.

getting late.

cheers !

more emotions. robbie williams and falco.

looking wasted.

time to nap a little.

cleaning up.

got home at 7:30 got up at 12 still very boozed.. best time for a self portrait.

tanja in her kitchen she accidently burned down. so i asked if i could make some photos of her there.


also took some digitals. this one might be my fav from the series.

took this one for the diptych series i'm working at right now

in the stairway the light was really nice.

also because of the state of her flat she was moving out. the small car was filled up completely.

not much space left to sit.

andi and i went by public transport then.

es kann losgehen... hahah.

young overdressed kid.

oida echt wirklisch alta muschi oida ey !

he was trying to impress.

later having some coffee.. that i really needed.

for takeaway ! too bad it's not a new eizo screen ;)

monday.. driving to styria... 7 am usually my bedtime.. schef still being a little tired .. hehe.

now to some hot stuff..

steelworkers in styria. comissioned shooting for an agency.

100% crop.. pretty nice !

they produce suspensions for trucks.

my favourite guy from there. i need those braces !

lotsa steel ! :O

these things were pretty warm ;)

tons and tons of metal.

testing the acuracy of the suspension element.

going back to vienna. emanuel (who did the filming) was having a nap.

next week i'll be shooting a ceramic factory... sounds like fun.



Stelios said...

a fucking professional myspace photographer? where is this thing going?
anyway, carnival? is it that time of the year? damn I'm loosing lots in the UK.
good luck with your commissions. the later looks good

suzage said...

Wow, that was a great entry. I adore the frame of the dude on the couch at the exhibition and the man on the street with the beer. Fantastic.
Also the series of the burned down kitchen is really good.
Yeah, quite a refreshing post for some reason. Perhaps also because of a lot of new faces, I think? Photographystudents also?
Hope all is well!

fp said...

great entry! cheers

Tina said...

the steel factory images are quite beautiful

veryprecisely said...

tram D.!!!!!!

I know her/them. Not really, but they sat next to me and my friends.. at a café.. only recently. And the next day, they passed me by on Mariahilferstraße (I think the girl recognised me as well, haha).

I really like the photo of the dice for some reason.

And ohhh, the commissioned ones! Great.

QuinTor said...

i liked this one the best

and the factory ones are beautiful

miauzz said...

agree with suzan here, quite a refreshing post, the best of the last months i guess. and the link to the myspcphotographer is amazing! ;)

kip keston said...

The panning, of the man and the baby, and the stroller...skill =)

thanks for sharing trix normal le-koller style! (21c 9:30, will try it)

Linus said...
wahnsinn! fehlt nur nooch aufgeklapptes handy mit klick klack kopfschuss mukke.

der stahlarbeiter ist natürlich auch heiss

christian said...

stahlarbeiter! da muss ich immer an simpsons denken...
die fotos von der dame in der abgebrannten küche schaun schön aus.

incocknito said... weeee gnato-style

i dig kanaken-shots <3

Ryan Marr said...

love both these frames

the first one is 3200 iso on 1ds? looks pretty grain free.

Pekka said...

Good entry and, indeed, refreshing somehow. Steel factory shots were great. Haven't seen that much iron in one place ever. hah!

thereddish said...

die stahlfotos san heiss!
welche optik?

Jesse said...

is doch egal welche optik er da verwendet hat.
hauptsache die fotos sehen gut aus.

threddish said...

@jesse: schön das es dir egal is. aber warum erzählst du mir das?

v said...

great as always :] I like those pictures from factory


Ferg said...

Fark buying 30 rolls of trix here in Australia would set me back 149 euros, is it cheaper over in austria or the same?

Kirby said...

Nice commission work, it's great. Good party shots too. Hell, this was just an all round good entry.

By the way, do you ever go to a party that doesn't at some point involve girls dancing on bars?

I swear I drink at all the wrong places...

simon said...

der kleine der die bva anschifft, einmalig. genauso die dokumentation der kleinen neonkappler :D
die dipptitschs san superrrr =D