Friday, February 15, 2008

umm... one of these wasted days after drinking through the night.. still feeling sick.. thought i'd might post in my blog again.

mostly staying in the darkroom printing lately.. but when i'm outside i'm shooting like a weasel.

having soup in the ramien. nice place with a stressed waitress.

nina being a little pissed. well well.. the last photo of my bike before some stupid stupid truckdriver hit it...

mr. lucky bastard ! who is hopefully making me a website.. finaly !

quelle surprise !

woman being eaten by a garbagebin

man watching "lesbian" porn in a public cafe. too bad i had only one hand free and not much time for this picture.

bokeh !

it's like saying "elevator is retarded"

now to the bad news.. at least i'm still
straight ;)

cute snapshot. was doing one more diptych

A is for Analphabet

some myspace-emo--bulletformyvalentine-groupies taking cellphone pictures of their feet in a "star" plus putting a small very cheap looking vodka bottle in the center.

too bad i had 100iso there.

"if i had a nocti" i could even shoot apx25 in the subway... haha

f2.0 /30th 100iso

having late lunch. loving these expressions.

the oldschool coke bottles are just ace.

man waiting for the tram.

after she tried hard to sell one of her handmade tablecloths she decided to fall asleep.

hello there !

some of you might remember this photo of the shopping cart in the stream.
if you have ever asked yourself how this is possible... well i was asked to make a photo similar to it but this time not with a canon powershot a40 with 2mp resolution on full digital zoom, because they need it for print.

so what you need therefor

a: an assistant
b: a shopping cart !
c: a camera with tele lens
d: a bridge and a flat river

first you throw the cart down the bridge. (be sure nobody is watching and also try not to hit anybody)

when it's down there.. find a way to get to it.

just throw it in the river. then go up the bridge again and take the photo. well that was the plan... but the stream was too strong so the cart was carried away pretty quickly.

now follow it until it stops somewhere.

get to the next bridge in the direction of the stream of course.

now send your assistant back to the cart and make him hit the cart.

first try with a piece of wood (throwing)

then trying to hit it with the foot. (risking a cool bath included)

another technique.

again trying with a stick, this time not throwing it.

after several tries and techniques the assistant finaly was successful.

now just follow the cart with your camera and take some photos.

the stream was turning it around 180°

since you're on a bridge, be sure to catch it up when it arrives on the other side. hope that no car will hit you crossing the road.

voila ! done. this is the final photo !

now back to the usual.

my fathers kitchen.

going to styria again, shooting some other workers of a factory. on the way there schef lost his pack of cig he just bought.. but we found it.

at the factory. they produce all kind of filters and isolation elements.

i was lucky to hit it while it was glowing it was just for half a second or less.

taking photos like these made me feel like at new years.

these are the starters.. actually they are trash.. but i liked how it looked.

it's almost as putting a pizza in the oven.. just a few hundred grade more.

these were quite fun.. damn that was bright.

on the way back to vienna we stumbled across the "niggas colony" we had to make fun of it..

für so manch wiener mag dies auch witzig sein.

short break. it was pretty dark already.. to dark for canon AF.. 3200iso 1/25th f1.8

i was testing what's possible shooting in extreme low light with the digital canon. 1/8th 3200iso 1.8:

the powerbook was enough light though.

"wash me" the bosses car ;)

ps: apx100

a classic.. but this time f2.0 1/8th.

small dick

david the french artist. he was making a quick sketch of me, so i took a photo of him. max on the turntables in the back. kodak trix 1/8th f2.0

we stayed till they closed

then decided to go to the johnnys.. after years again.. getting real wasted.

t'was fun to see this mirror again.. too many drunk self portraits done there..

end of the roll.

next day.. finishing the apx on the way to the darkroom.

footprints on the elevator.

some scene i liked.

for yama:

nite !


Adam Douglas said...

that niggas picture is hilarious. my new desktop picture.

Yama said...

saw your photos on flickr and knew i was in a treat here, and guess what, i was!

awesome pics. lesbian one was especially funny

youre shooting a lot with your canon now huh?

kip keston said...

mr lucky, nice tones on the shirt. cute friend you have. the cart series was quite funny. sorry about your bike, bikes are fun.

apx100 looks nice. I just picked up 20 rolls yesterday, I'm trying my first tonight.

fav is the woman being eaten by the trash, it's what photostudy is all about.

best of chances

Yama said...

oh, almost forgot to ask. is there any possibility of getting a high res version of ( to use as a wallpaper? (my monitor is 1920x1200)

danke :]

smkblog said...

there you go:

christian said...

das downhill-bike is kaputt?!
hat's nur das vorderrad erwischt oder sonst auch was?
meines hat zum glück nur einen platten.

kip keston said...

haha, funny sev, how much are prints I'd like one

Paul Carson said...

Severin, I look forward to your posts because your photographs are just wonderful, and the words that go with them are also great to read. There are so many fantastic shots in this post that I don't know where to begin. I particularly loved the niggas one, the guy watching porn in the cafe, and the set taken inside a pub towards the end. Oh, and your father's kitchen. Thank you for sharing!

Noons said...

pox on all truck drivers!

Ana M Angel said...

i really like the self guide on how to produce the kart image, not that ill ever do it, its just fun to see how u produce ur shots and the struggle ur friend had to get the kart into place..
great images like always,,

sunni muchacha said...

as usual, you have snapped some great moments. i like the 'how to photograph a shopping cart in a stream' series. i must say, it would've required some very fast legs to get up and down those bridges.

Yama said...

hahahah, i was just about to ask what kip just asked. i had no idea you sold your prints...

i guess ill have to look through your blog and find some good ones. :)

thanks again

mirimiri said...

wem gehört diese i <3 österreich-tür?
das small dick-bild! :D
und die expressions von ms morgenstern! :P
und schef und der einkaufswagen.. aber hattest du da nicht ein anderes bild geplant? schade. aber nette sequenz ;)
fußabdrücke auf dem aufzug sind auch nicht schlecht (hoffentlich geht der bald wieder..)
cooler eintrag :)

Spencer said...

Shooting like a weasel. What a line.

The niggas stuff was class, keep up the good work friend.

Suzan said...

Killer frame:
Love it.
The whole cart in river series had me laugh. But why exactly did you have to reshoot it? I didn't get the story with about the powershot, the initial frame wasn't shot with that I imagine?

photo said...

cool cow

Kāzu foto said...

Cool and extreme pictures. Will visit again.

Like my brothers wedding photos:

Anonymous said...

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