Thursday, January 31, 2008

some digital fun again.

shots taken with canon 5d and ts-e 45 2.8 ef lens except the first.

shooting out of the car. quite fun.

neat font !

neat lens. shift and tilt.

my "boss". 20 2.8 with flash.

going around in the city.. remembering that there was some event happening.. lotsa police around.

so i went to the opera to see what's going on at the famous ball in vienna.

after i somehow got into without permission.. i decided to stay.

red curtains and black shoes.

a bunch of professional photographers around..

the moderation couple for the local tv stations.

kinda cute.

an american lady as far as i remember. she and her friend had good fun. cool people.

and this shoe. she told me it's popular in the states.. i just find it funny that she could wear these under the skirt without anyone taking notice of it.. nice trick.

thought i'd take one for her. very kitsch but where else would it fit better ?

this is her friend.. i always felt like knowing her from somewhere.. maybe somebody can help me !

police still standing there.. (they kicked me out, because i didn't have a ticket)

first VIPs arriving.

my chance to smuggle myself back inside.

she's an actress. forgot her name.. even when i must have heard it a dozens of times by the screaming photographers... that acted like wild animals.. but it was fun for me.

she was there with this asian guy.. i liked him.. he seemed cool to me.

she was telling her name quite often so that the stupid photographers will remember for the next time.

waiting behind the red thread !

oh real fun. the real kind of.

nice dress lady ! actually the focus is right on her mouth.. kinda nice.

some important politican ?

wanted her to stand out.

the slimy reporter.

what a couple.

aaannddeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! a famous ex-soccer player.. in austria.. you must not know.

miriam !!! a shooting star in austria. but only in austria. she looks much older than i thought. that's what you pay for this business i guess.

more ex-soccer players... the only one i missed was toni polster.


model. she is even somehow related with my half sister.. of course the pro-photographers screamed her name "cordula hier her!!"

someone you might know. she is quite good in singing *hint*

the photographer in the back is screming her name.. his voice almost broke.


awesome how the flash made her glow.

tv-star in austria. nothing important though. we're all sexy, that's her motto.

dunno. just like how the dof of the tilt worked here.

photographer in extasy.

chancellor aka gusi.

mayor of vienna. a bissal vorgeglüht wie immer.

vize-chancellor. conservatives. it's his left hand just to make sure.. in the back our subtile secretary of the austrian state.

oh. benita ferrero ! you might know her "Kampflächeln"

mr. president !

like i care ? well the two elderly photographers cared a lot about her. quite a bunch of incredible chauvinists if you ask me. next time i definately need a recorder with me.

more of the real fun.

you surely know her. bet she wasn't the only houswife there.. but maybe the richest ?

ah finaly ! must say, she has something.

mr. lugner in all seiner pracht.

one more of the diva.

and that was their "car" they arrived with.

must say.. taking celebrety photos on the red curtain is quite a challenge itself. all the photographers around you trying to get the best position. not much time to get the right photo of the right persons... but shooting with a tilt/shift lens, without automatic focus or metering can be tricky.. but it was fun and i think the photos differ from the usual.. so yeah might not be the last time i used this lens for an event.
but kids! don't try this at home


Sebastian said...

Ach wie geil, gemma bisserl am roten Teppich fotografieren. Ich frag mich grad wieso die Bilder hier so gut aussehn und das Zeuch aus der Zeitung durchwegs Scheiße ^^; Ich geh mal pennen, seh ich mir morgen gleich ncoh mal an. Ein Pluspunkt für Wildheit!

Klaus said...

Total progressiv, Street und T/S Linse!!!11 Schöne Abwechslung übrigens...

Yama said...

aw, no selfportrait?

flipo said...

haha ... scheimpflug aktion ... sehr nett

christian said...

wie sebastian schon sagte. die sehn besser aus als die in der zeitung. der effekt von der t/s linse macht das ganze viel interessanter...und schwieriger. hab zwar noch nie mit sowas fotografiert, aber is sicher nicht einfach in so einem gedränge gute fotos zu machen.
die rechte der drei polizistinnen is eine studienkollegin von mir :)
...lugner rollt stilvoll an. is eh kloar.

Ryan Marr said...

tilt shift....... HAWT

try doing the same thing 4 by 5. then you'll get some R.E.S.P.E.C.T

sev said...

NOT funny ryan!

Adam Douglas said...

that tilt and shift is pretty fucking sweet.

fp said...

I saw quite a many photos from the red carpets in my life and I must say yours belong to the best if not actually ARE the best. You're the best young photographer of our times.

K. said...

Haha, Chris Weeks better watch his heinie!

Anonymous said...

pretty cool photo's with that tilt shift lens... I hope I can get thru next month without a ticket @ a spanish film festival... wouldn't work last year =(

Thomas said...

Tilt and shift street -> :O Incredible.
Tilt and shift rocks and you are it's MASTER :D

theReddish said...

haha...dahin hats dich also verschlagen ;)
wie kommt man dazu dort zu fotografieren ohne akkreditierung? passen die so wenig auf??

aber wirklich gute fotos! hättest verkaufen sollen!

Alexey G. said...

I really wonder, why don't more people use tilt and shift like that...
The results are amazing. You really do know how to make excellent shots!

apixx said...

naja ich finde die photos haben zu viel sättigung.
Kann natürlich auch am farbprofil liegen das net mit firefox übereinstimmt.

Jedenfalls schöne fotos!

James said...

Toly Polster, he was a part time porn star right? I remember when he scored that equalizer against Cameroon after Njanka scored that awesome goal.

ingrid said...

im kinda surprised you like dita. for me, i don't really like the whole idealized-woman thing going on, shes quite objectivified (sp), eventhough she doesn't apply to the whole bimbo concept

empirik said...

hehe, nice done. vidim, da si tudi ti nabavila 5d. oglasi se kaj.

lp robert

chris said...

die fotos sind phänomenal. selten so viel gelacht ^^



Sonja said...

nice pictures, chapeau! i really liked how the lense made moertl nearly fade away next to dita von teese: kind of reflects the reality ;-)

Anonymous said...

Fun stuff! I think the results look very nice and kitsch, goes well with the outfits! My god... what an awful dresses.
I'd love to play around a bit with a tilt shift lens.
Do you know that photography when people built a small landscape and then shoot it with a shallow dof? It looks real, but because of the dof there looks like something's "wrong". I got the feeling with this post too, like you were photographing dolls in a dollhouse. I like that effect.

chris weeks said...

that's hilarious! an event with the t/s lens! next time just go for an 8x10 camera. when i saw the event on wireimage i wondered if you saw it. guess you did! hope you're well!

Bernhard said...

die fotos sind ausgesprochen gelungen. bei der österreichischen high-society kann einem leider nur das speiben kommen. mehr nicht.

nur muss ich auch etwas kritik anbringen: bei den zuckerlfarben tun mir die zähne weh. vielleicht passts hier, weiß nicht, mir ziehts irgendwie die augentechnischen füllungen.

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen any other photos of the ball (or the whole red carpet thing), but I'm pretty sure yours are the best.

Awesome. Very. Awesome.