Tuesday, January 29, 2008

new entry.

this is the elevator in my staircase. it's somehow frustating that everywhere i moved into a new flat, there was a building site around.. now it's even in the house itself... shitloads of dust and unrythmic noises of saws and hammers. they could at least make noise like aphex twin and use some spotlights to make the dust look like disco-smoke.. i'd prefer that.

i thought this could look nice on trix.

and this detail will soon end on fiber paper.

some graffiti that amused me a little.

bernhard using the 5000k lamp, being picky about a print.. "shall i burn the tenth of a second more or less on this part?"

it's for the exhib of course.

didn't know BMW has their own service team, thought only real men who can drive, have one.. apparently i was wrong, they helped someone getting his brand new 3er out of the garage without scratching the metallic finish one or the other side.. i was a tad too slow to capture the actual scene.. damnit.

then passed by this store that sells beds. i could test mattresses all day.

eat shit !

why not stick to minimal bw ?

kinda cute.

boy walking around with windows. seemed ultra intresting so i wasted another frame that day.

a building site of an upcoming palmers store. intresting where they placed the door to enter for the workers.. must say, this is the first builing site that ever made me horny.

in the class. we got a new one !

and dogs too.

last frame.. again the dogs. very vienniese old ladys ones. wasti and cesar.

"be happy. there is no god" says the little sticker. but there is OPEC, so there must be at least the devil.

a photostore.. or what's left.

i liked this scenery.

even took another one from the bridge. kinda cool how the exposure on the sunlit parts, paints the water black.

highspeed pug !

ah yes. now i remember. we had a day with sun.. it was a friday..

more subtile greetings.

the bible is living on the street too.

offering all a man needs.

now i know where bernhard is hanging around all the time.

i've realized that in almost every blog-entry, there is a self portrait. not only in my blog... it's like a common thing for photographers of this type.. so i took this one because i knew i didn't have one self yet to post !

helping a friend with the digital archive and stuff.

having some breads with cheese'n'stuff.

i think the little lady was getting ready for carneval in school.

a bit blurry i know.. but still capturing the essence of this place. vienniese people know about it.. substi ?

this entry is full of bmw. only putting it in the best light. audi should pay me for this anti-promotion !

courtyard at the darkroom. already seen in bernhards and my blog. this vespa has been photographed too often.

anyway.. the light setting was nice... f2.0 1/15th though.. almost night.

a couple of very retarded austrian/german adverts.

texh - ages... a store.. he seemed bored.

9:0 reminds me of a soccer match between austria and spain. must be 10 or more years ago. we lost 9:0. good old times !

some prints for an exhib. you'll remember these probably.

i like her feet position. maybe she was riding horses for years or something. or what ever. also the lines look nice.

guess who's back. for a few days. "it's complicated"

butcher "kartl" founded 1850 and a man in white in front. would you photograph this ? always depends on the mood i guess.. many scenes i don't photograph others i do.. mostly there is no deeper meaning.

preparting for the exhibiton.

f2.0 1/15th 0.7m setting here.. not easy to handle this when she's on a "talking spree"

a man. the streets of vienna and a small pocket digicam.

looking posh. jaguar passing by.

"little foretaste of paradise" it says. same building site obvioulsy. this time i waited a little for someone passing by.. still wasn't easy to capture that on the busiest street of vienna.

the other day. on the way to bernhards exhib. i was sitting in the tram.. saw this guy with the camera.. seems like ae1 to me. he was focusing on the man behind me.. not knowing i had my camera ready. so i was waiting till he was done.. then showed him "mine" aww... i made him smile !

we later met on the exhib. what a coincidence, i mean.. it was like the meeting of vienniese streetshoters.. they were all over the place !! ;)

finally there. ilford fiber prints on the left, kodak easyshare in the middle and a streetshooter and fineprinter aka mr.wild to the right.

i smell geeks !

he was in demand that evening. not even my bessa was impressing the others ... :(

getting some fresh air (cigaretts) outside. it was pretty stuffed inside.

and i thought i'd be the only one with a camera there !

sebastian and the other animal getting some beer from the wurstelstand around the corner.

flos gf ? correct me if i'm wrong, with the glasses. she hates being photographed.. i hear that all the time from many people. seems like nobody likes photographers anymore

more freshness.

going to my class later on.

adding some intresting subject.

sorry it's german and i'm too lazy to translate.

a very bernhardish shot.. except for the bokeh on the top right corner.

a photo i didn't take. left my camera like always somewhere.. maybe the actual "taker" can see it now. no thanks for developing and scanning your picture ! ;)

this one i took again, i clearly remember, i wasn't that drunk (yet).

see how unpopular i am trying to take photos of a conversation.

getting the bad look here !

the alcohol level is rising !

people (including me) were eating (c)old pizza. she is checking if that was a good idea it seems.

but if the dog eats it, it must be good, ain't it ?

more classmates.

on the toilet i made this great discovery.

roberto. he trust my photographic skills.. he's not shy anymore ;)

more conversations about.. i don't remember. i think tallulah bankhead..

more drunk artist shaking to a small radio playing oldies.

and wasting shitloads of ducktape to paint on the walls.

juilan, our DJ with the semi-ghettoblaster

next day. a demonstration of more or less politically left people against an event of an austrian rightwing fraternity that was taking place that evening.

police is getting ready by 6pm. closing this area to avoid any conflicts. quite absurd if you ask me.. because we're in austria not in france, sorry my french friends, that's more an ironic statement ;)

police cars parking everywhere. wind up to 100 km/h made it hard to keep the 15th crisp.

after some time the police had blocked each road around the demonstration.

a terrorist ? better keep an eye on him, he could throw eggs or maybe kick garbage bins !!

there were other photographers too. more "professional" ones than me. i was there for fun not for 16mm close as possible fun, more that "austria is so ridiculous" fun-fun.

as i said. veeery windy. so i was using flash from time to time.

"jobs are on the street" it says. well policeman is a job. so in this case it's correct.

people watching from their flats. not an everyday thing to have a demonstration and way too much police in that area.

poeple came out of the restaurants to watch and capture the spectatle.

evil looking policemen ! too bad it's a tad blurry.

the "friendly officer"

three rows of policemen looking a bit out of space.

an intrested passer-by.

he took photos for the police-archive. that's at least what they said via the megaphone. he was pretty pissed then as you can see in his face.. he quit shooting then, as you can see too.. haha made me chuckle.

move move !! since the demonstarion was marching on.. the police was always in a hurry to catch us on the next side street avoiding that some could get "lost". how nice of them :)

these three wanted to watch and amuse about us.. it's pretty clear they're not very communist... so i took the picture to let them know we noticed... "schleich di mit dei kamera" he responded... then suddenly a few policemen came "geh burschn, gemma gemma.." and kindly removed them...

the official statement about the road block.

"officer friendly says":...

policemen and women always marching with us.

and behind us.

all you see is police cars.. driving our walking speed. what a weird parade.

again chasing after some who left the parade.. they could be sent by osama bin laden or creatures from mars !

we left then to eat asian food.

and later to a party.

4th second. never expected it to be that sharp.

also a 4th. last one.

now off to watch another dr. house episode.


Arno said...

Sicher im Wiener Priesterseminar gibts immer den Ur-Gangbang. Was meinst wieso ich das Studentenheim direkt daneben ausgewählt habe?

hobbynutte said...

ein sehr toller eintrag. vor allem die erste hälfte find ich sehr gelungen. und irgendwie wirkt das alles auch etwas neu in deinem blog, keine ahnung... mir gefällt's

sockenkleidfans united said...

wenn ich noch einmal gangbang les....
hallo? wisst ihr alle nicht, dass das wort ursprünglich eine bezeichnung für eine massenVERGEALTIGUNG war? herrgott echt. nur weils jetzt auf jeder verkackten pornoseite auftaucht machts das nicht menschenfreundlicher.

whatever. die beiden werbeplakate.. mit den zähnen und scheiß airberlin (.....) sind mal echt sexistische scheiße.
und nennt ihr hunde wasti in österreich? komischer name.
das polizeiaufgebot ist lächerlich.. da scheißt sich der polizeistaat in die hose.
"plündern sagt der hausverstand" haha.. überhaupt.. die hello demo kitties. dürfen die sowas denn tragen? also gibts da keine unmittelbaren konsequenzen?

Klaus said...

"jobs gibts auf der straße" - richtig geil mit dem bild!!!

ockiesphotos said...

Thanks for relieving me from some boredom... :)
Always nice to read / watch you blogs . Aufwiederseen ( or however you spell that)

sixohfour said...

I've been waiting for this blog for at least a week.

Great as always. Cheers.

Tanya said...

Typical demonstration - shit loads of policemen and hardly any protesters!

Tomé Duarte said...

intriguing, the last frame - i wonder who's "in control"... and that sinister background character...

i like some frames here but really have to ask: you were more "street active" in kinderschokolade's times, weren't you? ;)

anyway, i have fox on and house is talking on the speaker to an entire long course aeroplane :O

kip keston said...

A lot happened in this post :) Thanks for sharing. Really enjoyed the second billboard photo.

Suzan said...

Hmmm, long entry so much different photos! Some really nice stuff. I enjoyed the "is this pizza good?" frame a lot. Also the fresh air/cig shots. Nice to see some frames from the exhibition.
I really like the light in the Miriam on a talking spree pictures.
Hmm, yeah, cool. I need sleep.

christian said...

wenn man eine kamera in der hand hat muss man halt selbstportraits in aufzügen machen! das geht gar nicht anders.
das "bernhardish" foto schaut sehr eigenartig aus...die frau in dem weißen mantel is unscharf, aber das gesicht von dem mann links im hintergrund sieht wieder schärfer aus...
kann es sein dass sie (http://bp0.blogger.com/_hrIwoHYnxgA/R58jtU7mgQI/AAAAAAAAE8o/V-or4cHjm_0/s1600-h/IMG11791s.jpg) aus krems is?
und find ich nett, dass die polizei ausghilfsdemonstranten spielt wenn nicht genug da sind.

incocknito said...

da ist noch ein fotzograf zu sehen. was war das für ein street-shootout-treffen :)
schade, dass ich dich auf der berniessage verpasst hab.

war für biernachschub zuständig, naja.
toller eintrag. "schleich di mit dei kamera" <333

Anonymous said...

On your place I so did not do.