Tuesday, January 08, 2008

winter. it's the time of sick people everywhere, staying home and making party.. well at least the few days around new years.

i didn't take my camera with me to most events lately.. if there is no light, there won't be a photo. it's an easy rule to stick to.

so as always, starting chronological.

the door of miriams room. i don't know, i felt like taking a photo of it.

miriam back in her room, sorting out the things she doesn't need anymore, just like this cheap chinese calendar. actually wasting film here, because f2.0 1/15th won't produce any useful tones or sharpeness.. but still even knowing that, i keep shooting sometimes.

miriam in her "still" tidy room.
the obligatory miriam at the computer photo. 1/8th just for the fun of it.

getting ready for the party. somehow she's more smiling to me in the reflection than in real... funny. this one was 1/15th f2.0 the next is 1/8th you can see the difference in the tones a lot.

eating the left overs of my family pizza i ordered before. very glamour.. i should send this to jade .. aka "maybe she's born with it.. maybe it's maybelline"

trying to escape from me, taking pictures of her while putting on make-up. "oh so not feminist..." gotcha !

but she got the bill for wearing a mini-skirt in december.. now staying at home to cure her bladder infection... still she looked very cute in it.

since we had nothing left to eat on sunday. we went to the bamboo.. some asian eat as much as you can buffet restaurant.

i was getting rid of the trash in the courtyard.. then saw these two figures, miriam and ina.. doing some kung-fu freestyle rap... so took that shot.

finally there. eating with chopsticks.

so there is the question. does the sushi enter her mouth or does it come from it ? when i eat sushi, i eat it as a whole... unlike miriam.

my father gave me that hood at chrismas.. if you want, you can hide your whole face in it.. kinda looks scary.

first tea sessions.. after starting to get sick.

ina eating the wasabi nuts.. awesome stuff.

more tea.

switching to the cereals. thinking.

still having the tea in mind.

reading the latest emma. (with a picture i took inside.. ha!)

this photo has the typical "it's winter" expression.

h&m. trying on some lesbian clothes, i don't know exactly how to explain in english.. but the important thing is that it's lesbian.. so i said it all.

the cabines were still stuffed.. even after christmas.. and after new years.

i saw this truck passing by, stopping in front of a traffic light. it once used to be white.. it was damn dirty.. and a mc-donnald one. so i passed the street to take the photo of someones's finger-writing "saubär" which is a mix of "sauber" and "sau + bär" so like mixing up the words clean and pig and bear.. i know it doesn't work in english.. but i translated it somehow.

two dogs in a small buggy. the most disabled dogs i've seen in a while.

i kinda found it intresting how the snow melted on this mercedes. it seems as if the structure of the actual motor under the hood was responsible for this form.

the mummy is back !

uhm. yes. it looks like it looks like.

winter. tram. vienna. people reading newspapers and a guy with a camera, that would be me in this case but could be someone else too, especialy in vienna.. the city of streetshoters and bloggers ! ;) a classic scene, ain't it.

two really nice guys with nice expressions in a nice scenery.

had a 7-hours coffee and later drinks with anna. been almost a year now. had lotsa stories to talk about.

almost 2 am. walking home.

having a midnight snack at mc-d. there are better places to sleep i first thought.. but then i though there are much worse too, in winter.

also seen on my way home

good morning myself self portrait. wearing the army glasses i got for free. (thank you !!)

looking for the right hexadecimal brown hair tone. there are thousands of.

and the right band-aid for blisters.

her new dress. made of socks (sorta insider christmas present). doesn't sound very elegant at first thought, but it is. it's awesome.

and she made it. she is looking for someone to take photos of her fashion-label.. we'll see.. i'd like to.

again. thought that would look nice in b/w.

sharing the subway with this man.

again the bath tub full of beer and other stronger liquids. same party location as a year ago and last september.

this time, new lights.. red ones.. dark ones.. f2.0 1/8th at 2000iso... actually doesn't make sense to take photos there.

i still did.

um. this one was "commissioned" ;)

using a cellphone as a light source here.. see.. if that's more light than the rest around.. it's pretty dark..

about 4:30am. i found a full, closed beer can. must have been the last.

after some midnight nap.. ready to eat and drink again. party ! well... 5am.. last photos.. was going home.


Ryan Marr said...

love this frame, priceless!!!


kip keston said...
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kip keston said...

The properties of a photo. I remember seeing an interview with Winogrand discussing a hat being held above a girl and how you can' tell if the hat is being put on her head or being taken off her head. Same with sushi I suppose.

Ah, tried to fix a typo

chat_shank@hotmail.com said...

...whats with Vienna and street photography...seems like the place to be...unlike Oslo where its hard to find both, people on the street and people who want to shoot street...

Suzan said...

Ah, yeah I recognize that. Too dark to shoot but still shooting! I managed to take a shitload of crap frames that way ;)
I wish it would get Spring/Summer again, I really notice that I take less photos when it's already dark at 5 pm...
Anywho... I really love this frame:
Nice and weird with the three faces. I also really dig the frame of the dude in the bus, and noone else.
Take care!

Tanya said...


I can't stop laughing at this.

Tomé Duarte said...

hmm.... tones are not important.. sharpness is not important.. only... soul! is important! :O

anyway, you can always use a flash with the M, make your own light. have you seen Pellegrin's essay for Look magazine?

love the "united feminists with schielesque painting in the wall" one, haha.

Bernhard said...

sie könnten schwestern sein.

es ist witzig, wie jede gruppe ihren "look" hat. sei es emo, punk, hiphopper oder lebse - sie haben ihren "dress-code".

der debile hund ist... ja, wien. große klasse.

edward said...

Haben uns auf dieser Party kurz unterhalten...
Gute Sache der Blog.

mahomo said...

love the dog in buggy and hex hair tone shots, and the shot of the fellas facing each other on the railings is tops :D 'trying on lesbian clothes' hah hah ;)

rHytHm123 said...

sweet b&w's as always! i noticed you been shooting with the bessa. how is it? do you ever miss the m?

mustafah said...

first frame is great.

QuinTor said...

the first frame is awesome!

photwographers said...

nice shots here.