Saturday, December 29, 2007

here is my christmas enty all shot on trix. non pushed.
the last days were full of gorging and booze.. even if most was delicious.. first class, i still haven't eaten so much in my life in such a short time.. it's a sin

the first photo on the 24th i took was this SOS symbol, as if i already knew what will come.

so we started with oysters and champagne at my fathers place.

ina was a bit sceptic about the cute living starters.. i like them.

claudia from venice calling.

after some hard work eating a delicious menu.. i still decided to catch up lorant in the morgenstern.

we stayed till 6.

the streets were empty. but that's quite usual for that time of the "day".

next day. a few hours later. it was 12:30am. the streets were still empty. it was silent as if a bomb had exploded.

taking the subway to "harrys time".. there we had brunch with my father and friends.

they were late. i was first. so i had some time to get familiar with the place.. and get rid of my hangover. the waitresses were really nice..

so we had more food. it was real luxury though.

the kids were playing with the pods- and cells- and boys.

it was fun to watch and think about myslef at that age. god these brunches were boring to death.. but today i'm really enjoying the wine and stuff... just not as a kid.

after the brunch.. and i ate as much as i could eat.. since it was all-inclusive price anyway.. i went to my mothers family to have turkey.. took this frame on my way there.. it's about how i felt.

i was "commissioned" to document the fest.

aww. the tree.

i often consume these family meetings from outside. almost as a show. this might reflect in my photos too.



a present.

my uncle. (sober, even if it doesn't seem so)

mother and the salad.

uncle reaching for something.

uncle pouring the wine. my sister having the "awesome it's christmas" face.

fighting for the enclosures.

grandmother. brought the turkey. they have a look. like a minute of silence before cutting it to pieces. at least it seems so.

traditionaly my uncle seperates the turkey into its elements.

this is like the climax. so i gave it another angle and perspective.

finally the meat ! my sister preferred a tofu "brick" instead of the thing that once was breathing air and eating corn once. she's a vegetarian. she's like the opposite of me in many cases.

a rarety. a photo of my sister that i somehow like.

grandmother after the meal. chilled and satisfied.. the turkey project was a success. cheers!

mother and sister in between the chaos. almost too similar.

not only i had a filled stomache. uncle couldn't stand anymore.

sister reading the gossip-mag "woman" (real trash). my mother sneaking from the side. my uncle still digesting on the ground and my grandmothers friend playing with the carrera race track.

oh and there is me. with my new hood i got from my dad. i'm looking very gangsterish.. so i took this photo.. kinda fitting to the freakshow of christmas.

found this quite a timeless scenery.

december 26th. going to my fathers family christmas meet. more things to eat and drink.

it's all in the details.

straight to the point. i wonder who took his or her time to write asshole so carefully with 3 exclamation marks with a small brush somewhere nobody will probably take any notice of. well i did and i find it wonderful. it's a part of a series i'm actually still shooting.

just like this one saying "pussy". this time even more

my little french-asutrian cousin. never thought this photo would turn out. f2.0 1/15th is quite the setting for a 5 years old boy.

my french uncle at the sofa. exposing here was pretty much a challenge.

at the table. we had soup and then some sorta roast...

uncle and aunt.

soup. cousin and inlaw-grandmother.. it's complicated.

the roast. we also had kidney... not my thing actually..

my father.. who almost had eaten as much as i did..
looking forward to get some slices of the roast... haha, i love that face.

i was bored. boredom makes you do different photos sometimes.

a classic scene in my fathers family.

the grappa. not a bad one actually. most grappa you get in italian restaurants taste more like nail polish remover.

also very typical. sometimes i like to analyse my own family via photographs. all those little gestures, acts and facial expressions..

my aunt and cousing bang-bang each other. with eyes closed. must be some insider between them.

aunt lightning the tree. i had f2.0 1/30th here.. it turned really dark already.

this one was even 1/15th.

singing some christmas chansons. glad i have a rangefinder and no 1dsMKII for such situations.. haha.

little mateo unpacking his present.

1/8th. only candlelight by the chirstmastree.

they later were playing on the piano. somehow i did a double exposure.. kinda nice there.

my aunt. doesn't look like her there but i like the frame somehow.

grandfather. in his more causual wear. a kinda typical thing for him to change cloths when the end of the get-together is soon.

my cousin playing the trumpet like a little dumbo.. quite impressive. his fathers expression is great.

it's a kinda family thing.

december 27th. going to the airport to pick miriam up.

a friends working place.. kinda fun to dirve by, by train.

vienna airport toilet. i've taken this photo once already. probably was picking up miriam back then as well... i don't know exactly.

miriams new pride. i must fully agree though.

hello miriam. hello vienna.

walking home.

at a friends place. they have a tiny cat.

december 28th. visiting my grandmother. my fathers mother. again having some sort of roast... to be accurate.. "
Onion roasted beef"

on my way there i saw this lady with a rolleiflex.

and this old sign.

on my way back to town. i shared my way with this guy in white.

met miriam doing the


nerd-hood, retared face combo.

december 28th. evening. again my fathers place.

on my way there.

we had venison steaks.. you can see them to the left. helen was also there.

there's my never ending excessive eating and drinking story over. after i completly wasted myslef yesterday.. i got up today, developed 5 rolls of trix, scanned them and posted this blog entry... and i don't get payed for that ! a shame... ;)

see you next year.


Yama said...

i got the m6 ttl!

Stelios said...

happy new year's
have a good one

Eva said...

Great entry. I love the frames you took of your cousin sitting at the table. :)
Oh and my teacher thinks you're hottie. Lol, thought I'd let you know. XD

Suzan said...

Ha, yeah - Christmas for me is also all about the food. And eating those heaps of food with family.
Lots of precious frames in this entry. Will definitely get more and more precious over the years I think.

Spencer said...

I agree with you christmas is deffiently about eating way to much food with the family, and relaxing. I like to see the family shots because they still have a good feel to them unlike you just took family snaps to keep people happy.
Have a good new years!

Nathan said...

The image below the caption: "at the table. we had soup and then some sorta roast..." is absolutely fantastic.

marius said...

i like the "white man " pictures.
the ultimate flaneur pics.

Pekka said...

Hah. My connection failed just after writing a comment and pressing submit.

Well anyway, good post. I have very similar "nerd hood" as Miriam. I must be a one goddamn geek. Cute.

Have a nice new year ;)

pavel said...

wie hast du den trix entwickelt? Manchmal wünsche ich mir wirklich hände zu haben die nicht ständig wackeln.

ich mochte vorallem

thanks for sharing. wird sicher toll sich daran zu erinnern später.

das tatoo ist wirklich toll.

und: viel spaß im kommenden jahr. :)

Yama said...

ooh question, do you use the 35 or 50 cron most?

im having trouble deciding which lens i want to get :(

Charles said...

Happy new year Sev!
Great Christmas time get-togheter-with-family reportage!
is very well timed and is probably my preferred. Thanks for posting this even if you are ot paidfor this! :P


sev said...

the 35 of course. i mean a 50 is very useful and also "quite" variable.. but in the end you'll always have a shallow dof look and tighter compositon. it's like a mix of portrait and spontanious photographys.. but for street, documentary, spontanious photography.. the 35 is definately the better choice.. much more variable.

Yama said...

thanks for the heads up. ill just keep saving for the 35 cron then

last camera purchase ill be making in a longgg while :P

James D. Kelly said...

another really enjoyable entry sev! I dont know how you find the time to develop, scan, and print as prolifically as you do, whilst also finding time to make so many great moments. I really enjoy the childlike curiosity you have in some way, how you will think to take photos of the man in the white coat, just because you took the same route. you have a beautiful mind!

in response to your last entry too, its good to see you documenting something of importance at this time in vienna.. I too find the way that the advertising is being monopolised in that way rather sad. I thought the point of hosting these world sports in different cities, still had something to do with embracing and experiencing different cultures... not turning each city into an american one for the 'tourists'.

keep shooting! I can feel in your images that you are inspired again, and thats great! may it last the entirity of this New Year.

Anonymous said...

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voytaz said...

Awesome shots as always, I like christmas atmosphere but I agree its all about eating :) and your uncle look like mafia-film star :)
I have russian copy of leica :) if you are intrested I can send you some photos of it.

waLLy said...

Well... great photos - I really like them. You have a great talent to tell a story with a few shots and some comment added to it. I hope you will still have a mood for taking photos... keep it up !

chris said...

hej severin

jetzt bin ich über umwegen auf deinen blog gekommen.


lala schönen abend