Sunday, January 13, 2008

miriams 2 weeks visit in vienna, ended up in staying home most of the time.. it's because of the little creatures that made her sick, just like several other people right now. so i was staying home a lot lately too.. sleeping till 2pm or even longer.. doing nothing really intresting beside the shopping, cooking, eating and cleaning up the mess i did oh and yeah, taking pictures of course.

i don't particulary remember what she was trying to represent here.. i was more concentrated on holding the camera still. shooting trix at 400 again as usual.

that's inas dog. some of you know it from other photos already. i was just wondering what it takes to get some details in that black little creature on a photograph.. so i tried a 4th second. seemed to fit.

like i said. staying home, actually in the bed was unavoidable.

she'll probably kill me for posting this... but it was so absurd, i couldn't resist. it's chamomile, to relax the eyes probably... god may know.

yeah. she'll kill me ;)

the other night a befriended band was playing a small gig.

on my way there.

the place itself. well known here in vienna. the arena. great gigs there.

i was walking around.. there was nothing to photograph because there was no light at all.. so i've seen that girl looking at the display of her digicam.. was enough light for a photo.

so they started playing. i took some photos for them.

after the gig.

i had some frames left. all three of them were rolling some cigarettes.. i also like how her expression is changing on every photo of the little series.

then the roll was finished.

next one

like i said. i was cooking almost every day last week. this mess i created once for making some more special dinner.. kitchens can never be big enough.. i tell you.

super-feminist, is it ? i like how trashy it is.. reduces it more to the content.

daring to go out for the first time.

buying some eau de toilette.. for men of course. we wanna catch women with it, right ?

on one of my late night shopping tours, i crossed this exquisite saloon.

at the post office. this lady took ages at the counter.. so i switched. the dog knows its fate it seems.

ps: i got the polaroid camera from aussie, chris ! ;)

i could take dozens of photos of lost gloves, i tell you... but it's not intresting enough i think.

i kinda thought the boy was cute... then the father (probably) gave me that look.. so what. snap!

a belt saying "MOMI" i wonder if big belts are the new "small dick compensatory".. too young to play the big man.

here a closeup for bernhard ;)

nice arrangement. don't you think ?

he was fascinated by something. i don't know by what.

almost cute.

classic scene.

lovely. pink toilet paper, extra soft.

i always buy the cheapest.. maybe it's better to buy the most "eco-friendly". i still often wonder who buys pink or extra soft or double-tripple-ten-times-layered toilet paper.. it's pretty insane to me.

markus birthday. actually too dark for photos. i still did. all taken 8th f2.0 trix non pushed.

when the cellphone is brighter than the light around. then it's dark ;)

schmaaaaaazt! they'd probably kill me too for posting.

after we all got pretty boozed.. we hurried to catch the last subway.

i smell myspace..

at least now. he'd kill me for posting..

training the go-go dance in the subway ;)

later, catching up with lorant, leonie, max and co.

we were the last guests. drinking one round of vodka after another. we only had a small talbe that was soon filled up with bottles.

i made a joke about it..

so leonie started to collect them to take them to the bar. she was celebrating birthday that night too..

so she was not serving that day.. (what she does in the morgenstern). so i made a joke about that she can't stop playing the waitress.. not even on her birthday.

got to bed at
5:30.. pretty much boozed.

got up at 12 something..

miriam and ina thinking about cutting miriams hair a little.

miriam getting some instructions.

cute curl i thought.

on the phone with
germany. i love this trash look. it's so anti. so 80s.

last cuts.

look at these beautiful feet. these socks make them justice.

one last hug for a month.

going to the airport.

do i see some nostalgic look there ?

the little creatures attack.

and the lack of coffee.

some last dental care.

looking for the right terminal.

gone to

i had about half an hour to walk around at the airport before my train would arrive.

this was the photo before the take off. intresting how formal this act seems. he doesn't feel very comfortable obviously.

can elder men be cute ? i think sometimes.

one more for the collection.

this man was copying asian lertters from some signs.. i didn't ask. maybe he was just bored.

little family meeting. arriving hall.

weird bag.

i've been waiting in that hall many times. i know how entertaining this can be.

went directly to the darkroom to develope the rolls. last frame i took. kinda eerie. i like.

some people started to ask me lately where i take the time to develope all the films, scan them and post these entries all the time...

well.. shooting is easy. just goes beside.. but when i think about it the other processes... it's now
3:26am and i started developing the films at 5pm.. so yes.. i takes about 10 hours to develope, go home, scan, resize, upload in the blog, write and post and on a sunday like today, i just had the time. now i'm tired.


kip keston said...

hey, it's winter man, the season of sickness. you and miriam take care.

Yama said...

another beautiful post. you never stop, do you?

keep it up. i think i speak for a lot of us when i say you inspire us 'street protographers' ;)

300$/a grand on the 35 'cron :)

vielen dank for all the information and what not. (btw, tri-x push to 1600 = 15min, 30sec-16min @ 20C 3times/30sec 1:1? had to ask!)

QuinTor said...

wow! i love your posts, very inspiring......i'm kinda shy in the streets bcause i think somebody will hit me if i take a picture of yeah, this is very inspiring, keep it up :)

die strumpfhosenrockerin said...

das 80ies foto.. das ist schon sehr fies. da sind ja die teebeutel nix dagegen.
und: 'we want to catch women with it right' :roll:

fr. said...

nice tattoo, i recently did a graphic job with it... Severin let me tell you that your blog inspired me to do one on my own, so there will be even more vienna street shots on the web. very nice entry btw. the strip dance on the subway is a classic, and was one of the first things i did when moving to vienna some years ago. the rolling pictures are probably my favs. have a nice week, fr.

Bernhard said...
mein fav. ein richtiger tschusch. schön.

übrigens: miriam und ina könnten den prozess des mannwerdens beschleunigen, indem sie sich eine glatze rasieren. :P

Nejc Švent said...


got a question
where do you buy your rolls and how much do you pay for them?

btw I really like the pics you show on your blog and actually it is your fault that I took my old Zenit ES and other old film cameras from the dusty shelf and started shooting films again.

keep up good work
regards from Slovenia

Laurent said...

your blog is boring ! ;)
nah I think it's a very inspiring blog because you've got a real talent to catch moments in the street or wherever you are dude, plus I like the lil stories you tell. Actually I can't see the new post, can't see the photos on IE neither Firefox... any ideas why?

Au revoir

caro said...

puhhh... sollten dich markus und dominik nicht umbringen... dann tus ich vielleicht ^^
ich schau ja furchtbar aus!!!!

Adam Douglas said...

Can't see the new post man. I'm using firefox. Always works for me. Must be from your side.

fp said...

I can't see the pictures...

Chris said...


hej also irgendwie... funktionieren da ganz ganz ganz viele bilder nicht :(

Anonymous said...

can't see the photos.

ockiesphotos said...

I can't seem to see them neither, the pics on the posts below are loading though... blogger messing up?

rtcc said...

Very cool as always.
I agree on photographing lost gloves!
I seem to find them all the time at the most random times.

Spencer said...

Thats weird actually only the other day when I was reading your blog I was thinking to myself how does he find all the time to shoot this much,scan and blog. Now I know the secrets :) I think that I need some late nights in the darkroom soon as well. Bring on the summer when it isn't so cold in there that I need a scarf and coat on. Great blog again, keep up the good work.

marius said...

i hate all your photos.

they are all crap.


marius said...

you are actually my hero.

Obsidian Fox said...

brilliant. Even taking a picture of feet i found more.. artistic? than those emokids on other sites

protten said...

late nite shopping tours? haben die geschäfte in wien auch nachts auf?