Wednesday, December 12, 2007

funny how i decided to post a blog instead of going to bed after coming home at 2:30am.

first news, bad news.. my beloved summicron is starting to film over inside(!) the glass.. this looks like that:

i've to wait some time until it disappears again. i wonder how long i can still use this lens.. it has survived a lot already.

so it's christmas time once again. maybe my most favourite street at that time. it shall look nice in colour too.. since the lights are blue.

robert invited some to a movie night. he has a vodka out of a small plastic cup as a starter, not the gourmet stuff..

so we switched to wine.

and had some chili con carne.

robert the avantgarde artisté !

passionate discussions !

and less passionate watching the movie. (i liked it. we started with "kandahar"). 1/2 second f2.0 2000iso here. taken during the end credits.

first film is over

now this almost looks like a hommage to Hiroshi Sugimoto.. i must say i was thinking of his work while i took this one.

now to some serious art inspection on the macbook.

it got late.

at 6:30am, i decided to go home. i cought robert in the kitchen eating the left overs of the chili con carne.

one last view on the bar.

this is christmas. people come together but that's way too much for my taste.. it's really fucked up i'd say.

later that night. taking some frames to prevent getting bored.

i remember the day i bought that camera. a little dedication to it. lorant now used it.

here is lorant ! looks like 2am ?

one last frame left.. finally finished.


after i got home at 6am drunk as a deer.. i had family day on sunday. so i went to my aunt's place to have some nice lunch with my little cousin, uncle and aunt.

my 4,9 years old cousin was sick.

so he got something for his nose.

and eyes.

but he is a brave one, at least he plays it in front of me.

he wanted me to take a photo of this orange. i asked if he didn't want to show his face.. but he insisted on hiding.. cutey.

my uncle showed me some old single-LPs he just bought somewhere in france.

this was my favourite.. good the 80s are over !

dads and sons have to fight.

pow !

after the lunch we chilled a little. i still felt sick of the last night.. the last vodka at 6am. so we talked about good vodka, from poland.. "schubrovska" or something.. mixed with apple juice it's awesome.

the little one always wanted to play and hug and fight and being carried around by me.. so i thought of taking a photo in the bathroom.. somehow missed the focus.. but better than him falling down... i think ;)

later on sunday, i visited my father and claudia. more food. more good food.

it got late. she took a little nap.

going home. shitty weather. "greek winter" i call it. rainy, windy, but no snow.

next day. 7am. monday morning. woke up because of weird sounds going on. new pipes got installed in the flat. foreign men in the antechamber.

foreign men in the toilet !

it got dusty. i had to leave soon.. didn't want my camera to collect needless fine-dust.. or how you call this in english.

ina wasn't too pleased either.

shooting last random frames on the roll on a monday morning. walking around because i had got some spare time.

maybe the bottle we waisted on saturday ? it was close the morgenstern pub and the same stuff.. stoly.

a junky couple. they had some sorta fight in their weird state..

now to the portraits. it was a commission.. but it was real fun. good photos for a grey monday morning..

started at the prater. we climbed inside the old roller coaster. nobody was around.. because a: monday morning b: shitty weather c: monday morning damnit.. ;)

first cig break.

i like weird places.

one of my favourite candid shots.

i got some serious stuff too.. but didn't feel to post the less personal ones. these are just my favourites.

kodak 400nc (exposed on 320iso). my favourite of that roll.

so after some time in the prater. we went downtown to have some coffe..

took this one in the tram. one of my favourite prints at the moment. looks ace on fiber.

in the tram, there were these young boys, who had left school earlier that day. it was not easy not to notice them.

on the way to the cafe, we stumbled across him. of course asked for a photo.

conversation photo.. classics. taken on plus-x f2.0 1/45th 35mm.

don't know where she got that apple from.. but it was somehow a cute scene.

is that a decisive moment ? :O

seems like i prefer the less serious photos .. haha.

i liked that scene somehow. we went to take some last photos at a trainstation. she had chestnuts.

also printed this one already. maybe my favourite of her.. somehow powerful but still nice and personal. that's what i'm mostly going for when i try portraits. (serious ones)

i somehow liked the scenery and aksed for a photo too.. didn't really try to look that cool, serious business haha..

digital again.

on the way back. light was getting softer and darker. almost 4pm already.

there was this old wooden chair.

so why not ?

didn't plan to go out on monday night, after shooting all day and preparing the photos till 10:30pm...

but then i still went to this club.

it was pretty stuffed.

she really wants it.

some nice still life.

i went for more trashy stuff.

a cute beer glass couple outside. the ambulance car in the back

outside. some guy tried to photograph me with his cellphone.. some lady entered the scene.. so i took my photo too.

went back inside. took some random shots.

these guys were really well.. let the photo speak for itslef.

they played soccer with bread. that's really stupid.

and tried to get some chics obviously.

this guy was really wasted. i woke him up. this is what he gave me.

so this is what the emergency exit looks like !

going home. i don't remember what this photo had in common with johnny cashs "hurt" ?

but there was something.

went to mc-donnalds.

i like that saturation. so trashy.

so weit so gut.


Josh said...

What a super post at 4:44am.

kip keston said...

Great late night post.

Time for a biogon!

la miri said...

where were you when the storm broke?????

mika said...

Żubrówka or Zubrowka (without diacritics) or Bison Vodka - and Yes, it's really something.

We sometimes call this mix "an apple pie" or "tatanka" (which some say is actually something else - martini+Zubrowka mixed in shaker with some lemon juice).


velvetpaw said...

Mit ~5 noch nen Schnuller?

9212 findsch ganz witzig.

christian (ch punkt pangerl bei gmx punkt de) said...

die geschichte mit dem summicron is blöd. vor allem bei der jahreszeit.
die portraits gefallen mir gut, auch wenn's nicht die seriösen sind.
so eine olympus liegt bei mir auch rum :) schöne kamera.
verwendest du jetzt eigentlich nur noch die bessa?

Yama said...

you were right
would look amazing printed out

wayy good shots. was that the 50mm 1.4 you were using after "back to digital" ?

sev said...

i used my summicron with the leica and bessa, 400nc, plusX and trix

for digital 5d+50/1.4, 85/1.8 and 20/2.8

Spencer said...

The best ones are your uncle joking with the kid. You work is great, its good to see some actual work as well.

Iclafa! said...

I wish I was you most of the time I'm awake... with that talent I'd... I don't know, but you're so good I can't believe it

Yama said...

im filled with questions, hope you dont mind!

is that summicron a 3rd version? im purchasing an M6 hopefully this month if not next, but am i kind of stuck on lenses. I want at least a 3rd version cron, but not sure if the contrast of the 4th or 5th are worth the extra cash

im really excited!

kip keston said...

hey Jama, he has a 2nd version I believe. I wouldn't worry so much about the version, a cron is a cron. Get it!

Yama said...

thanks kip!

thats probably a good idea because i also want to grab one of those nokton 35 1.2s

kip keston said...

ha, I'm from hawaii and I have a bottle of Żubrówka here. It makes great apple pies. One of a kind!

sev said...

wow. people seem to know that i've got a 2nd generation summicron ! :O

i think 2nd and 4th are worth it.. i don't know much about it actually.. just that bernhards 3rd was not as good as the zeiss.. i'm pretty content with my summicron, does it's job.. it's also very small and well built.. good stuff from the 60s

kip keston said...

Have you been here?

it has the years for boxes and lenses.

If elements matters, I think the 2nd and 3d have 6 and the IV has 7.

fp said...

To me it's one of your best blog 'notes' ever! You are a titan of work and a really tallented man, I admire you in every part of your photographic life. I also would buy any of your books on photography or albums with your personal photos -- if there were such. Think about the fans of your photography: they are not all just an internet fans! :)) Take care.

mahomo said...

great post as ever, love that train hands shot, as chris is always saying, you have to come over to uber ;)

Adam Douglas said...

an olympus with a nikon strap.

how cliche

kip keston said...

that's right, we're supposed to bug you until you post on uber, ha!

James D. Kelly said...

Severin have you tried silica gel for your fogged lens? leave it in a small box in a dry location with a few packets of the stuff. It'll clean right up!

(silica gel is that strange stuff that comes with new shoes, and makes a point of telling you not to eat it)

Pekka said...

Yeah, good post.

Good shit once again over at da. Chris really must love you :D

And you seemed to go for uber. Nice.

Kelly Brum said...

I loved your pictures...

Goog job!