Friday, December 07, 2007

winter is time for studio photography.. or cheesy tree next to a street vanishing in fog photo. just kidding... ;)

still from the last studio commission.. the shots i took in between.

i like how you can see the art directors hands holding the cute pinkish dumbbells.... that was so 80s ! but fitness will always have the 80s touch.

took this one in between too.. more portrait like. added this cheesy reddish tone.. i think on print it will look nice. i hope she'll like, just a little something.

back to the familiar stuff. kodak trix developed 18:30 21C° 10s movement 20s non-movement. exposure guessed 2000iso.

i met an actress in a restaurant. we had a nice chat. we plan to take photos on monday for her portfolio. i'm pretty curious and i'm really looking forward to it. portrait commissions can be the best if the person is cool and she is in this case..

so on the table behind us there was this baby who didn't stop screaming. it didn't bother me but i turned around and took this one.

the father later came over to talk about s/w photography he also used to do. a leica m body on the table is always a good reason to start conversations.

kinda cool how the guessed exposure seems to be spot on here.

i tried to put the focus on the kids shoes.. but therefore i'd need a 50.. didn't really work with the 35 at f2.0

ina and i are currently stuck in the second season of lost. we've watched the first in 3 days and now we're looking for someone who's got the 2nd... we're kinda addicted even if we sometimes have to roll the eyes, cause it's kinda stupid sometimes.

LOST ! damnit ! i love that view. that has character.

went to some really nice hostelry around the corner. great cook there and great beer. "wratschko"

then. wherelse ? morgenstern ! i don't know why i'm still trying hard to make useful photos in there without flash... it's just not enough light for any useful tones.

later in the WIRR.. it was almost 4am. this photo made me realize one thing: i fucking need a haircut ! :O

there was more light. we were allowed to have a beer each, cause they were closing soon.

outside the darkroom. i was carrying a 5 liter canister + 7,5 liter of used chemicals in my backbag. when i got out these two were crossing my way.. i had to hurry and got rid of the canister (no worries ;)) and then took this one.

i wanted to stop down to 2.8 to create the "star" effect of the aperture here.. so i went for 2.8 1/30. it's pretty bright for the night.

look who we've got there ? nice lady and her private paparazzo in one photo !

he had birthday. i got something special for him, but don't tell !

so they left me or i left them and went my way up to good old mc-d.

this couple was really nicely positioned. i took a frame then they kissed and i took another. christmas is coming closer. love is in the air ! yeah.. what to do with such a shot actually ?

at the Mc-restaurant-donnalds. many people. lotsa noise. stress-deseased faces and in between all of this, that man. wearing a skin-tight dolce&gabbana shirt he was singing something for himslef. expression wise it must have been something slightly passionate.. maybe something about a lost love or the good old times.. what ever. he cought my attention.

one of the shots i currently like.

now a roll of apx100.

this shot was taken on the trip back to vienna.

these old ladies and their dogs. i wonder about a theory i have. let's assume they buy their first little dog with about 55 years when they stop working and switch over to "invalidity pension" and a dog like that makes about 10 years and these old ladies turn older and older, they get 80 or 90 years old... so up to 35 years in pension. do they buy another dog and another ? do they buy the same race ? do they give the same names again or "the second" or "the third" ?

i wonder about these things.

i think this little thing is at least a 2nd-generation doggy maybe even a third. he didn't know his granny at 55 like the other.. can this little creature wonder about something ? at least it looks like on this photo.

a woman trying to lock her bike. i was going downstairs with the escalator. had to hurry because she was almost "gone".

"Aufsperrdienst" nur wo ?

a little insider..

kinda funny. i'm trying to take a decent photo of that view every year at christmas.. i'm still not really satisfied.

he was really nervious about somtehing. probably his favourite band just released their new album. i won't guess some dark bandnames here now.

austiran folk music. it's the worst on this planet, it really is. but they have their fans and they earn much money from them.

the weather is pretty shit.

f2.4 1/125th on 100asa... you can imagine how "bright" it is these days.

one more cheesy postcard photo.

i found that quite funny. the scanner cropped the photo but i can still print.

at the bus station. we had to wait ages...

whatever it is. i've came across it hundreds of times and never took a photo.

a self in the window reflection of one of the most "authentic" drinking holes in vienna... the zipp aka zipffff !


ivan said...

lost season 2 & 3 gegen 2 prints meiner wahl, hm ?

Tina said...

try for Lost...hope you'll finish season 3 before the new season starts, it was so ridiculous for a while but it's getting better

studentin, fast scheinfrei said...

haha.. unmoralische lost-angebote, ich seh schon.
ich mag das schreiende baby und den mann am automaten besonders, wie du auch.

Suzan said...

Hmm, not one of your best entries, but I really, really dig

flipo said...

Lost Season 2 & 3 liegen hier so auf DVD-Rs rum ... also meld dich per skype wenn interesse.

stelios said...

i thought i was left behind on lost. looking for 3rd season.
you should get an external light meter for the times you re not quiet sure about the exposure. it'd be cheaper than fixin the M

Pekka said...

I really was exited when I saw first ten episodes of Lost but got tired of it by second season. Still managed to go for third. And Yeah... it got better. It's funny how simple ways it just forces you to watch it by just giving new questions after another. And when something is answered (even with the stupidest answer), no one gives a shit because newer questions are more interesting.

I wonder how long they can do that.

Oh and nice post. You seemed more cheerful than in your last post with winding problems. Must be the christmas. Haha.

pHeela said...

We love austrian folk music in here!!! Many parties end up listening to it, IT ROCKS!!!

cougarr said...

ahahah, I see your piece of art is still hanged on the darkroom's wall!

Yama said...

hey! ive got lost season 2 and three if you want it.

send me an email again (

love the photos, but you cockteased us a little by not showing us some of those modeling shots

iqkjhbedfsvs said... erinnert mich irgendwie an

Bernhard said...

haha, der blick. ein traum.

und was machst du mit den filmen immer? in welche bewegung willst du sie bringen? gegen die unterdr├╝ckung von frauen? und das nur 10 sekunden? und dann 20 sekunden eine anti-bewegung? arg. :P

Spencer said...

Great post mate, You seem excited about christmas, have a good one!

Ekki Kaharudin said...

i love the old lady talked to her dog. just like she talked to a kid :)