Tuesday, December 18, 2007

getting ready for the winter.

bought 30 rolls of trix. exposed some of them allready.

people "unpacking" a small car. it was really filled up with all kind of stuff. maybe they're getting ready for winter too ? a nuclear one !

look. i dared to wake up the bear from its winter sleep.

something for bernhard. a place he should go to eat once. he'd be a VIP there.

a view into a hostels kitchen. same street as the darkroom. i remember working in a kitchen of a huge factory canteen. worst job i've ever done beside the military. i learned from both.

not so special but the bokeh looks strange.. i hope i don't need to worry about my lens. probably had too much ketchup and mustard already... ( > hint to ryan)

one of the darkest corners in the pub. i just wanted to know what 400iso can get out there.

this can happen when you leave your camera somewhere in the pub. people never trust me when i tell them that they won't be able to take a serious photo.

so what is the holy sin ? sleeping with a prostitute ? i don't know. this sticker doesn't make much sense... still it cought my attention so i grabed the camera. set the 8th and shot the holy sin thing.

ps: did you find the flying angel-vagina too ?

this advert makes me realize how hard it is to make something sexist with men. i mean. eveyone will find this more or less funny.. or would never take it serious, because it is not meant seriously cause the moment men are the object, people find it funny because this is not the way they're meant to be like, the submissive, the naked.

imagine palmers would have done this campagne back then with men. this would have been much more intresting. but this way, how palmers did it with women and now "iglo" does it with men, is so not innovative, it hurts. and people earn much money with these campagnes. sad thing.

sunbeams. something i hardly see in the last days. most of the times it's grey or i'm in the darkroom... "dark times" *cuts veins*

kinda found that guy intresting. almost cute. yeah, maybe cute is the right word. so i took a snap.

hey little old man. now what you're gonna do ? come over and slap me ? no. people sometimes don't realize that i take photos of them.. it took me 3 times to finally have his face the way i wanted it to be ... just a little game, that was fun. didn't mean it bad neither.. i just was in the photo mood

had to wait until there was either a car nor a person passing. what a weird scene. i think it was an 8th at 400iso. printed it allready. really worth it. nice tones too.

ina. we're talking a lot. good topics. it's cool to live together with a lesbian, no sexual atmosphere, nothing.. all reduced to content ;)

next day. i was getting up earlier. saw that woman standing in the cold wind. waited for some cars to pass.

went to a befriended photographer. helped her with digitalizing her old negatives. here is pavarotti loaded in nikon scan 4. was a good negative.. back then the labs were creating good b/w negs... unlike today. never seen a tmx100 that contrasty and still fine grained like on these negatives. really makes me sad that today you get so much shit, scratched, dusty and what else..

it started to snow on my way home. i've seen this bresson-like scene and waited till the guy walked into the center of the frame. it's important to hit the shutter when he's about to step i believe.. adds to the idea of making tracks in the snow. 125th here seemed the perfect shutter to me.

chaos. snow and cities always make me think of it. funny how the snow left the word uncovered.

hey little you ! i found the bit of snow on the blanket lovely.

the most famous elevator ? yes. it's bernhards. i remember taking these shots with f2.0 1/15th or 1/30th when we started to shoot trix "years" ago. now i shot this one at f2.8 1/60th on 400iso. so much about sensivity and the grain is the same... damn we developed like the first men on this planet.

ina and i went to bamboo.. pure sin ! but good stuff.

you can choose from raw ingredients and then let them grill it. the girl in front of me seemed quite "lordly". made me think of lia a bit.. harrumph...

saw this. thought this could look nice in bw.

something for german speaking people. this stuff makes you "zua" !

snowing outside.

a little in-house christmas party we joined as an act of courtesy...

the santa had real beard ! just so you know how much light there was. 1/4th f2.0 400iso.

a print i liked. i tried a new frame especially for this motif. i think the perforation of the film fits the tracks of the train very well.

another caddy. doing these for a friend. i just read that about 14 thousand of these were collected on the street a year, only in vienna. that's hella lot !

here in little austria you're save.. in china they'd eat you !

for christmas eve ?

granny in the subway.. what a boring photo !

prefer this one much more. i liked her shoes. took a frame. then realized the shoes in the back and waited for someone else to pass. i was lucky that all 3 of them had rather spiky shoes.

again f2.0 1/60th on a trix at 400.. i wonder why ever push again ? i started to develope at 21C° and more agiation.. so i expose it on 640 in dark conditions.. it doesn't really matter.. you just should avoid overexposing it when there is enough light, better stick to exact metering when you're outside.

damn that frame is sharp. i didn't expect it at a 1/15h.. but i'm glad it worked out. tones are lovely..

sending letters. he wasn't the only one.. the post office was stuffed !

a bike on the ground. a guy leaving the peep show another guy passing by having a curious look.

something else. kinda unusual scene.

just like this one is.

washing the dishes ? eww... better not.

damn dark. 1/4th. makes the man with the dog turn into two ghosts.

leonie. the cute barkeeper.

this is a serious self portrait of an upcoming artist ! please mind the pose of my hands.. i really gave my best !

a worker in our staircase. they start to hammer at 8am... that's when i go to sleep usualy !

look what i've found in the middle of the pavement.. it made me smirk a bit.

normaly you find freezers and stuff.. but this is a rarety. right in the middle of the street.

a weird looking building site. it somehow seemed as if a bomb exploded right there. it was just a hole between two normal houses.

went inside out of curiosity.

a nice and cosy place to leave your kids at !

for the sake of tones and bokeh. what an oldschool air conditioning system !

this also cought my attention. never seen a station in vienna with so many benches and the white canvas cover behind just adds to the surreal feeling.

the whole station was covered in white.

another one. hard to find at first sight. should look nice on a 11x14inch print.

at the blaustern.

having lunch with helen. showing the prints.

the bridge in the back made me snap this one.

i wonder what this would look like printed ! the scanner overexposed it generaly.

last frame on the roll. 4 buggys in one bus ! that's the rush hour... people were rather stressed unlike the girl i focused on.

hope you enjoyed some bits of my last 3 rolls. shooting more again. don't know why. it's just fun. i just love it.. first time i feel like that again after a long time. hope it lasts a bit.


Stelios said...

It's always usefull to read your comments on exposure and development. I guess you'll want to push process again when you'll need to shoot at 1/125 or something.
rather enjoyable entry, I guess life after army gets enjoyable again. have fun!
I wonder how much time it'll get you to finish off all 30 rolls.

Yama said...

hell, i feel like a stalker but i cant get enough of your work. its magical seeing europe again and again (i was born in frankfurt but moved to california when i was 3). you really bring back those days when i would go shopping with my mom and we'd take the train or it was cold and snowy. i can't believe i even remember those moments

honest. your photos make me genuinely happy

christian said...

schöne fotos.
klebst du das papier beim printen auf der platte fest?
ilford trockner sind doch eh schrott ;P

Andrei said...

i really enjoyed this post. more than the past few ones. i can tell you felt like takin photos.
fantastic work!

pavel said...

wie genau entwickelst du dann auf 21°? 21° hat mich nie wirklich interessiert aber man kanns ja mal ausprobieren. Schauen alle samt recht gut aus.

"fantastic" said...

this is the problem with digital cameras, you take so many photos, and they all look the same... this is a shame!
you should try to get some film camera and try to develop them by yourself!

Ryan Marr said...

like this frame


bear indeed. Mustard is fine for a lens it's the ketchup you have to worry about. Real rough and tumble stuff.

pHeela said...

should be sleeping but this could not wait. i just admire tho tones u get, the unattainable contrast and of course, your eye... koller for president!
ehm, good night.

kip keston said...

Beautiful frame, the man stepping in the fresh snow.

How did you expose it? Do you meter the snow and then open up?

Wan said...

Merry Christmas Mr Koller.

Nathan said...

The image below the caption: "at the table. we had soup and then some sorta roast..." is absolutely fantastic.

Nathan said...

Wrong Post; I meant this for the latest post!

Ockie said...

Great blog as always... awesome photo's :)
You are / were two-k on dA right?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...