Friday, November 30, 2007

a bit more than a week ago, i was shooting a model whole day. i found this thing on her head kinda funny. next time i'll make the shooting with the fan-machine, bet this will look less serious.

i <3 austria 3 times !

on the train to germany. the obligatory self portrait on the toilet. i always take the camera with me on the toilet, it's not that it's save to leave the toy in an empty cabine.

there's always such great light in these toilets.. and traveling alone for about 10hours through the night by train always sets me in a special mood, i only have when i travel by night for hours.

salzburg. half past midnight.

7 something am. Miriam still very dozy just as i was sleeping for 5 hours waking up every 10minutes when the train was driving uncomfortable or some spotlights flooded the cabine with light.

i won't explain why, but i managed to open the camera while film was not rewinded... so i exposed some negatives completely. intresting what was left over here.

like a cat. liking her paws... paws rhyms on awwwws !

watching six feet under, while having breakfast in the bed is something i can suggest to everyone ! :)

sitting on the backof a tiny car with the dog in the trunk is someting i cannot suggest to anybody ! ;)

at the campus.


in the woods of frauenstein.

beside exposing the trix by opening the camera, i also managed to take 36 frames on a apx that wasn't correctly winding up. so i didn't expose 90% of the film. my complete disability, wasting 1 1/2 films made me wanna puke... so i ripped out the apx and threw it away... i had to document this shit.

she wasn't impressed.

guessing the exposure with a trix pushed to 2000iso and a ND filter attached (makes 250iso) is quite a challenge when you have the light of a weak setting sun. i went for f4.0 1/250 here seemed to work

dog and panorama over frauenstein.

ciao miriam.

german platforms newly have "smoking areas" where you are allowed to light your fag. he was looking somehow confused.. really like the photo.

on the train back to vienna. this time i was sharing the cabine with two others. a musician (chellist) and someone else. took this shot in a station.

f2.0 1/8th at 2000iso, just so you know how dark it was.

a beer bottle between my legs. gotta cool my balls.

getting up in the morning. first greyish dalight entering the room.

back in vienna. meeting up with friends. i love this "cloudy" beer.. it's so photogenic.

late night snack. i got a eitrige with an buckel..

lorant having troubles with opening up his mouth more than 3 centimeters. kinda weird to have 5 screws in your jawbones.

was shooting for a company. in my short spare time in between, i decided to walk through their huges storehalls.. and met some people i was talking to for some minutes.

he's working there beside studying something like media informatics. had a conversation about digital cameras.. something i can talk about a little too i think.. hehe.

something i found somehow nice and beautiful in it's simplicity.

shots were taken with 1dsMKII+24-70 2.8 500-640iso if you're intrested.


kip keston said...

What happened to lorant? Why 5 screws? I like the photo of you in the mirror in miriam's room.

Yama said...

so i never got you and miriam's relationship. are you guys dating?

CresceNet said...

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Suzan said...

Hmm I really dig the photos you took in the forest.
What's kinda fucked though is thatI I can't full view without downloading the photo. Is that a new feature of blogger or of the new firefox version, I wonder :O

iqkjhbedfsvs said...

da bin ich vollkommen d'accord mit der suzan.

artis said...

looks like hand on the bible in this one

like the last frame - kinda decorative.

Klaus said...

Die Waldbilder sind echt klasse. In der Gegend Mainz/Wiesbaden scheints du ja öfter zu sein. Das beste ist aber echt das Gespann Miriam/Hund im Auto.

Da scheint es so ein Problem mit Blogger zu geben, da dass Anzeigen von Bildern nicht ohne weiteres möglich ist:
Dein Blog kommt da auch zu ehren

Darren Abate said...

I've never seen a luckier accidental film-flash. ;-)

jessel said...

beauty in simplicity -- it is everywhere -- later days

Anonymous said...

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