Wednesday, October 03, 2007

shooting more shots lately, related to alcohol, not to photographs...

so the following entry will mostly feature party shots. i hope i don't bore you. this is what it's life like at the moment.

katja in between random stuff. nice light i thought.

dinner at my favourite asian restaurant.

met lorant. went to club ost. an eastern european / russian party place. didn't take any photos there, due to not enough light. went there by cab as you can probably see.

the next day. saturday. on the way to a small concert, i've stumbled across this bus. kinda creepy i thought. i didn't know yet how this day would end.. i just knew there were several parties going on that night, lots of free alcohol..

not that the plastic cup was more intresting than the band ;) but i can't see these stereotype band shots anymore, so i didn't take any of the band at all.

there was this little room. kinda cute i thought. nothing special in the end.

random boys butt.

and the girl ones in comparison. wonder what made me photograph those.. it's a nice difference though, as if someone blew the boys one up like a balloon.. (i should think out loud more often sometimes... haha)

after the "show". he deserved a beer.

lovely mix of expressions.. i must say, i hardly remember taking these photos due to lots of alcoholic abuse.

changing location. i actually have changed it twice, but don't have any photos from there.. so here we are on the morgenstern toilet.. capturing some last impressions of the night with the camera but not with my mind anymore....

lovely. on the way there i must have almost felt that this night will soon reach it's "klimax".. how funny is that..

to be accurate.. that's the last bit i can hardly, hardly remember that night.. probably the real climax.. the barkeeper and two ladys on the bartable...

filling some vodka in people's mouths.

like i told you in the last entry.. i got some of the vodka too.. the next thing i remember was getting up on the sofa, finding most of my flat covered in puke.

what a night... ;)

next roll of trix.

a lady doing some sort of questionary about the topic "how adventurous are you?" or in short "how far will you go?" i'm curious about the outcome of her answers...

some bokehstuff..

alice schwarzer stayed in vienna, we went to her reading. she is the german feminist since the 70s. bit of an idol for m. but also for me.

in "action"

of course a must to take a photo together ;)

this photo shows how lucky we've been to be able to get so close during and after the reading. it's the day after, a much bigger event with more than 500 people. no chance to get a photo with schwarzer there..

in some random elevator. the light was film noir if you ask me.. great setting ;)

miriam at work. i won't solve the mystery for you, make your own interpretation..

old classmate. we had one of these class reunions.. people don't really change i think.

"pflück dir ein edelweiß" something for german speaking people. irgendwie ironisch ?

ending up in the morgenstern once again. second home already.

to the next party.

apx100 with flash. why so ? because there was absolutely no light at all.. this time it's not only the alcohol why i don't remember taking photos, but also the absence of light, i didn't really know what i was photographing because it was so dark.. pretty funny that i almost haven't seen any of those faces at the party but only on the photos later...

i still haven't found out what that thing in front of the lens is... but it makes a nice shadow. freaky photo i think.

there was another pro-photographer there shooting with ring lite !! impressive ;)

actually the party was more or less boring.. just like these girls sitting at the table all the time doing nothing. sorry i've i'm being subjective here.. maybe these are great human beings, god knows..

this guy is being proud of wasting almost 4€ for a small beer.. look at his face...

lorant is wondering what it feels like to look right into the flash in complete darkness..

party people. smoking is cool.

drinking even cooler.

oh wow ! damn cool man.. manly manly !

oh so manly.. damnit... maybe men feel more manly if they are inside a brothel.. yeah the party was inside one, without any dancers of course.. wouldn't go into a real one.

well finally some little party started to be going on.. last frames wasting in the crowd... then making party myself.

looks like som bum joined us there

till next time. cheerio !


simonbw said...

der schatten wird a hüsn sein oda sowas..
immer wieder sauvm, wat?

lyla said...

Mir gefallen die geblitzten Bilder ausgesprochen gut. Sie sind nicht so verwischt-lebhaft wie die Bilder, die du sonst so machst, sondern zeigen diesen scharfen zeitlichen Schnitt, dieses Element, aus dem sich ein Abend zusammensetzt. Mach mehr davon, würd' mich freuen!

Anonymous said...

m looks gorgeous!

Sebastian said...

das mit der miriam und der schwarzer is wirklich am schönsten. is hier aber negscan, oda? print sieht viel feiner aus.

die mit apx100+blitz sehn gut aus. wahrscheinlich weil apx100 nett is aber man ihn selten bei wenig licht benutzt. ma war das gscheid <3

und da mathias aufm tresn, urschen. da muss zugangen sein.

Sebastian said...

aja, is auch nett, schönes licht <3

f-hole said...

Great blog mate. Your subconscious does very well taking semiconscious photos! Prost!

Ciril Jazbec said...

some great positive pictures yeah! :) i love these two very much:
(would be great to take pictures of her)

stelios said...

Party on

chris weeks said...

thanks for another glimpse at your life, brother. so ... when are you out of the army? may be coming to paris soon. like november!

angie said...

love the pic of u... very classic portrait sort of thing... all these pics make me wish i could just get up and go party or take pictures of life happening... really love all the pics!

Flora said...

Does your favourite Asian place happen to be Yellow? :P
I went there when I was in Vienna, love that place!

smkblog said...

flora - you're damn right !


kheoh yee wei said...

wow! I really like this series,they are great !

Ilona said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ilona said...

Sorry, just removed my previous comment by accident.
Just wanted to say that after the random scanning of your posts, I greatly enjoy what I see.
See you around.

cer said...

Great photos, you mostrate your pictures like photographing is the easyest thing ever, it makes me wanna get out and take a photo of everything that i can see (: Enjoy being talented! (: