Sunday, September 23, 2007

me again.

had to sleep in the barracks again for some days because of being late a few hours one day.. haha, too funny.

so i took some photos of the two who had night shift that day.

watching tv.. as always. boring stuff.

random photo on the street.. damn i was guessing exposure here. you know. no metering in the leica.. trix@2000 loaded.

two wannabe-students ;P

they start early nowadays

classic. didn't have much time cause a crowd of people was about to pass me from behind.

been to some partys lately.. this was pretty cool. a watermelone filled with 2,5 lt. vodka.. :D

evil thingy.

sophia was trying to cut it in half.

finally, she won !

more b/w pics.

the "pit stop"

my father doing coffe.

lady with a bag from the austrian's conservative party. "austria successful".

two random cocks.

katja and the babies.

where's waldo ?

hahah.. two random old ladies shooting jesus in st.stephans dome.

this weekend we had great weather. going through vienna with nina.

having a lunch, made by donald, the famous cook.

that's why they call him the big mac.

we both took a piss in an asian restaurant. kinda funny, i was hoping not to get noticed by the waitress, she might would have intrepretated the situation wrong. lol.

downtown there was this car.. people stoped to take a photo of it.

this guy even stoped his motorbike to take several photos from all sides.

so we had to do the same.. a little exaggerated.

then i took a closer look.

at the hairdresser.

nice light.

würstelmausi meaning "saussage-mousie". she didn't notice what was written behind her.. haha.

stuff of my grandfathers flat. my uncle and i carried it all down from the 4th floor. the house has no elevator of course.

nice light. sunbeams refelcting from a window.

on saturday there were 5 different parties i could have joined.. 5 birthdayparties.. in the end lots, lots, lots of alcohol for free... i remember drinking stolichnaya by the barkeeper who was standing on the bar pouring the vodka all over my face, into my mouth and eyes... it was just too much in the end..

so the first thing i remember is getting up in the morning, feeling sick, puking in the next bin i could find. i was even happy about successing to hit the damn thing and avoiding to puke all over the place... so went to sleep (on my couch) again... some hours later, i "finally" woke up.. only wearing one shoe.. so i was wondering where the second was...

neat detail is the sign "coxi@work" i made years ago for my laptop just for fun.. it's been laying around for years now and i don't know why it's still there but it fits perfectly for the photo i think :D

went to the antechamber and found it. next to some puke... ah ! so i must have puked earlier already.

so the next thing i was looking for was my camera. found the leica somewhere in the end.. damn i don't want to imagine....

later i started to wonder why the heck i was sleeping on the couch and not in the bed..

so i went in the bedroom to find out why.

a little shocked at first... but then i thought, glad i didn't puke it all over myself... later i've realized that the trousers i was wearing was also plastered in puke... just took me a while to realize.

what a morning.


recycled android said...

ahhh god that is so gross

but funny...

i usually pass out in the hall by the bathroom, ive hit the carpet and left stains before...

nice photos as always and i hope you are felling better...

cool im the first to leave a comment too!

Linus said...

was, bist du doch noch ins ramien gekommen? weil dort hat der barkeeper auch irgndwann begonnen aus einer 5 liter stoli flasche von der bar runter mouth-shots zu geben...
wird man nun mehr nina shots sehn ins zukunft? (:

zu den letzten bildern nur eins: wow, obwohl ichs noch viel besser gefunden hätte wenn zusätzlich zu deinem brökerlhusten noch irgendeine fremde person in deinem bett gelegen hätte.
danke für die sms und vielleicht bis später

Suzan said...

Haha, what a wasted entry :) I was struck by the amount of photos with fantastic light. You gotta love those early Autumn days with a lot of sun. It shows; even on b/w. I like the man on bench shot a lot. Also the one of the man in the tunnel and at the railroad tracks. They seem to belong together or something.
The puke story had me laugh :D Hope you're feeling well now!
Oh the selfportrait with the shadows looks pretty fantastic too!
Are you shooting the Leica and Bessa mostly? (Judging from the selfs in mirrors?). Leica without lightmeter... that's tough, although you seem to be able to handle it. Is the Bessa in a nice condition?

Bernhard said...

Hahahaha... die geschichte zum schluss ist ja eine offenbarung. großartig. vor allem den irgendwo herumliegenden schuh find ich klasse.

die nina ist aber schon deutsche, oder? :P

Hanno said...

ach du scheiße ist das ekelhaft... aber schöne fotos :)

angie said...

ok so that was exactly wat my boyfriend recommended me to do... puke... but in the living room... i know i can hold it to the bathroom and only do it when i'm sick (like last nite) but he told me i should get wasted and puke in the living room.... something about it being a great experience... but i don't think so ^_^.

great pics!

Sebastian said...

Fleißig unterwegs, wer hätte sich das gedacht. Besonders das letzte Bild zeigt Hingabe. Great job!

colin loughlin said...

I love the sharpness of the second image under "nice light", also the light is truly very nice.

radek said...

haha parties like this are sooo typical for me ( );] but we have better beer/vodka in poland :p

James said...

Ah, the joys of not remembering where you puked. The first night I was in Krakow with Brandy I drank a lot of vodka. Woke up in the morning and there was puke INSIDE my jeans. Pretty impressive!

Arthur said...

Ha, du Komasäufer! Ich nehm an du warst dann Sa doch auf allen 4 Partys? Schön, diese schonungslose Alltagsdoku. :-)

la m. said...

oh mann. severin ;)
nicht nur interessant, was für ein schönes muster die halbgetrocknete kotze auf dem bettlaken hinterlassen hat. auch unser kleines relikt links oben im bild auf der fensterbank ist nett anzuschauen.
und muss ich jetzt sagen, dass ich nach diesem bild froh bin, nicht daneben gelegen zu haben??? ;)

Stelios said...

same stuff here. although I'm not recording're hardcore

Wan said...

Hey Severin,

I recently got a 5D, and was thinking of getting a super wide angle lens. The 14mm f/2.8 L USM is a nice one, but I can't afford it.

Long time ago, you submitted a interior architectural photo using a 1Ds MKII @ 12mm. What lens did you use? The 12-24 by Sigma? Or was it from Tokina?


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