Saturday, October 13, 2007

finishing an old roll of trix i started some weeks ago.

f2.0 1/15 kinda lovely tones.

lorant being mad about someone who has ruined one of his prints in the darkroom. sticking up letters sayin "thank you" over and over again.

"life fucks me everyday"

little nap.

rekr. reif coming back from the military hospital.. looking pissed haha.

this is a decisive moment i'd say..

one more for my in the kitchen photo collection.

rerk. reif has somehow inherit this "lovely" poster from his precursor.

went to the cinema to see a explicitly self chosen bad movie called "superbad"

and it was definately superbad..

schef aka "the brain" during a game session. the last round was something for the guiness record books.

morgenstern once again.

lorant looking like a zombie.

had to guess exposure here.. leica.. 5.6 250th kinda worked out on the 2000iso trix.

more decisive stuff..

more pretty girls.. with beer. the left girl is very funny too..

seems like the cellphone light is brighter than the place itself.

bernhard joined us. strange night. don't wanna go into details.

hello babsy !

bernhard looking for a mouse, he said... ;)

he's looking retarrrrded ! again cafe wirr for a coffee.. deja vu

look he can look like a human being !

bernhard took this one of us. we were spooling up films in the darkroom so it was completely dark.. we use cellphones as flashlights to find the things we need, like finding each other.

look who joined the funny team.

darkroom randomness.

"you've been a nasty, nasty boy!"

enough randomness. sorry for another senseless post ;)

cheers !


Ryan Marr said...

really like these frames:

Sebastian said...

Wieder einmal ein paar Perlen dabei, Rekrut. Sei ned traurig, aber bald hat sichs ausgschossen mim Bundesheer (hund)

z said...

you cunt,
great, great, great, great, great.

from how many rolls were these derived? 3?

Bernhard said...

die 5d fotos sind geil. :D

Noons said...

never apologize for your posts, Sev.

smkblog said...


one trix400 and one trix2000 and the colour ones are 5d

Maja said...

wow, it's like...they're...i don't know much about photography, but I really enjoyed these- found your blog through a friend, thanks for sharing...You've REALLY made me look foward to my photography paper next year:P

Sarah said...

I don't care if your posts are senseless, they're so pretty..

Suzan said...

I don't think senseless is the right word for it. Just because there are no major events happening in the photos, doesn't make this post senseless. Well, I guess you already know how much I like more "quiet moments" and all that blablabla.
The photo of Reif coming out of the hospital is fantastic! With that nurse in the back, haha - really awesome frame.
The 5D frames look really nice too. I dunno, all the photos have an air of nonchalance and fun to them. Really enjoyed this entry.