Monday, June 18, 2007

it's me again. still taking pictures from time to time. still no motivation yet. gonna get a new camera on friday, hope to "buy" some motivation with it ;)

the time in hoersching is over. we actually were staying more time in the car driving back and forth than staying in the barracks. almost..

always driving as late as possible, to enjoy as much time as we can at home.


drunk night. very drunk.. lost my purse but got it back one week later. lucky me.

old vs. new. old wins of course.

linus had birthday some time ago.

from the hip, from the back, double decker action, rar !

hoersching again:

shooting with the 50/2 a littlebit.

going home.

some by train.

others tried it by car. poor bastard.

others by bus....

vienna again.

st.poelten. a stop in between the road trip.

vienna again.

hoersching again.

linz this time.

this nice fella wanted us to show some "nice" area of linz. he didn't care for traffic lights.

the "nice area" with his buddies.

random girl who "ate" andi later that night.


simonbw said...

hahahah der alte typ mim hund is der hammer

Ciril said...

what the fuck are you doing in the army?? is it necessarily? in slovenia we dont have it anymore. shit man!

well the good thing is that you can take photos! do your best man.

btw you can check my blog as well.
i have to link you.
take care!


Anonymous said...

sah dich heute vorm orator... well tolle neuigkeiten... nichtwahr? sind die tageslichtfotos auch alle auf gepushtem film?

bobsch said...

wo darfst denn jetzt dienst schiebn? =)

michael kurz said...

man merkt dir fehlt die motivation .. da muss mehr kommen ;)

stelios said...

from the hip, from the back, double decker action, rar !


Pekka said...

Photo with new and old mini is great. Sweet contrast.

And the one with guys pushing the car is funny too.

rHytHm123 said...

i love that picture of the mini. you ever shoot ilford?

Suzan said...

Good to see you're still holding up there.
Love the shot of Linus and the bdaycake. Also the one of the "nice" punkers (:
What camera are you gonna get?

Take care!

Henri said...

again again and again... all the same.

Maybe in my country everything is gay, I don't give a shit about that, I just happened to be born in that country, so what?

I think your photos were so better back then. that's why I bother telling you all of that.
you should look like at your old files. the series of people reading, or those amazing people on the train,... or those tree guys crossing there fingers... there was a certain atmosphere.

As a photographer, it's good to evolve, to try something new, stop shooting like they did 40 years ago. It's good to know the basics, but that's all. try to read the history of photography, find out what frank Robert has brought. do what you want but evolve a bit.

Ciril said...

i agree with henri... get out man and look on everything from other perspective! when i look at last photos...they are so sad and empty...

sev said...


i could write a long answer and explain all my standpoints and such.. but it's not worth it.

please do your thing and i'll do mine.

just one thing that should be really mentioned:

for fuck sakes this is a damn fucking BLOG not a fucking finished series or portfolio or anything

this fucking blog reflects my life and situation and if you criticise this, then you attack me on a personal basis.

this blog is nor ART nor a finished WORK there is no real base to criticise, or do you want to say that i unlearned photographing

thanks and bye !

Nana said...

I suppose by the time I wrote this you've already have your new camera! cheers for that!

sorry if I'm so way behind comments, you know how your pictures are always inspiring for many of us

*or maybe you don't know that haha*

it's really great to look at someone else's life from his own perception, specially if he can transfer it in a very enjoyable way, like your way

makes me learn a lot

thanks for those photos again, Sev!

that girl didn't really eat Andi right? *grin*

btw, how many weeks again in the army? wish you good luck!

Miriam said...

Hi! I've been following and enjoying your work for more than a year now, and I just wanted to say that I love your army photos! Love to see how even thought you live the same routine you can show us different points of view.
I have the chance to travel to Vienna this summer, I just hope is as gorgeous as you show it in your photos.
Miriam from Argentina

nacho said...

I always thought I was the only argentinian who knew about your blog.
It felt special for some time.

this was hilarious

Surprise us with a new camera on the next entry.

take care

chris weeks said...

damn ... have you been busy ...

i mean ... you don't fucking return emails ...

but at least you make nice photos!

hope you're well, brother!