Thursday, June 28, 2007

here some more left over crap

military lunch. right side

left side

barracks in hoersching.

franz without hat.

szeller with hat.

random people in linz.

we had to clean every single corner before we were allowed to leave hoersching. franz took their orders pretty seriously.

new barracks. finally in vienna. a message to welcome me ! "koller you whore"

random mother. i always wonder what kids think if they see their mother like that in the public. especialy in europe where noone else is covered.

this is the whole team in vienna. i was lucky enough to be there at the right time when they did a group photo. so i took my camera to make my own.

the new barracks where i'll be till november is the "medical examination station" where every 18y old male austrian being has to go for 1 1/2 days to get checked on physical and psychical health.

my job is to write down diagnoses of the doctor and a few other things..

the lady right in center is my doctor.

nice mix, eh ?

and of course there is a lot of nothing-to-do-time.

everything is a bit more "loose" here in vienna. vienniese so to say.

random atmosphere shot:

funeral of my grandfather.


random, boredom.

lost lady.

lady lost in the worlds of substi and a handsome austrian policeman.

bernhard lost in the world of le-koller fiber prints.

weird guy lost in a book

back light.

recruits on their way home.

recruit on his way to the barracks. shot with my new bessa r2m. only frame that is in focus yet. yay.


markus. nd8 filter used.


my new camera is bessa r2m. everything is perfect but of course the photos have front focus. it's crap. who would have expected that a new camera would work 100% nowadays, right ?

so i gotta switch back on my M6 without metering.. great.

ps: for anyone who feels like criticising here on my blog entries. just leave it. thanks.


simonbw said...

mein beileid bezüglich deines großvaters!
das bild von der miriam bei kerzenlicht gefällt mir sehr gut!
das gruppenportrait bei der musterungsstelle zeigt irgendwie die stimmung, sehr stark!
das mit der r2m is schon a kas, dass die auch wieder ned gscheidt funktioniert.. scheint aber ein gängiges phänomen zu sein, wie du schon gsagt hast..
:) immer weiter so

stelios said...

A bessa? oh god...lets hope you get an M6 soon. although i don't think you'll have a problem. but you know. M6 is different. maybe you'll provide a review for the bessa's.
lifetime memories you're keeping there man. and you're doing it well. keep it up.

Matthias said...


Bernhard said...

die fotos sind gut wie immer. und sind meine favs.

der kommentar von stelios ist - sofern ernst gemeint - zum an den kopf greifen. wie protzende neureiche , die zwar keine ahnung haben, aber da sie ja jetzt eine m besitzen groß das maul aufreißen. absolut erbärmlich. "M6 is different" - im ernst? wirklich? wow. was für ein vollidiot.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I recently added a news widget from to my blog. It shows the latest news, and just took a copy and paste to implement. Might interest you too.

Ryan Marr said...

hey severin, I'm sorry to hear about your grandfathers passing, my condolences.

On a lighter note I really enjoyed the first few shots in this entry with the long perspective. the table, the laneway, all very nice.

good luck with the bessa.


Nana said...

Ah, so sorry bout your grandfather..

Lovin this btw

and yeah, your friend took his "cleaning job" too seriously haha

good luck with the new camera !

stelios said...

@ bernhard. I'm not showing off

James said...

Front focusing? What does that mean?

ciril said...

sorry for critising last time severin. take care and stay safe. btw can you give me link of your site if you still have it?

simonbw said...

@james: as far as i know, front focusing means, that if you focus on the ears, the eyes will be sharp..
just like backfocus, but the other way round..

alife said...

Musterung ... an einige von denen kann ich mich erinnern. Is sicher lustig dort, oder? Ich kann mich zumindest erinnern, dass alle, die dort waren den ganzen Tag ziemlich gelangweilt gewirkt haben.

Das erste Bild von der Miriam gefällt mir wahnsinnig gut. Die Unschäfe im Hintergrund (ich glaube, man nennt es bokeh) ist wunderschön. Ist mir bis jetzt noch nie so bewusst aufgefallen... Hast du da vielleicht eine andere Linse verwendet als sonst? Oder liegts an der Bessa... glaub ich aber nicht wirklich.

markus said...

oh. die lost lady mit buch. ich liebe sie.
den hund im einkaufskorb sowieso...

das mit dem front fokus ist übel. um wieviel geht es denn hier? auf den verkleinerten fotos ist ja nicht wirklich was davon zu merken.

rHytHm123 said...

great pictures and RIP to your grandfather.

RIP Milliondead said...

sorry to hear that your grandfather passed away.

Noons said...

sorry to hear about gramps, man. give your parents a big hug, they'll be feeling like shit now that they are the older generation. I know: I'm there myself...

Fahrräder said...

Hey Severin, which lens are you using on your m6? The photos look great!

Suzan said...

Ah, sorry to hear about your grandpa. My sincere condoleances!

This whole entry makes me feel a bit melancholic for some reason, perhaps it's also because I'm listening to Thomas Dybdahl.
Oh winamp switches to Justice - Nazis. Something quite different, haha.
Anywho, I did very much enjoy this entry. Lots of spontaneous portraits and I so adore those. The ones om Miriam look so lovely, The second one of Markus just screams "good times doing nothing in the park". And I really like the one of Bernhard and backlight.
Too bad the Bessa has frontfocus! Rangefinders can be such a pain in the ass. Hope you sort it out soon.

Take care!

Anonymous said...

you very candidly take people's trust as you photograph them. a lot of them probably like you without realising it.

Anonymous said...

love your shots man, especialy the ones when you are doing the war.
a bessa is not good for you, you totally deserve a leica, you are like a god!

matt said...

your pictures are lacking the "moment" which set snapshots apart from meaningful images. they may mean something to you, thats fine, but i feel "left out" as the viewer.. so much goes unsaid with phtography, it is up to the shooter to tell the story. you've always been purely aesthetic, even from the beginning. its one thing to master the meter and darkroom.. its another to make a true frame that speaks to the eye, mind, and the heart at the same time

also, stop shooting at f2, we know bokeh is beautiful... but every frame in this post has a cm of dof. depth of field is a tool, and not every image calls for f2.

theres your crit, but knowing you.. you'll probably try to turn it around on me for not praising the images blindly.

Lourens said...


exactly what you dislike about the post i love.. The fact that you don't immediately see whats happening.. It keeps you interested longer..

And why would you leave a comment that you know might offend?? Thats not cool...

sev said...

matt you can't read right ?

i DONT want any critique here because i don't post to receive any. if i did that, i wouldn't have posted any blog since a month.

it's also funny to see you comment the first time after a while when i post "less good" entries. back in may when i had things to shoot and when i , in my opinion, did really good frames, you didn't tell your opinion but now you come here and tell me i'm not able to shoot moments. you don't know my current situation, you're not forced to stay in the barracks the whole day where you're not allowed even to carry a camera with you in your bag... so next time just read my words which said "just leave your critisism" and do it. thanks.

sev said...

oh and something else

you said "they may mean something to you, thats fine, but i feel "left out" as the viewer"

that's okay with me since i mainly shoot for myself and most of these photos end up in this blog. maily people that like my style and people that know me watch this blog.

like i said. i don't post to receive reaction. i post what i shoot i don't do selections and i don't only post when i did "work with content".

maybe thats the main reason why i don't ask for critisism because this is a blog and i don't use it as a portfolio, not at all.

Mustafah Abdulaziz said...

Third frame down: best photograph on here.

yume said...

sorry to hear about your grandfather. really.
the family looks fine and ok.

(you're still one of my very fav' photographer.)

matt said...

1) i aplogize for expecting MORE out of you.

2) "just leave your criticism" means "offer your thoughts" in english.

you should advertise:

"leave mindless thoughts"

instead, if all you want is praise.

i know english isnt your first language.. my fault!! i'll leave you to your public.

i would only hope that one day you look back on my comment and think, "damn, i probably should wait for something meaningful to happen before wasting a frame of film." maybe that day will come when they stop producing tri-x.

trent parke: dreamland
antonin kratochvil: broken dream
james nachtwey: inferno
joachim ladefoged: albanians
educate yourself.

Anonymous said...

don't bother matt, kids. matt should educate himself instead of shitting on sev, who is one of the greatest street photographers ever born.

info said...

stay safe and keep shooting.

Anonymous said...

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