Sunday, June 10, 2007

hello again !

this photo shows the corridor of the new barracks some of us got transfered to a week ago.

but first some photos from the old "home".

the 4th week started with a lot of flying hirsch, which is jagermeister with red bull.. we had a couple, if not a dozen of them.. so we all got pretty boozed.

a bunch of beer too..

combat training started at 9am and ended at 11pm, yay !

i was not allowed to take any pictures anymore.. which was crap, since the only reason why i somehow liked all that shit, was because i could take photos.

guys, you look crap.

as you can probably see on the contrast, i didn't have a working light meter in week 4 and 5.

kornfeld being tired after having lots of vodka the night before.

two recruits looking for the sense of (army) life.

mr. no-sleep but vodka

it was the day before i left this wonderful place. i had the whole locker on my back. i've heard it's about 30kg. i had two other bags for each hand too the next day. yay.

the ChvT (charge of the day) asked me if the photo isn't blurry when i shoot through the mirror. amused me a little.

french guy sleeping

last time enjoying the nightlife of weitra. we were talking about politics and shit because some old freaky lady tried to receive our votes to avoid that austria will disappear soon.. i only say "mars attacks!"...

last morning in the barracks.. 5:45am, first light entering the room.

everyone still asleep, for 15 more minutes.

last breakfast. always wanted a photo of this guy in white.. he's funny.

it was saturday. somehow the barracks tried to represent their equipement and stuff for the public that day. i've been there from 10-12am and left that place.

Ken was our VIP guest.

they had a fantastic collection of austrian folk music. *drool*

these guys were representing the combat training. originally i should have done this that day.. but because of a nice accident, i was allowed to leave the barracks at 12am instead of faking some combat until 6pm.. :D

there was a sorts of carmouflage station for kids. they got covered in paint and then photographed with a compact digicam and then printed via ink jet. kinda fun.

this is the print station.

finally on the way home.
evertime you can sit somewhere, you fall asleep. it's army law.

on monday we got transfered to hörsching, another, much bigger barracks.

actually nothing happens there, except indoctrination from 8am to 8pm... it's rather boring but at least the officiers are funny.

alex and his PSP, it's like me and my M... almost. the lightsource is a small flashlight we use to play poker with at night..

in the morning, we either have sports or clean toilets or stairs.. mostly it's one or two people that clean and the rest is doing nothing.

the rest of the day is indoctrination, indoctrination, indoctrination... which looks like many strange latin words on the beamer... and some funky pinkish sketches of anatomy from time to time.

we're doing some kind of paramedic education.

the only thing you do is trying to avoid to fall asleep or sleep. mostly one half is sleeping and the other half is fighting against their falling eyelids.. and the moment you wake up again the other half fell asleep...

that's the game we play every day.

one of these photos where i explain how the camera is working.. of course i have to demonstrate the shutter too, right ? ;)

one half.

the other half.

at least the barracks look nicer. very oldschool.

people are excited about seeing some of the photos on my portable thingy.

maybe the best exposure i guessed. i was sure that f4.0 1/125 on trix+ND8 must be correct.. and yay it was.

well, i could do these photos over and over again.

so that's it. i wasn't really motivated to shoot without an exposure metering.. and wasn't allowed to take photos anymore.. so it got harder to shoot anyway.

looking for a new camera now.



Harrison said...

Sorry to hear that they won't let you take photos anymore. Hopefully you can still get some here and there, the photos you've taken so far have been really interesting.


simonbw said...

hm leider ned so viel wie die anderen :P aber ich versteh deine "verlorene motivation"..
wo wirst du dir deine neue kaufen? leica shop? ebay?
eigentlich könnt ja nur die elektronik kaputt sein, warum lasst dus dir ned von am "normalen" photo-techniker anschaun, die können das vielleicht auch..
naja is deine sache :D
liebe grüße ;)

bobsch said...

ein sanitöter... und du bist also in hörsching (nur 20 km entfernt... =) )

wo gehts denn fort der woche? =) nur soldheim, oder seits auch in hörsching-umgebung unterwegs?

smkblog said...

höchstens im unfassbar in linz. das lokal ist klasse

michael kurz said...

habens dir jetzt das fotografieren doch noch verboten .. schade :( .. war bisher echt nett so bisl deinen alltag bzw. euren tagesablauf zu verfolgen und was du in der zeit beim heer so erlebt hast.

das mit der leica is natürlich mist, .. pech, habs zuletzt schon mitbekommen im entry .. man kann nur hoffen dass du schnell und günstig zu ner neuen kommst, viel glück dafür!

RaiseHell said...

>but because of a nice accident, i
>was allowed to leave the barracks
>at 12am instead of faking some
>combat until 6pm.. :D
Means you ran out of rolls? XD

Das find ich klasse, haha:

Suzan said...

Some more "quiet" photos this time - I like. Especially the guy in white.
You're holding up a bit there? And a new camera? Not gonna fix the Leica?

Stelios said...

you're a live fuckin Leica ad

mahomo said...

i'm lovin all the asleep/nearly asleep pics lol ;)

Spencer Payton said...

Brilliant post, really good to see that you are getting into the army life!

Maybe if you had a good point and shoot you would be able to get away with taking the pictures that your 'not aloud' to.

I look forward to seeing where your photography progreses from here.
Good luck with the future mate.

nacho said...
that must be heavy!
You've managed pretty well without the light metter, I'm really sorry to hear the camera isn't working very well.
All I can say about the military service: you guys are always daysleeping and drinking!
Now seriously speaking, I hope it ends soon.

marco said...

very nice mate :) i love this blog
im a dutch militair myself s i know what you have experienced :)
did you used a leica m6?

i want to go analog again

Nick said...

I've been a fan of your work since the early days of Coxi. And love the work you've done in documentary style with your Leica.

I'm looking to try the world of 35mm rangefinders. Recommendations for someone looking to try out for a first time with a limited budget?

Anonymous said...


i do like your photoblog much so i have a technical question how to lighten viewing it from my computer.
to all appearances you have disabled rss feed for your blog, haven't you?

is it possible to turn rss on?