Thursday, July 05, 2007

saturday 30th was parade. you know the gay/lesbian/trans etc parade.

miriam with little hair adjustments for the big day !

the first and only shot with exposure metering that day. my M is a pain in the ass and the bessa isn't fixed yet. crap but gotta live with it.

random shot in the subway. reala100 ;)

on the parade. i tried to focus on people "around" the parade.. since the funky ones will be photogrpahed to death anyway.

so i concentrated on mainly visitors, photographers and everyone that seemed more or less hetersexual, so the "guests" that day.

man on a serious mission (short SM)

parade is starting.

another man on a SM

switched to b/w. because i thought i'd only shoot one roll.. that's what i thought before i had 3 beer and almost a bottle red in during 30 degrees... it was stupid but fun. i didn't remember half of the photos i took..

so excuse the somewhat sloppy compositions and sometimes really bad exposure guessing.

two men on a serious mission.

"do not disturb" the photographer, he is on a really serious mission

more SM almost PM (professional mission)

my favourite truck. one snapped a picture of me on the left.

some of the visitors prepared for a long stay.

he seems VIP

koarl, over there is the nakked woman !!

serious business.

definately not gay (short DNG)


it feels very serious.

professional photographers know how where to stand.

two real SMs. looks like they've been long in the business.


young man on a serious mission. maybe soon a professional. he's got the look.

this shot is not about dogs.

young lady delivering very important messages.

no doubt. professional photographer on a really serious mission.

watching from save distance.

um. i don't know any sensible comment for this one.

i don't want to translate. cutting feet. i was drunk that moment already.

hiding or changing cloths ?

apx is over. changing back to reala.

had to pee. went to some toilet. that was me in the bathroom taking a picture. i was on the most serious mission probably.

visitors by accident ?

club kreativ. where the parade meets the wachturm. (austiran inside joke)

more austiran inside jokes.

the funniest thing on the parade. of course the green party and the social one is represented on the parade, each have their own truck..

the ÖVP, the conservative, chrisitan party is of course not represented. this year some folks faked a ÖVP-party presence with some totally wack messages.. it's seriously funny.

definately not gay. kinda a pity that his wife is covered behind the man with the hat, because she herself was covered in black cloth, except her eyes.

wonder why he is filming there.

man with juvenil portrait of self on t-shirt.

serious missionar

got lost ?

more very SM

she/he the human being in pink, was glowing in the sunlight.

DNG family



professional mission

DNG couple

DNG and SM

big boss greeting me !

DNG couple. her shirt says "you make me sick" wrong day to wear this shirt ? i leave this question open.

ohhhhh double SM !

sir anthony on a SSSSSSSSSSSMMMMMMMMMMission

lesbian quartet ? i leave this quesion open to you again.

also on a serious mission.

nice old man with nice tshirt. probably not 100% right though. let's stay focused.

3 sober policemen

some moments later.

for austrians "auf höchster stufe"

fighting for the best seats. i miss some "horns" and middle fingers though. would make a nice frame.

on a serious mission too.

DNG(!) couple.

those are rather schwul

serious outfit for serious mission

very serious look for very serious mission

and the party goes on


DNG (deluxe!?) couple

"want some ?"
he's pretty suspicious. the flare is kinda funny here. it's as if god wants him to have a puff

later... an intimate moment

on sunday, friends and i did some kind of alternative barbeque.. i'm not going into details now.

shots from the day aren't develeoped yet.

starting with evening now.

there was this "welcoming drink"
we all assumed it would be some strong alcohol. which was correct actually, but it's a bit more than that.

not everyone got one. some declined with thanks as you can see.

first contact. doesn't smell very dodgy. hmm.

let's have a try.

kinda strong. like twice a tequila. hmm.

other's tried it as well

had the same thoughts and reaction obviously.

but now to the funny part. after the alcohol taste was gone, suddenly your throat and mouth starts to burn like fire.

and it won't stop.

so what's the miracle about it ? it's "chili schnaps". hardcore stuff.. real firewater !

i tried it too of course. it's incredibly uncomfortable..

it was her idea to have this wonderful welcoming drink. she knew about the special aftertaste of course... so we forced her to have one herself.

there you go !!

here she feels it !!!

later i was chilin a bit.

while others played gladiator.

there was a cat too.

we did fire later.

i tried myslef in BULB here. 12 seconds to be accurate. i was sitting on a bench. it was pretty dark ;) trix400 f2.0 those lights on the right are tea warmer candles... you can imagine the darkness now.

we did more fire.

and played "kubb" dunno how to spell it.


stelios said...

12secs? no way...absolutely

too much SM going on. seems like gay parades attract the pros

loved one portrait. can't remember which one though...

Tanya said... <-- I'm sitting in the office cracking up at this. Love it!

And that dog with the cigarette.. hilarious.

JesseMichs said...

I guess you were also critically eyed by all the pros with their big zoom lenses.

Some of them gave me super funky looks when they saw i was using a 30mm fix focal lens (on a dslr); i'd even go as far as to describe the looks as disrespect.

So i guess you must have attracted even more attention with your film camera.

Anyway, it's good to see some colour again.

have a nice day

Sebastian said...

ich hab den markus gfunden ^^;

das da find ich gut, wenn's nicht das beste bild ist. und der hund in ist einfach göttlich, haha

James D. Kelly said...

you cannot use a handheld meter?

Sekonic make some especially nice ones for good prices.

Ryan Marr said...

all fantastic. and I liked the hairy legs in the dress holding the dog.

Christel said...

That's great again. I'm following your blog just a few weeks, and I really like it. I'm trying to develop B&W films, so I'm independent. But you are very good and inspiring to me.
I really liked the flare with the dog, the firebreath and the gladiator photos.


Hanno said...

geile dinger dabei ! der fast rauchende hund ist ja n knaller.
sehr schöne bilder !!

Pekka said...

Great to see some color again.

Overall very nice post.

henri said...

pretty good:

all those guys with cameras is just crazy and sad. you can't get a shot without one of them.

Noons said...

that DG/DNG series just cracked me up.
Well done, dammit!

angie said...

hey i love seeing ur work... u have really wonderful pics... ur black and white work is amazing... it's just the day to day and that's why i like it so much... anyways... hello! ^_^

simonbw said...

sehr viele SM, VSM, PM, zusammenzufassen unter "PeM" (Pervert Mission)

mahomo said...

more sm's than cape canaveral, and that wheelchair was bordering on bedchair

Ciril said...

haha nice. :)
i love this one!

hahaha and this:

Michael said... mein favorit! sehr gut getroffen den moment :)

yansci said...

ive been religiously checking your blog for a month or you are an inspiration..i really loved the firebreather shot and the one with the lady in pink and the 12sec exp heh peace!

Anonymous said...

haha, the man on Image29s.jpg! give him a big gun and his pose will be the same :)) Those doggy shots are uber super ;> And the night fires, great stuff.