Tuesday, April 03, 2007

two trix400@2000 again.

we've been to the "merry monk" pub the other day. tanya had her first "jägermeister". strange that she even liked it...

we went to their hotel later. it got late. so i decided to take the chance and sleep at their sofa.. it was comfortable like a stone actually.

the first thing i saw (and smelled) waking up was this wonderful foot !

(*add yet not developed daylight film photos here*)

next thing on the roll was the way to a restaurant as far as i remeber. vienniese underground action !!!!!

oh yeah. we went eating mexican

eva finally arrived in vienna.. she has been a bit confused and probably scared, cause she didn't know me.. and i came towards her taking a photo of her and then said hello.. james was upstairs (see next photo) so she didn't find him. kinda funny.

hello james ! there you are !

back at the mexicans !

everyone tried to get some fruits out of the wineglasses.

back on the way to their hotel. some random guy.


tanya (1.20m) and james (2.20m) well.. it seem like

haha. i love how i "stole" evas attention from brendy :P

random woman. nice pattern i thought.

random nice lady. her shirt says "geh zum henker" which means something like "go to hell" but really in a bad way.. i found that pretty cute. focused on her, but had to hold the camera far up high to the right and guessed composition because tanya was covering the message on the girls shirt.. so i'm pretty happy with the result.

random couple..

we went to the darkroom too.. took this shot at probably 2am or something. they and i have been really tired already. hey tanya ! it was a pleasure to screw up your film !! (M90!!) ;)

on the way home. 1/4th ! ;) i wanted the overexposure. something to print i'd say. glad it's sharp like a needle.

next roll.

again starting in their hotel room. we're about to go to a restaurant. an austrian this time ! fat, meat, cheese food and beer, you know..

somehow james thought he'd look cool with some paper in his nose.. no we actually had a very bad fight.. and i nearly broke his nose.. i lost a testicle though. this bastard !

this lift was great.

brendy was tired the whole evening. those trams are really comfy i know.

random people and a small imitation of a dog.

hipshot of two ladies with their MCflurries in the subway. 35mm f2.4 1/60 2000asa 0.95m distance guessed. worked out. i'm glad. they were pretty annoyed by the whole geek group with cameras.. nice.

at the restaurant. we ordered a table for "geeks" .. not really. but next time i'll do.

eva being happy about catching a beer mat !

brendy and the lipgloss. (long story)

we went to play some pool later. i was really guessing expsoure there. kinda worked. i like the outcome.

and then we went to the morgenstern. you know. the ususal place we go to..

what a werid photo.. it's just so freaky.

the emo side

markus. not being overexposed here.

eva and my glasses. nice try ;)

way home again. (after we got almost arrested by the police twice.. long story)

just liked the contrast.

had a frame left. 1/4th once again


Mikkel said...

pft! let's hear them long stories ;-)

Tanya said...

tanya (1.20m) and james (2.20m) well.. it seem like <--haha you were right - I look so tiny compared to him there :o
I KNEW you'd take a picture of those 2 women eating mcflurries. Cheeky bastard ¬__¬
That shot of the girl with the tshirt - ace. Strangers love posing for you.
Heyyy I took this shot: http://bp1.blogger.com/_hrIwoHYnxgA/RhMLJ291MtI/AAAAAAAAAmY/YgX-g7xBWC0/s1600-h/IMG7365s.jpg
I did pretty well I think :D
I'm still getting most of those negs scanned/printed by the way - even if they are fucked up. I'll just edit them in photoshop - no one will know :P
That'll teach me to learn to use my camera next time : (

James said...

There's always space in my bed for you Severin ;)

Brandy said...

Wow, you have been busy! Great shots :)

By the way, my name is spelled Brandy - like the alcohol, ha ha!

Suzan said...

Haha looks all like good fun! Really like the pooltable shot. And I found it very funny that you focused on yourself in that elevator.
The last one of this entry... I think that photo is simply gorgeous.

stelios said...

what an elevator!

will smith said...

yeah tanya you did pretty well.. actually when i scanned this neg, i was like "wtf !? was i that drunk that i didn't remember taking this one !?!" :D

ps: printed the mcflurry one tonight. it's awesome :D

@james: you had your chance !

@brandy: ok. like the alcohol. i'll remember that !