Sunday, April 01, 2007

starting at the naschmarkt. those english girls came over to vienna. so there was a little devmeet-whatsoever tour through the very best parts of vienna.


lady trying to eat a balloon ?

schamhaar taking a photo of something. one of the deviants !

outside again

some had ice cream others had pizza.. of course i took the opportunity !

next location. it's sprint it seems.

allmighty mr.zort joined us. i don't remember the story.. i just remember i released the camera on my hip since he was so very retardet !

a vienniese grumpy lady and some turkish toursim advertising. what a combo.

bernhard really loves the prater ! <3

at the schweizerhaus the english ones got to know more about austrian culture ! deviants and cameras.

trying the 50/2 voigtlander here.

and here.

our celeb, shooting a really big pig.

the riesenrad, sunset and two who turn around for me.

prater people.

i would probably kill someone because the tmax100 i exposed perfectly and developed correctly turned out like 3 steps underexposed.. it's all about the storage probably.. better you know where your film comes from.... anyway.. here some really bad negatives.

james. the girliest girl of them all !

that's just hillarious.

trix2000 again. my speciality.

random shot of a friend. kinda weird.

3 vienniese ladies. oh bernhard !!!!

guy in front of a cinema, eating nachos, wearing some kind of 80s flip flops.. lugner city what a nice place

after the cinema, we watched pan's labyrinth by the way, we decided to eat dinner.. so i cooked some midnight meal.. we had to be silent and eat in the kitchen because our guest have been tired allready.. not the english ones, german ones this time..

we've also been to NIN. this was on the way home after the concert.

decided to join linus at a party though.

first impression. people painting on th walls with shoe cream !

second impression.. a guy trying to fix the toilet. the question is, did he wanna puke or piss ?

3rd impression. a few graffiti animals in the bathroom

4th impression. a hole in the wall !

5th impression. a guy trying to fight for no reason.

6th impression. someone making the whole bigger !

7th impression someone got rid of the mirror..

8th impression 4 police cars joined our party !

9th impression.. a fight starting

unfortunatley my film ended here... i went home then, since there was no more reason to stay for me..


cougarr said...

This must be one of the entries so far ;) The party sequence is amazing, and i love the photo of miriam on the tram is fantastic. And if there were any doubts about Berhnard being a reatard... well, the photo from the hip says it all. ;)

Sam said...

That party was freakin' mental. Brilliant sequence though!

luke Neher said...

as if your film runs out BEFORE the fight..
nice sequence. how many of the shots after you stated your tmax was fucked was actually tmax... cos there were like 3 crap ones then some perfectly exposed ones.... if not overexposed.

Latvietis said...

The photo with four police cars just rocks my world. :D
Must have been a decent party.

Suzan said...

The two photos of Miriam are great; you captured such good expressions. Especially the one on the tram just oozes with the excitement when you just attended a good concert.
And what a party that must've been :O

apixx said...

haha geile partyfotos. Scheint ja immer richtig nett und freundlich bei euch abzulaufen.

sev said...

@luke: the frist 16frames i posted are plusx, then the next 9 frames are the tmax100 and then trix@2000

i had to play a lot with the tmax100 scans in photoshop, cruves, i made HDR even... i printed one of the not-so-good negs last night and it's really not perfect.. had to burn a lot and use grad 5 ONLY... so you can really trust me, when i say a film is fucked, it is..

Tomé Duarte said...



Adam said...

haha love the picture of bernhard, sounds like you had a good week! lovely party too!! oh and i just now got on blogger and saw your comment about my prints, and im using a cheap little bessler printmaker 35 that someone let me borrow, so thats why it lacks filters and good quality, soon as i get hold of a good enlarger im gonna print a shit load

alife said...

wenn man dabei war, ist das ganze noch faszinierender! z.b. das 2. photo - cute. - ... wenn man bedenkt, wie du das gemacht hast, also im vorbeigehen. toll!

ich bin ja auch auf einem sechzehntel photo drauf :P

Noons said...

now, THAT is a party!

The No Pussy Blues said...

Hallo Severin, ich fand es echt schön mit Dir, so romantische im Prater spazieren und all diese schönen Plätze sehen, ich hoffe wir sehen uns mal bald wieder, DANN FANGST NÄMLICH EINE FÜR DAS SCHAMHAAR ;-)

11 60 Wien OIDA! Hol ich alle meine Brida!

lyla said...

vor zwei nächsten habe ich von dir geträumt:

wir waren in irgendeinem tiemlich leeren raum (dein zimmer, keene ahnung), war nur ein bett (billiges ikea-teil in weiß) und eine flache weiße kommode drin. auf der kommode stand auf einem kleinen, durchsichtigen podest, das sich kontinuierlich langsam drehte, deine leica. und auf die leica hast du ein kleines glas-krönchen gestellt, so eines wie man es aus den billigen teenie-filmen kennt, wenn irgendeine mal wieder ball-queen geworden ist.

sev said...

hahha... better lern german first. not bad though :D

lyla said...

*lacht* neenee, ich kann schon genug deutsch, schließlich komm ich von da - aber an euch schweizer komm ich natürlich nicht ran... ;)

Sebastian said...

Ach was ich noch fragen wollte .. Wie lang entwickels du PlusX ? Wenn ichs nach den Kodak vorgaben mache werden die negative immer ziehmlich dunkel. Nur die versehentlich um 2 Blenden überbelichteten kommen korrekt raus.

sev said...


8min 15sek 2-3mal bewegen alle 30 sekunden. xtol 1:1 20C°

hab heute einen PX unabsichtlich 8:30 bei 22C° und 4x bewegen gemacht... weil ich die dosen verwechselt habe.. war also ein PX auf 125belichtet und auf 500 entwickelt.. sieht sehr hart aus ist aber noch alles da und für prints verwendbar.. also sieht aus wie ein apx100 fast schon...

also lieber zuviel entwickeln als zuwenig

Cybill said...

Well said.