Wednesday, April 04, 2007

haha. i'm such an idiot. i had two rolls to develope. a plusx125, exposed on 125 and a tmax400 (expired) also non pushed.

so i thought, i'd develope the tmax at 22C° to get more contrast, since expired films tend to lose contrast.

so i put in the developer (8:30min tmax) and (8:15min PX) so almost same times.. and started to move the tanks. i moved the tmax 4-6times every 30seconds and the PX 2-3times every 30 seconds...

when i finished the developing process.. i realized that i developed the PX on 22C° with way too much movement and the tmax400 with 20C° and not enought movement.. in the end i have got a PX that looks like a slightly overexposed apx100 and a tmax400 that is pretty okay for the sircumstances... i didn't wanna believe though what a jerk i've been today..

so now to the photos, starting chronologicaly with the first part of the tmax400:

more prater people:

this is maybe my most favourite frame at the moment. check out the boys expression too !

will definately print this tomorrow.

two lonely figures.

james, tanya and brAndy @ geeking in the subway.

hm. i like these human symmetry photos. i did straight lines even.. that's luck probably :D

a dog or a "hunti" "a so a siases hunti!!!"

i don't like dogs.
very rarely i like them.
only hot, in bread with some spicy mustard when i'm drunk and hungry at 5am.

another dog. i think this must be printed. he was so old, he didn't want to stand anymore. somehow a part of me must like these creature though, since i take so many photos of them..

i remember this frame. i was almost too tired to focus.. i rarely shoot in the morning.. only when i come home drunk at 5am.

visited my grandparents. my grandfather uses to collect all kind of useless stuff.. this imitation of a digital handheld video camera says "1000x optical zoom" i found that pretty amazing. that's like from 12mm to 12000mm i could use that lens sometimes, especially in that size.

it's a lighter by the way...

my mother, i was playing "space farm" by primus at maximum volume. you should try that too !

now to the plusX:

i'm making more and more hip and other shots without looking through the finder. it makes photos possible you usually can't take.. they always turn out pretty perfect.. that's cool !

haha.. totally overexposed.. will print it though, i'm curious about the grain.

eva and i had some MC-food. she had some indian stuff. pretty good actually. these photos look like apx100 to me.. that's so funny.

dogs again.. and eww those highlights... well that happens when you develope a plusx on 500 instead of 125 :|

sometimes the film didn't care about the wrong developement.. i really wonder how kodak was able to create such a great film actually.

we walked around in the city and sat down here and there. she took a polaroid of me. polaroids are fun, but i don't like to use it in most cases.. just not my type of thing.

i did one of her too. we both look as cool as ice (expression wise)

i printed this one already. i was curious about the tones, since this neg looked pretty overexposed because of the developement. printed on grad 2, looks like a apx100 at grad 3, crazy.

he smiled at me. somehow i was expecting that. i dunno why.

i also love this frame.. this asks for a ferrotype glossy print !!

i cut the lamp!!

eva and i in the escalator of markus house.. it's the smallest i've ever been to.

on the streets again

this poor guy seemed to be forced to sit in that ridiculous buggy by his parents.. i mean come one, he seems like old enough to walk on his own.. i felt bad after taking the photo because i probably made him feel even worse... they spoke american english, probably some paranoid people.

we went to starbucks later.

typical for starbucks. you only see the top of people behind those huge (but great) chairs. i loved his gaze.

gnato joined us.. it was pure coincidence that he and a friend have also been there. really funny accident !

i had this idea. asked eva to capture it.. good focus and exposure :P

ps: here is the crop: hot.


Adam said...

well seems like they came out alright, love the last frame of you in starbucks, my new background, great idea!

Sam said...

Turned out to be a great post. My grandfather is exactly the same, but has roomfulls of ridiculous trinkets, including about 50 toy robots. Haha, it's fun.

Stelios said...

ferrotype glossy print??? (I could google it but I'd rather you explain what sort of paper this is, and what's the difference with others)

Markus said...
hast du bei dem foto schon nachbelichtet? schaut jedenfalls toll aus.

und übrigens:

Joe Alisa said...

It's elevator, you dork ;P

Gonzale said...

haha the shot of your mom :D

and the shot of you by eva's fun as well


Tomé Duarte said...

what do you mean your favorite frame atm?? it's a very nice picture, but you certainly have better stuff. my favorite frame from this entry is the old lady in the wheelchair, by far. i love everything about it. it's unpretentious in composition. and has that barton fink feeling ^^

and about polaroids well for me the only downside is the price. you know polaroidkid's work for instance? check the last issue of jpgmag. i prefer this interview though -

Bogdan said...

you have a new girlfriend..:D?

sev said...

every week !

someone said...

sev, sorry to diss your new girl...(well not really) but miriam is wayyyyy cuter and she knows how to play.

-your secret admirer

sev said...

i don't really know what to answer.. i just find it funny how people (like you) seem to know others better then themselfs because of a stupid blog... kinda funny.. really..

what you're saying is just as true as my "i have a new one every week"..

someone said...

there is no answer because the internet is as real as hollywood.
with the ability to mask one self or show one self, behind a computer, there is no reality.

just full of sarcastic jokes?

someone said...

btw, i enjoy your photography. it's what you see...when i was flipping through some of bresson's work, there was a slight connection on a few of your street shots to his.

saying you have no influence would be false, but do you have an influence that you like to think that formed/forms you?

James said...

You have strange people commenting on your blog.

I took one of your photos without permission and put it on my 'about' page:

Tell me if you object and I will remove it!