Monday, April 09, 2007

i love taking photos in my kitchen at night.. best with trix or neopan.

eva minutes before leaving vienna to paris. 14h trainride, i have done that before, next time i'd fly ;)

from the hip one

and again. this time 90° hipshot, very funny.

too bad that i was eating a kebap.. i would have cought him better probably. (one hander)

classic frame.

nosepicker !!

this guy took photos of foreigners, with a small digital and flash.. i asked him to give me a look too :B. took this one walking the stairs while he was on an escalator.

125px. this time correctly developed ;)

the infamous ZIPP aka ZIPF! a place you only go if there is no other alternative. it's rare NOT to see some puke in front of it.

the lady to the left was so moved by the babies cuteness, how cute !

how subtile !

sebastian, a heisse !!


sx70. nice camera but since there is no more real (not expired or pseudo ND-filter) film for it.. it's just something to look at anymore. polaroid is way to expensive anyway and doesn't really pay off i think.

PX at its best. print !?

next time, colour again !?


once-keen said...

wie hast du den plusX da entwickelt? sprich zeiten, und zyklen? ich nehm mal an xtol 1:1 und 20 grad...

smkblog said...

xtol 1:1 20C°

nächstes mal mach ich 7:15min wenn ich bei sonnenlicht schieße

Fergus said...

Geez they are nice looking for scans, real creamy.

The two old dudes heads is my fav of that lot, i think you should print it ;)

Adam said...

nice scans man, when you print your stuff, what kind of filters do you use?

sev said...

usually between 2,5 and 3

sometimes 2 or 3,5

Anonymous said...

was this all 1600 or 3200?

Suzan said...

Ha, those are some nice kitchen shots, good expressions you caught, definitely loving the 3rd one.
And the signs behind Ker/Sebast-ian had me chuckling... Call me dirty minded but I found it quite funny :P
The shot of the old people looking against the sun is great too.
Very enjoyable entry once again!

jellofishy said...

hey coxi, i've been watching your blog for a while now (stalked you from deviantart) & I really like the stuff you put up on here.
I don't process film myself,
I don't mind paying for developing it at a shop coz i'll probably only do it once a month or something. I have a Nikon D50 but I'm still an amature, and I'm in love with lomo! I've spent so much money on disposable cameras in the past & realising that digital still cannot compare, i've finally decided to get my own film camera.
I've only heard good comments about holgas & not much else.
Do you think you can help me out a bit?
Just to give you an idea of what I'm looking for: i'm planning on buying a second-hand toy camera that uses regular film rolls from ebay or wherever. I like cyan colors, but doesn't matter coz I plan on re-editing them later on the computer. I generally like sharp photos, graininess & playing with focus. I also find light-leaks exciting & i'm into the whole retro lo-fi thing.
i've got a polaroid but they're so damn expensive!
I would really appreciate your opinion on which camera i should get. I've seen this really cool old school kodak instamatic but there's just so many other awesome cameras out there & it's really hard to choose!

email me at jellofishy{spam=yuck} when you find the time.
oh & I have some crappy shots if you're interested.

Stelios said...

this guy with the digi seems kinda pissed/surprised haha.
and your words about polaroid reminds me the shit I get for still shooting film. although in your case I guess you're right. sx70 is dead. unfortunately. film isn't. yet. except from Agfa. stupid.

christoph said...

haha netter knutschfeck den die miriam da hat!

schöne fotos!

Anonymous said...

es gibt wieder sx 70 filme... neu :) aber teuer sind sie trotzdem, wie eh und jeh. haltet die ohren steif und hau m. nicht so hart auf den hals ;)


Tim Freh said...

Nicilly done! I love your'e work. The lightning in the pictures is great, just like the subjects you choose!

Suzan said...

Ahh, I couldn't restrain leaving another comment concerning some comments here.

@ Anonymous... YOU are shitty for saying stuff like that. Shallow asshole.

@ Stelios: I heard someone say recently: "Film is dead, but there are still some negrophiliacs amongs us". I though that was kinda funny :D

Stelios said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Stelios said...

@ Suzan: I'm a negrophiliac then :)

Eva said...

Ha cool shots Mr Koller. We look awesome on those polaroids mwaha, I'll send them to you when I scan them. Boohoo.
I've been back for 2 days now, what have you been up to since I left the station for this goddamn long train ride?