Thursday, April 12, 2007

i was shooting colour again. mainly because i havent had any b/w films anymore.. (now my fridge is filled again..)

also started to print colour finally. i can only say it's incredible.. and expensive.. and takes time damnit.. but it's worth it. i have never known how good selfprinted colourprints can look like.

here some negscans:

starting with kodak uc200.. saturated but kinda cheap colours sometimes.

i found that really amousing:

this too :)

that's what you can't do with b/w of course. colour has its own charm i must say.

1/8th on 200asa ;)

the next 3 frames are fuji reala. i gave the roll to the lab by accident, since i have only exposed 8 frames on it.. damnit.

i think this was jakob. we talked about photography a little, since he had a hassi and i the leica.. so that's why actually.

i realllllly like reala. may print it.

prater at its best.

superia200 ain't bad either, for a wallmart film ;)

this baby had a red bull ... hah.

this guy was mentally somewhere behind the moon... sicko !

eva and the takeaway.

a green wall. the main reason for the photo. colour ! he.

met linus by accident. thought it's nice light. nice film too. nice uberhot guy.. so i took a photo.

the light was definately awesome.

and superia1600 a few frames:


flipo said...

"this guy was mentally somewhere behind the moon... sicko !"

he looks like a mixture of tony hawk and tom green... sexy colors

i'm fuckin nervous ... next week i'll make my first print(s) ... never did it before *screams and hides*

Ryan Marr said...

haha linus is uberhot. haha.

printing colour is very time consuming. even machine developing takes time it's over 4 minutes by then you've forgotten what your original exposure time was.

Adam said...

i couldnt do color printing, and nice frames man, the superia looks awesome, and its great for a cheap film, i shot some last week, check it out on the blog

April May said...

I have to say I enjoy printing color more than black and white. I enjoy the RESULTS of black and white more, but I love the process of color and how great it feels when you get an excellent print made.

artis said...

omg, you are shooting flowers now.. nice, nice!

Noons said...

I'm enjoying uc100 more and more, it scans great on my 9000ED.
Another one that I'm having a lot of fun with: Fujipro 160S. Best colour negative film at the moment, I reckon.
I'm surprised at your results with 1600 superia, will definitely give it a go!

Anonymous said...

yup, farbe printen ist sicher ziemlich zeitintensiv abers auch wert, imo. dann noch viel spass beim printen. hab mir vor kurzem 50 120er agfa rsx200 gekauft. ewig nicht gecrosst und kommt bestimmt gar nicht so schlecht mit der hassi. übrigens versuch ma n gecrossten film zu printen. schaut doch um einiges anders aus als neg. scans.

und tschö


erina said...

the shot of Miriam opening book page is really nice, like there was lights came out of the book

but of course, the baldy man looking at those hair combs is the coolest

hahaha.. really nice entry as usual, Sev!

alife said...

ich find den glatzerten typ ur lustig ^^

Anonymous said...

...and another entry that cheers me up, thank you!

Adriana said...

My favourite: Eva.

michael kurz said...

hi severin,

also ich stimm dem johannes mal zu, ... die glatze vor dem geschäft mit den kämmen und bürsten .. das hast echt gut gesehen! mir gefallen aber auch die shots "eve and the takeaway" bzw. die mit dem interessanten licht und das eine oder andere von dem regnerischen tag.

wie ist deine erfahrung mit tri-x und plus-x so? (agfa apx hast glaub ich mal gehabt in einer serie gehabt oder?) .. komm voraussichtlich samstag für nen tag nach wien, evtl. sieht man sich ja mal wieder ganz zufällig ;) haha


Suzan said...

Shooting colours requieres such a different outlook on things than when you shoot b/w. You got it down, great entry. I should work on my colourshooting -_-

Gonzale said...

the first shot is genius, hah

and yes reala looks pretty