Monday, February 12, 2007

a plus-x again. yeah it happens that i shoot daylight films.

a butchers car. with a kid's face on it. wtf!

i once had glasses. with 15. lost them. now i'm getting new ones. nothing serious. just for cinema, pool and other hot stuff.

i took a photo of myself with the glasses i like to be able to compare it later on.

what ? this is a dog ??

more dogs !

i decided for this one. it's now being made for me, since they didn't have one in black matte.. seems like i have a fetish for handmade glass ;)

and dogs again ! i'm feeling a bit erwittish lately .. (ps: plus x rocking the tones here)

ein sturer bock !


so i was trying to get a new shirt today and again found out what an anti-shopping-type of guy i am.. nowhere you go you're surrounded by people you don't want to be surrounded by.. be it posh, be it pseudo-alternatives, be it rich girls with their daddies or just crowds of metrosexual macho apes... for me it's hard to go "shopping" without turning mad.

this man was reading the "glamour". he is packed with all kind of bags of several cloth stores... maybe his daughter had birthday. it's all there. the "RAG" a popular skate shop that is more like a fast-food chain that has nothing to do with food anymore, the italian shoe store.. you can imagine the rest.. that corner of the shop wasn't the cheapest of course ;)

in the end, i found something to my liking. it's not easy. either it's classic and boring or it's fancy but OVER-labeled and i don't want to be a running advert for a brand. if you try to be "alternative" you realize that everyone is wearing h&m and i find their style not very innovative.. other cloths that may look nice at first are printed with sexist messages that just aren't funny.. like "groupies welcome".. i really don't want to spend money on something that will only embarrass myself.

so in the end i found something and spent too much money for it again. i sound like a (sorry) "pussy" right now, but when there is something i like, i buy it.. stupid i know. but there is no visible label, no macho-image or stupid message and it's not a jon doe shirt like any other and it makes me look like brad pitt.. (that was the actual reason)

i'm glad that i don't know if a little thai girl or an italian fashion desinger him/herself made it.. because if i thought about that too.. i'd might start to knit my own cloths

i never talked so much about cloths. i think that's enough for the next years.


Joe Alisa said...

The glasses are a good look for you haha.

Ryan Marr said...

between the custom clothes, glasses, and hair cut. you put almost as much work into how you look as I do. you find the glasses effect your shooting? I like the dogs.


erina said...

Err you look a lot better here

Sam Gill said...

My thoughts exactly @ clothes. Also, the glasses looked snappy.

sebastian said...

für coole shirts empfehle ich einen blick auf
selbstgemachte shirts können übrigens auch sehr cool sein, auf jeden fall individuell. ich hab mir von nem freund meine yashica vektorisieren lassen und aus seinem shop gekauft. geht natürlich nur, wenn es das geld erlaubt. und das ist ja leider nicht so oft der fall, zumindest bei mir nicht ;)
wobei man ja heutzutage auch im laden locker 20€ für ein simples t-shirt hinblättern muss.
was die brille angeht...schickes modell. wobei ich die im oberen bild interessanter finde, aber man muss einfach tragen, was einem selbst am besten gefällt :-)

... PlusX ... muss ich auch mal probieren. Das ist ein 125er, oder? Wie sind denn die Töne wenn man den auf 100 misst? Immer noch so gut wie auf deinen Fotos hier?

Pekka said...

I hate my glasses :|

And now I have broken ones. I must look like hardcore - nerd. Haha.

Kira said...

ha,it's indeed nice to see your vienna during daylight cause apparently the vieneese goats are asleep at night:)

the shot of that little dog peeking is so sweet!

and,shopping alone is boooring:p

fms_foto said...

"found out what an anti-shopping-type of guy i am.. nowhere you go you're surrounded by people you don't want to be surrounded by.. be it posh, be it pseudo-alternatives, be it rich girls with their daddies or just crowds of metrosexual macho apes..."

<- ich glaub EXAKT das gleiche empfinde ich auch jedes mal wieder :)

Anonymous said...

When I saw the 1st one with glasses, I thought they're cool and you look very modern wearing them (VIP-like). Then I saw the 2nd one and I read what you wrote, and I think they suit you more, as they correspond with your opinions about style/fashion. And with your preferred photography style. (The first model suits well your architectural works ;) And dogs -- supercute! The small one is a puppy boxer I suppose :) I wonder how you will be taking photos with glasses; I find it very uncomfortable (that's why I wear contact lenses).

Anonymous said...

The 1st glasses i think suit you more to your face. the 2nd ones look good too, but somehow i think the 1st ones are more appealing, you look mighty handsome in both never the less.

about the clothes you make me laugh, cus i feel exactly the same way as you do about clothes.

i always read your blogs and look at ur work, but its been ages since ive commented, but the whole thing with the glasses made me want to comment, i use glasses for the same reason as you will and i dont have problem shooting with them. i hope u dont either, tho sometimes they do get annoying...


Roxa Truţa said...

I love the way you write, and your pics too. They remind me of Vienna... I long for that city so much ! With all the dogs and the rich girls, in which I was the only one with a System Of A Down T-shirt and jeans among all that luxury. Foreign country, foreign feelings of peace. :)

Suzan said...

The kid's head on the butcher's bus... I remember when I saw for the first time a butcher's van with the head of a laughing pig on it; it made me so mad. But this... Perhaps this is even crazier! Really makes me feel like pulling a serious face and shaking my head.

Oh I could say so much about these photos you showed in this entry, but usually I forget already half of it when I'm trying to write a comment. Anyway.
The peeking dog is indeed great, as is the shot of the ratdog. It looks like you're getting conciously or subconciously into themes!
And the minimalistic bike... I find that photo to be so damn solid. So very pleasing to the eye. Great. Really.

And shopping is indeed a pain in the ass. Since I'm constantly broke for the past 3 years now (since I'm studying haha), I have only very occasionally shopped for clothing. It saves in money and annoying shit. Bluh. "Surrounded by people you don't want to be surrounded with". Exactly. Basta!

Goodnight :D

(P.s. Thanks for the hug, little Severin.)

Anonymous said...

Hey there
I was looking for your dA link on the blog, but couldn't find it.
I'm assuming you have one, but of course I could be wrong.
Do you?
Because you're the most amazing photographer I've seen in quite some time.

Take care.

f-hole said...

I don't know what the fuck you did to piss off whoever at dA but I hope your new disguise of glasses and shirt works! Good luck man!

smkblog said...

do you mean coxi, kinderschokolade or m-dude ?

i have/had a few accounts over there ;)

thanks everyone. i won't shoot with glasses.. it's just for situations where i need it. i can shoot without them as you see ;)

Luke Neher said...

i love plusx for day stuff you can basically do whatever you want in a print. its got enough thickness on the negs to get rich greys and bright ass whites and so on.

John Hupp said...

H&M just invaded Los Angeles

Adam said...

dude, please, don't buy those glasses... you will be mistaken for the grandson of Yves Saint Laurent. or for a gay artist.

Adriana said...

About the clothing comment. I do too feel the same way about most of the shops. It's hard for me as well to find clothing that is very special and comfortable that doesn't yell "I'm a brands whore". And how do you feel about ZARA? Because I saw one of your photographs were there was a ZARA bag so I wondered.

Loved the photographs by the way. Some of them were really interesting moments. I think my favourite would be the one with the car and the bycicle.

Anyway, take care!