Saturday, February 10, 2007

i was following them with my camera in position, ready to take a photo.. i knew one of them would turn around. found it funny that i happened :D

met these fun-pro-journalist photographers, sebastian ( and the other we all met by accident. what a nice dreierziegel

german guy seeking for a flat. forgot his name. sunnyboy !

"hey, lorant !".. "hm ?"

the well known "someone lights his cigarette" shot.

i remember i took a photo of him once. maybe more than a year ago.

schef in his new flat. we're playing the awesome "siedler von catan" game. he was about to win, only one card was missing.. so i made the game !! i WON hahah yes ME mEE MEMEMEMME !!!


tobi our little virgin. listening to mike patton's "das sch├╝tzenfest" for the first time.

sarah trying to explain us how a threesome would work where the woman gets oral and anal pleasure at once ! she was using 3 cellphones to demonstrate. what a weird conversation. oh lord.

trying to focus on the necessairy.

if that was my window, i'd probably shoot the whole damn thing with all the rats sitting on the window sill ! how i hate those pigeons.

i had some frames left before we developed some rolls.. so i made him a new ID !

the other day there was a birthday-surprise party. my ex-girlfriend turned 20.. oh where did the good young times go ? soon i'm 21 ! and the next moment, i can buy my third generation of teeth.

conny was trying some italian speciality... oh lord.. orange with peper and olive oil. she didn't like it.. obviously ;)

some very philosophic discussions took place there.

there is everybodys darling. that little white doggy.
i was just glad he didn't find his way to the kitchen. (we ate chinese)

and some more serious discussion.

when are you going to take the picture ?

now !

and now !

anna. the just turned 20 one, explained how she almost found out about the surprise-party. actually it was my fault, because i sent a sms to her mother instead of her.. since they switched mobile-numbers some time ago and i missed that.

so not anna but her mother received the text message.. but it was anna who had her mothers mobile and saw "text message by severin" and read that aloud.. so barbara (her mother) was getting nervious and took the mobile away from her.. i just wrote "20years, yeah!" nothing else.. but barbara thought i'd write something like "allright i'll be there at 7pm" or something.. he. well.

i love those two. ha. they're brothers. i forgot their "real" names. the left one is "sixty-nine" and the other "shitty".. haha.. i love that. they were wearing these lumberjack shirts open so that you could see their hairy chest.. haha.. those dudes.

and we went on again.

i took that photo of her

and jo told me that i can't just take photos of people without asking.. he wasn't very serious though. but still, he's right. next time i'll scream "WAAAKKE the fuck UPP!!" "can i please take a photo of you ? i'm no pervert ! really !!" this will work out !

there was a party going on in the famous 13A-bus.

we ordered these cox-shots.. and he spilled his one on the table.. so he took a napkin to wipe the alcohol up.. then he had this genius idea to wring it out into the glass... that was really genius !

others took a nap high up in the air.

jo. the non-smoker. smoking. here is the evidence !

last frame. finally..


stelios said...

damn those fuckers banned you again :/
I guess i'll be checking this entry again...

Luke Neher said...

dude. that frame on the bus, what the hell is up with the guys stomach? generally good shots but when do we see all these prints you've been doing??

Josh said...

You got banned already? XD Rofl my waffle.

travis said...

hey sev. i am gonna be needing a print of that condenser shot to hang next to my bed... by the pillow maybe.

Joe Alisa said...

Cool shots. Too bad DA didn't last. Have you tried getting a new modem or something to change your IP address? I don't exactly know how it works. But would getting a new modem do the trick?

Anonymous said...

I love the photos. I love the happiness and all that team and friendly stuff. Sometimes. Thanks for sharing, and happy birthday to all your wishes!

Ryan Marr said...

That shot of the bag is so sharp. I must admit the leica sure does have a characteristic that you cant get anywhere else.

Sam Gill said...

Great post man. May I ask about the technical details of :

Sam Gill said...

Oh, and @ Joe Alisa, if Sev gets a free program to renew, or hide his IP it could work. They usually fuck with your network though...not worth it.

James Kelly said...

awesome shots! love the distorted ID, and girl looking out of window on the famous party bus.. what negative scanner do you use out of interest?

smkblog said...

@luke neher: i dunno. it seemed strange to me.

@travis. which one do you mean ? gimme a link !

@sam gill: f2.0 1/30th kodak trix in xtol 1:1 17min @ 20°C moving 3times every 30seconds

@james: nikon coolscan V ED

ivan said...

typical non-smoker smoking pose; lovely

James Kelly said...


Suzan said...

Ahh, extensive entry! And such fun photos; love to peek into someone's life like that. Just seeing what they find worth to capture and show, etc.
Love the teddybear photo, really. I see a lot of interesting scenes when it's dark outside and you can easily look into people's houses... but never really had the guts to capture something. I dunno, it's too random I guess.
And I relaly dig this shot too
Well, all in all a very enjoyable entry.
Too bad to see you gone from dA again. A blog is nice to see a lot of photos, but they stick more when you view them one by one on a site like dA. Well, both systems have their (dis)advantages. Oh well.
Have a good evening! :)

smkblog said...

*hugs little suzan* :D

Anonymous said...

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