Sunday, February 18, 2007

i have borrowed berns 28/1.9 voigtlander ultron lens for a day, to see what it is like. it's actually the third ultron i have used. the first was a used lens, linus has bought it via ebay. it had backfocus. the second was a new one, from the store, bernhards, it had backfocus. this one, the third is the replaced one of bernhards ultron. guess what. backfocus again. all ultrons have backfocus. we're wondering why.

well on this shot you won't see it, 28mm on f5.6 on distance focus..

unfortunately i have shot this one on 28/2.. but the focus isn't as off as on other frames.. i'm glad that this frame turned out good.

back to my summi 35/2. this man just walked over a rather multi-tracked street, with his crutch under his arm while looking down all the time.

we went to some house (flat) warming party.

there we smoked one shisha after another.. i love that thing.

jam sessions included !

we all got sleepy after a while. got back home at 6am. ps: i shot all the photos without working metering. my batteries were empty. god bless mechanic shutters ;)

yesterday my gradpa celbrated his 75th birthday. more or less the whole family (my mothers, parents are divorced) came together. something that happenes every few years.

i remember i've seen her last time with hair short as mine. must have been a couple of years. my 10ys old cousin.

my dr.uncle in my grandfathers appartement and former atelier.

i wasn't the only "comissioned" one there. i think he shot colour though... my grandpa shooting for the family album, just like me, right ? ;)

haha.. my oldest cousin. saw him last time at the age of 10. now he's almost 16. maybe the biggest change that happened. everyone else stayed the same.

the carpet. present number one. family standing around it.

the photo-collage. present number two. my younger uncle looking as if he had something to hawk haha.

the plant. aloe vera. third present. my mother and sisters. they're the esotheric ones in the family. maybe some sort of natural viagra plant.. who knows.

and finaly the cake. present number 4. i took this one while holding the camera high up above everyone. you know like these canon-markII dudes do when they shoot paris and co. except that i had f2.0 1/45th and manual focus and no flash.. love how this shot turned out!

grandpa cutting the cake. one of my fav frames from that day.

my grandmother wanted to have a photo of her grandchilds.. so i had to take a "staged" shot. this one i took right after the staged one was done. i prefer it much more to "everyone is smiling".

the two boys. 13 and 15. best age for family meetings, i know...

we went to eat dinner later. we took the public transport. the funny thing was that i was shooting for the family, documenting the birthday, but when we go by tram, i surely have to take some streetshots in between. just a funny thought.

finaly at the table. we we're waiting almost one and half hour for the meal. that's why the dessertwas for free..

so we had time to do all kind of nonsense. like my gradfather, doing some sketh of my mother. she looks like a moster on it. it's meant to be funny of course and it was.

and more nonsense .. heh.

little cousine.

after the meal. grandpa got tired. his shirt is full of elephants.

my 10ys old cousin took this one. trix normal 1/8th f2.0 0.7m distance.. now that's what i call well done, spot on focus, no blur... good job ! (i helped a little)

the light over there was much better... i had f2.0 1/15th and 1/8th all the time.

little cousine showing some modern nintendo-tamagotchi game to her father.

she was obsessed with my sisters cellphone later.

he was still sleepy. that frame says it all i think, it was his birthday in the end and the whole family celebrated it and then went their ways again.


flipo said...

dead batteries ... got the same problem friday night which was also the first night with the nokton ^^

Anonymous said...

i love this blog entry, its so warm! and the very ending -- sad... yes. "life happens" all teh time. But -- photos are just superb, I'm so in love especially in IMG6734s.jpg + IMG6769s.jpg (brilliant tones!), IMG6764s.jpg + IMG6666s.jpg (the light and the situation *sigh*). On the carpet -- there is a tiger or a lion in the centre, I wonder if you saw it :D In the end -- the photo of you with Natasha: great job, so funny and simply NICE :)

Anonymous said...

(BTW, i'm going to buy ef 28 f/1.8 usm, i heard it's good, but what do you think?)

Joe Alisa said...

That pic of you and Miriam is sweet. Well done.

Darin said...

Amen for mechanical shutters. I've had that happen before. Doesn't the M7 only have 1/60th and 1/125th without batteries? That would be terrible

Ezra said...

That drawing your grandpa did is great.
It's really nice of you to share these moments with us.
And your writing is getting alot better. :P

Andrei said...

very cool.. never thaught about that... what you do i mean... 'recording' whole days... it would be pretty expensive for me to... anyway.. great stuff;) cheers :)

sixohfour said...

Hm. I've been coming here for some time now. The photos are just more enjoyable than on deviantart I suppose. Don't stop updating.

Just a question though: How do you remember all your shutter and aperture settings for each individual shot? Do you keep a record (on paper or something), or is it just concise memory of things like that?

would be nice to know. thanks.

smkblog said...

you just remember a certain situation you capture and the settings you had, because YOU set them, not the camera.

so when you shoot all manualy, you often remember shutterspeed and aperture of certain photos. it's also often the same light situation, like in the subway (f2.8 1/60th 1600asa) or bus f2.0 1/30th-1/60th at 1600 or on cloudy days f4 1/125-250th at 400asa... you have some situations where i don't even meter anymore but know the right settings.

Noons said...

love the comment about grabbing a few public transport shots on the way out with the family.

what most folks living somewhere else don't realize is that this is perfectly normal in Vienna: for a family to go out for dinner by public transport.

it's one of the best networks in the world. I really miss it.

sixohfour said...


Fair enough. I've shot in full manual for the past few years with the exception of a light meter, however, I'm shooting on a 90's nikon slr (f90x). The electronic shutter has a tendency of not alternating between a full stop (eg. from 1/60 to 1/125), but rather, making segments between the stops (1/60 to 1/80, etc).

I usually shoot and switch around my exposure all while looking at the meter and the scene, and tend to pace around very different exposures quickly, so metering becomes more an exercise of rotating the wheel without looking than of picking a concise shutter-speed.

With this in mind plus the fact that the shutter-speed knob is not clearly labeled at the top like on an m6, it presents some problems with memorizing most of my shutter settings (aperture isn't that much of a problem since I'm forced to shoot wide open a lot of the time).

I guess the odd segments make memorizing it the most difficult...

oh well. thank you anyway.

Anonymous said...

Is there a curse for Voitglander lenses? Is it like the M punishes you for not using M lenses haha.

Gotta love the M6 shooting with no batteries..

Great entry.

Stelios said...

Anonymous?? damn..forgot to type in a name

Suzan said...

Damn, great entry...

First of all, I love that portrait of Miriam at the beginning, such nice blacks and mysterious look about it.

And as always I dig the moments you capture which other people do not find worth capturing, like the shot a second after the grandchildren posed.

And your grandfather... all great photos of him. What a character he seems to have.

Seeing this blog entry... makes me feel like pushing myself to do better, because... aaahhh! My photography frustrates me so much from time to time.

Anonymous said...

that first portrait is absolutely amazing, everything about it.

it's so good to see your photos. thanks for giving me that pleasure :)

Sylvain Filteau said...

Wow, the smoke in the party picture is so special!

Stephen Mcleod Blythe said...

I like the pic of you that your cousin took!

What a great blog entry; it gives a nice insight into your personal life :)