Thursday, February 22, 2007

a roll of trix. normal.

a pigeon flew right into the window. she let it free again. a print would show more detail.

the classic hipshot

a homeless with laptop ? well that's what it looked like to me. strange scene.

pirates of the 13a !

make up for the shooting.

the best about the shooting:

last scene of the filming

on that photo you can see the white plastik foil, i was kneeling on the whole shooting for hours.. she was so tiny, that i had to take photos from that perspective to make her look "more representative" for their CI and such..

the shooting took about 10hours and 1000 1dsMKII raws.. i don't really want to be the one who selects the good stuff from the bad ;)

last frame was taken in tobias garage-metal-band-cellar.


Henri said...

Hey, one of your photo kind of looks like that one of mine:
10 hours of shooting... I don't want that kind of photographer!

smkblog said...

henri. i don't shoot 10h for "fun". this kind of photography is best payed.

funny how you've shot your photo on 400asa 1/15th at 1.7 and i have shot mine on 400asa 1/30th f2.8.

i was going for the silhouette and didn't want to lose too much detail of the advert. maybe trix is the better film for night than the neopan400 ;)

Adam said...

hey sev! love the last frame!! kickass!! bet it would look great as a print, and i was wanting to ask you what kind of paper you use to print with, im using tmax developer, and kodak fix and stop bath, but not sure about what papers to use, help?

Sam said...

Great to see some more shots. What was the shoot for?

Henri said...

I sayd that it was probably those setting, maybe it's 1/30 or 1/15h and 5,6. because yeah, my photo seams to had more ligh than yours.

well mine is printed pretty contrasty... that means realy less details on the advert, doesn't mean it's nessecary the film.
But yeah, trix is still the best film for night!

Soiz said...

The one with the old lady and the carts is obviously the best.
Nice to see some works of yours, hadn't see it for a long time. :)

Piotr said...

what settings did you use for the hipshot and the one of the dog.

another great collection of photographs, mate.

Adam said...

aaaah Sev, you're getting a classic after a classic after a classic.

and yeah, 10hrs studio photographing can be indeed a pain in the neck, ass, and every other muscle. and without a good assistant it can be a lot of sweat too.

and what about badassreturns, Sev?

greets (i see another adam here, so i just wanna make sure i follow my dA nick:

smkblog said...


my darkroom set-up:

dunco professional 6x6 VC head
schneider kreuznach componon-s 50/2.8 lens
dunco frame

agfa glossy fiber based paper (multi contrast)
agfa neutol NE developer

fix and stop don't matter.

@sam: the shooting was for a coporate identity set for all kind of usage for a newly found company.

@piotr: hmm.. i don't really remember. the dog was f2.8 and 1/60th - 1/125th probably and the hipshot must have been f4.0 1/250 in about.

kerian said...

Habe mal gelesen wie ein Wildlife-Fotograf einen kleinen Beanbag benutzte um sein Objektiv zu stabilisieren. Flacher Beanbag wär hier sicher auch nett gwesen. Vielleicht hilfts ja mal ..

Suzan said...

That photo of the lonely man on the street totally blows my mind. Such atmosphere.