Saturday, September 30, 2006

random photos from my current neg scans. 3 rolls this time. apx, acros and reala (which i'm not liking so much actually). will stick to kodak.

this is what i call a nicely "layered" shot.. heh.

i'm getting a little politicaly criticising these days ;) the slogan of a party saying "wealth must be evenly spread"

i've recognized him. he speaks to random women which don't know him and it seems as if he would actually. i asked him first if he'd knew her and didn't answer. then asked her if she'd know him and got a "no" as reply. then he asked why am i taking a picture of him and i said, i'm taking pictures of foreigners as you are talking to foreigners.. he asked if this will be in the internet and i said "no worries, we'll see" and took another photo. he wasn't too pleased and moved on. the woman left already.

later we accidently stumbled across a "sport" event.. which was a total propaganda action of the social democrats which added a lousy aftertaste.

this shot reminds me of my "midlife crisis" one but is just MUCH worse..

i also have a correclty exposed photo .. but the ~2 steps overexposed created this fancy effect

old people tend to turn to kids again. what a great example. a real austrian (outfit wise)

boys.. (the girls will follow after i've got my tmax developed and scanned from that day)

here some of the reala:

Monday, September 25, 2006

we've been visiting my father and claudia this sunday. taken on kodak 400nc

yummy. scampi and cozze.

first time i saw her drinking so much alcohol, she even emptied the whole bottle ! phew ! but hey, schilcher sturm is hella good stuff...

my father. explaining something ? just couldn't resist taking this one...

aww. a still life. thanks cron!

Friday, September 22, 2006

recent negscans. neopan 1600 with m6:

trix+3 with m6. 6am morning walk after darkroom session

acros100 with m6, some leftovers from traunsee

trix with m6:

plusX qith m6:

plusX with om1+24/2

neopan1600+2.5 (5000iso) with m6 2.0/60ths. people were actually dancing, so focusing was tricky

finaly 1 second handheld, 5000iso f2.0. how absurd ! they were sitting in the darkest corner