Saturday, September 30, 2006

random photos from my current neg scans. 3 rolls this time. apx, acros and reala (which i'm not liking so much actually). will stick to kodak.

this is what i call a nicely "layered" shot.. heh.

i'm getting a little politicaly criticising these days ;) the slogan of a party saying "wealth must be evenly spread"

i've recognized him. he speaks to random women which don't know him and it seems as if he would actually. i asked him first if he'd knew her and didn't answer. then asked her if she'd know him and got a "no" as reply. then he asked why am i taking a picture of him and i said, i'm taking pictures of foreigners as you are talking to foreigners.. he asked if this will be in the internet and i said "no worries, we'll see" and took another photo. he wasn't too pleased and moved on. the woman left already.

later we accidently stumbled across a "sport" event.. which was a total propaganda action of the social democrats which added a lousy aftertaste.

this shot reminds me of my "midlife crisis" one but is just MUCH worse..

i also have a correclty exposed photo .. but the ~2 steps overexposed created this fancy effect

old people tend to turn to kids again. what a great example. a real austrian (outfit wise)

boys.. (the girls will follow after i've got my tmax developed and scanned from that day)

here some of the reala:


Gonzale said...

the one of miriam and that woman is genius... the tshirt really helps :P

apixx said...

das mit dem kind in den sonnenstrahlen ist echt schön.

hast du das auch im sucher gesehen oder ist es durch zufall entstanden?

markus said...

schon sexy, die fotos feat. spö...

Suzan said...

Absolutely adore the photo of the old couple with the sunglasses. And the one with Miriam behind the guy is supercute.