Monday, September 25, 2006

we've been visiting my father and claudia this sunday. taken on kodak 400nc

yummy. scampi and cozze.

first time i saw her drinking so much alcohol, she even emptied the whole bottle ! phew ! but hey, schilcher sturm is hella good stuff...

my father. explaining something ? just couldn't resist taking this one...

aww. a still life. thanks cron!


clayton said...

more nice family photos.. the colours in that house work so well i thought

diecozzealskotzeinterpretiererin said...

du hast vergessen zu erwähnen dass du mich verletzt und mir schmerzen zugefügt hast, am finger, kurz bevor du dieses eine bild geschossen hast.
ich hab ein vollegefühl, wenn ich die bilder anschaue.
das spiegelfoto ist wirklich zauberhaft. was für ein witty familienporträt. vater und sohn gerade bei dem, was sie jeweils am besten können festgehalten.

Gonzale said...

very nice shots.. miriam's hair is really short now.. our haircuts are very similar :)

apixx said...

nette küche!

Anonymous said...

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Libby said...

That is a beautiful kitchen.

shadking said...

one really gets the feel of a relaxed, enjoyable family lunch..

really nice work...nice to see yr print framed in the kitchen as well!

cheers mate,