Friday, September 22, 2006

recent negscans. neopan 1600 with m6:

trix+3 with m6. 6am morning walk after darkroom session

acros100 with m6, some leftovers from traunsee

trix with m6:

plusX qith m6:

plusX with om1+24/2

neopan1600+2.5 (5000iso) with m6 2.0/60ths. people were actually dancing, so focusing was tricky

finaly 1 second handheld, 5000iso f2.0. how absurd ! they were sitting in the darkest corner


morgan said...

1 sec on the last rocks... worked really well. beautiful photographs mate, thanks for posting. and plenty to go around as well!! good times.

apixx said...

Beauty :)

5000Iso klingt net schlecht :D
wie lange muss man den entwickeln lassen?

Sluganda said...

That photo with bike is my favourite :)

Fabian Grunwald said...

jo schicke sachen dabei.. die neopan +2.5 sind nich so mein fall .. doch nen bisl sehr hart.. das bild mit den ganzen X ist gut.. gut gesehen!
ciao, fabian

jcarkeys said...

Absolutely love the third one. The dejected look, the isolation, the fact that there's something going on with other people just off to the right side of the frame. The lines cast by the light... it's great.

April May said...

Your low-light photos are brilliant as always, especially that last one. Ghost kisses.

At first glance I didn't notice "beauty" again- awesome!

Suzan said...

Hahaha, 5000 iso, nice :p
The guy in the nineth photo really reminds me of the guy who's in the back of your devgallery, if i recall correctly one of the first shots with a Leica.

swelements said...

wunderbare fotos dabei.

artis said...

wonderful shots man, wonderful..

shadking said...

wow man, strong freaking post.. some really great shots in there..

the panning in the first one is perfect, and the composition works really well too..

the moment in the second one is awesome, with the girl looking directly at you and the guy focused completely on her..

the light in all of the first three is beautiful..

really enjoyed that one.. will have to come back and look at it again


cheers mate.

Piotr said...

i love that first shot, sev. you never cease to amaze me with your awesome work.

i'm still surprised how you haven't gotten killed with all those dirty looks you capture all the time.

gpro said...


great style i havent read a lot but i think ur using a rangefinder...
well just love it