Thursday, December 07, 2006


last frames in germany. cute. trying a little different developement of the trix. i'm liking it !!

back home again. first frame. welcome back.

b for bored, for bike, for bokeh

BIPA (austrian drugstore). they sell and develope a few films. check the camera.. awesome.. haha

have been with my class to salzburg. got there by train.

seemed like matthias, our prof, found something intresting to read..

my fav frame from that trip. didn't take many photos.. should have taken more.. but the wheater was crap.. glad i added contrast in the developement !

this is salzburg:

couldn't resist.

neither here...

matthias was obsessed with taking photos of our class in all kind of exhibitions and discussions...

again. AF-light of the sony cybershot looks like a flash here.

how old ? 8 weeks she said.

club pago: it was fun. nonsense.

there was no light.. still i tried. 1/8th f2.0 3200asa.


henri said...

by the way, when you told me with the trix+++ to espose one or 1/2 stop more, is it all the time, or only when it's realy dark? when there is like a bit source light, should I do it too?

Spaz said...

The people in your public transportation photos look like they don't care you're taking a picture of them. I almost got my ass kicked by an old man today for taking his picture. He was playing some weird instrument at a subway stop.

Sam said...

Excellent post, I can't get enough of your work man.

@Spaz, I am surprised too, generally street is easy where I come from but on PT people are seemingly more guarded.

Miauzz said...

What different technic did you use for the trix? and how did you add contrast in the devlp?

apixx said...

"What different technic did you use for the trix? and how did you add contrast in the devlp?"

frag ich mich auch

Sebastian said...

Wüsst zu gern wie du deine trix entwickelst .. Nach den normalen xtol angaben wirds wohl kaum sein , nicht ?

Tomé Duarte said...


loved that tmax grain, that's precisely what i want... but on trix, heh.

and what's up here? more agitation, more time i suppose?

looking great.

phee said...

yes, tell us the secret... I just printed some of the tmax and it is just too grey. dissapointment i must say-but if there are ways to imrpove it, share them! or just give a hint!

Anonymous said...

do you use any filters?

Lucius Dinto said...

Woould share how u developed ur film (the developer, agitation, etc). I did my first develop process and I found that the contrast is inadequate. Thx

Anonymous said...

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