Tuesday, December 05, 2006

for olympus shooters !

selling this at ebay. the best OM glas i had...

if you have questions ask me via ebay please.



adamkozlowski said...

Recently i discovered a nice eBay auction for the Canon Pellix (fixed mirror, yay!) with the 24/1.4L FD! But 900 dollars is a joke. Even if it's mint.

Good luck with the auction.

Thomas said...

I was looking for a 24/2, shame the oly won't hook up with my nikon ;)

smkblog said...

it would with an adapter.. it's MF so this works i guess

smkblog said...


i don't know why you insit on fixed mirrors so much..

so if the 1.4 turns to a 1.7 the viewfinder turns to a 2.0 and you lose sharpeness because the mirror is between your lens and the film.. you will also lose contrast.. you lose a lot of quality.. and what for ?

these are mostly the reasons why nobody shoots with these cameras.

Alex said...

Wait a sec...does your t-shirt in your profile photo say "deviantart sucks"??? HAHAHAH

klaus said...

Hab mich schon gefragt, ob du noch mit deiner OM unterwegs bist - bist du jetzt nur noch mit der Leica M unterwegs?

adamkozlowski said...

Sev... I insist on the fixed mirror because it's a perfect marriage between a rangefinder and the SLR. It's the SLR + some advantages of the rangefinder. And trust me, it does change a lot. I get irritated to shoot with a normal SLR now. It's an addiction.

I will try to prove you wrong, because i don't think that the loss of quality is so big. I will shoot the same good lens, same high quality film, but try that on my 1N RS and on the EOS 1 and will scan it real big plus later make a big print. And then i will ask you to choose.

I really think that the reason why almost nobody shoots with such cameras, is exactly the kind of whining you're presenting here. BUT - i might be wrong. And then i owe you :) Although i already owe you ;) Deal?

Btw, bought a Yashica Electro GSN. Made two rolls. Selling it back. Such a beautiful camera, such a great lens.... and such a complete lack of exposure control - the only mode this camera works in is Av. And it get's totally lost in the dark, too.