Saturday, December 09, 2006

trix+3 what else.

new darkroom. new people. johannes checking his apx100 (lab-developed... eek)

13a action.

berns new love.

plutzer crew.

shit happens.

we went in the kitchen and had some fun. they softly kicked us out though.

bern shot a portrait of that guy with the rolleiflex. we got a few beer for free (against our will.. ) so we've been pissdrunk once again.. like everyday this week.

nightline. going back home. i like the framing here:

next day.


she noticed me but looked away immediately. i knew she was going to give me another face contact. so i waited and took the photo.

look who we met ! ;)

schef listening to some stephen king book summary of tobias.. cool story i must say.

he felt hot afterwards.. schef is a little pussy ;)

he's definatly one of my "brightest" buds.

next bar.. plutzer was closed, centimeter was closed.. so we went to an old drinking hole.. met this guy.

someone took a photo of me there :O. by the way f2.0 1/4th 3200iso.. kinda dark there :D

in the nightline back home. some very hip and styled girls sat beside me and started to read in the penthouse.. i had to listen to their really "intresting" stories of one of their friends who has gained weight since she was 19.. what a horrible little story.. and then the blonde one talked about the other girl's make up and if they do it their own and that she hopes it still looks okay after they have been to the club for the night.. and much more intresting stories that made me regret having a kebap a few moments before..

it's intresting how you can have influence on someone's expression. it's also intresting that it's also about the gender and their sexual attitude how you influence it if you smile to them. one good example is this shot

but it worked here too..

collecting these:

met him at 4am. we talked for half an hour. he's homeless and divorced, has a son, has had "staatsurlaub".. he told me to write about him and his story, but i replied that i'm no journalist, i'm just shooting for myself.

this is a present of his ex-wife. it's a lighter saying "i love you". i only had one frame left for him. i'm really satisfied about this frame.. like i said, i only had one chance for a photo.

he always insisted on that he never wants to sleep on the street.. so he is going from hotel to hotel to find some place to sleep. he had some money left. he didn't get a bed this night.. so he preferred to wait all the night instead of sleeping. so i shared some time with him but i didn't want to share the joint.

for these 30min he was a cool man.. i mean who knows what he has done in his life and why he has been to prison.. i didn't ask... but it's good to talk with these people too some time.


Kira said...

great impressions of your night trips.
it seems like you're being much more productive during the dark hours:)

pHeela said...

great great great...
the story about those two women is funny. i also like the way they listen to the music-both have the headphone in right ear-confirms all u said and showed.
last one-no need to say shit.
i feel close to the picture from the kitchen-like the mood-having fun with a good buddy, pissin off someone. i guess everyone who ever experienced it must love it...good capture.
good BOKEH on the pic with the sleepin man!hehe
thanks 4 sharin, as usual, peace!

ryan said...

oh no, bernhard has become a tlr user. that fool.

flipo said...

einer der grĂ¼nde warum ick nach wien komme ... feiern 24/7 :P

Fergus said...

Last frame is an absolute killer, loved it and the story that went with it.

Latvietis said...

My favorites are the second shot from top and "schef listening to some stephen king", it's a great portrait and expression. Love it! And I also love your stories about how you roam around the city and talk to strangers, in Latvia you can't (not recommended) do that. :)

apixx said...

wow der bernhard hat den selben bart wie du :o

Suzan said...

Hmm, always nice to peek inside your life ;) Enjoyable shots as always, fun to read the descriptions with it too.
Really like the one of the woman with the rose on the tram; it oozes melancholy.

Desmond said...

Wow, i had fun going through your photos. Gives me great inspiration.


adamkozlowski said...

Great ones Sev... Yes, i can agree with Kira and it's something similar about me - i'm just more productive during the dark hours.

jiwaki said...

in a way you are able to make always interesting shots in trains, not being repetitive. i like the pics of the class trip too! the shot of the hand and the first one, of johannes, are fantastic! in general your pictures are becoming better and better film after film, it's nice to see such a constant evolution. if you ever come to milan or italy or if i ever come to your country i'd like to shot some films and beers with you.

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