Saturday, November 18, 2006

just a few prints i did last night.

all very good negatives, why chose those that are hard to print when you have balanced ones.. ;)

printed this on RC and then on fiber. i really liked the RC but looking at it side by side, reminds me why i print fiber.. it's such a difference, especialy the black is different and the tone.

printed with 4,5 and slight 3 for the mids.

here is the negscan

that fb print looks so ace, i will probably print this large one time.. for 3200iso, yeah that's crazy. reminds me of how important exposure and developement is, namely the most important.

printgrad 3,5.


printed this on RC only but fb will follow soon, because this asks for it, because of all the black.

scans never do prints justice i believe but this time it's really the case that it does not do it justice. so much black just does look great on paper but not on screen.. anyway i decided to make this look like night so printed it darker than the negative asks for.. see henri, it's easy to create that look with "too bright" nightshots as you name them ;)


that's a funny print. it looks like the negscan and both look nice to me. so creamy..

negscan actualy shows me where i can improve this print.


apixx said...

die bierflaschen find ich im kontrast zu hart.
2 oder was wäre glaub ich passender gewesen.

Henri said...

the first photo looks so good with that crazy contrast.

the heineken might be too contrasty, you might loose some nice details... but the hight contrast makes the bottles look so real and shinny, so I guess it's fine just like that.

that one looks realy better now that we can feel it is realy a night shot.
and now I guess I really understand what you meant.

Is it because you push the film that you loose the contrast? (I realy don't know much about that technique actualy)... because with a leica glass, I find it wierd to use grad 4 and more.
I hardly go more than grad 3, then it gets extremely contrasty and ugly.

luckyloser said...

also bei den bierflaschen kann ich nicht zustimmen, absolut gut das foto. mag eigentlich alle 4 ;)

Luke Neher said...

based on the hand grabbing the paper... I'd tap that

die fleißige studentin said...

detaillierter konzertbericht bitte!
ich hab parallel dazu tool in winamp gehört, es war fast so, als wär ich auch da ^^

Fergus said...

That last frame is gorgeous.