Wednesday, November 22, 2006

just some recent scan material..

this one was 1 second, 3200is, f2.0.. that's dark :D

met him at 6am in the bus. drunk as shit.. hah.

he's being responsible for a lot of alcohol consume in the last years:

see !

the last three are berns creations:


Fergus said...

As always a pleasure!

adamkozlowski said...

I see more dorkroom creatures.

adamkozlowski said...

Btw, Sev, i can't contact you any other way, but i have a question.

Have you tried a Voigtlander Bessa R2A, or more importantly R3A, side by side with your M6? I believe the M6 and R2A have the same viewfinder. However the R3A has 1.0x magnification, which is very interesting.

I wanna know how you rate the Bessa. I obviously can't buy an M6, even the body alone. I want a Bessa, i will buy one, but first i wanna hear your view on that as a heavy M6 user.

severin said...

bessa r3a with the 40/1.4 is probably the best choice for a new rangefinder at that pricerange. i'd say go for it, for a starter camera it's more than you need... and you get used to the M system so that you can later shoot with the leica ;)

Francesca said...

A few curiosities...

What happened to your portfolio webpage :

Expired or u moved to a differene url?

Interested to see how you continue to choose things to include in the portfolio from the street fotografias.

Also, are you in an art Academy where you live? I assume that from darkroom access/age.

I want to compare, so if you don't mind, please tell me about:
the size of your department,
is it a separate foto dept or general fine art program,
how many students per class,
any legacy from Otto Steinert (i realise he was deutsche)?

Also, and I ask this for school is expencive in italy, how much on average does academy /university cost per year? sorry ugly question but important

What do you intent to do career wise afterwards? will a different job support for photography?

The bust stop Balkan dj poster shot made me laugh, I just found this website last night.. coincidence.. hehe

Kustendorf (Kusturica Village) is this ethnic village erected by the famous Balkan film maker to become an artistic cultivation center and a film school. It won a some prestigious Brussels award for architecture.

I like the photo of lady tying daughter's laces very much.



Francesca said...

oh nooo it's her sister/friend not mother!!! haha

Miauzz said...

Do you and bern always go to the bathroom together? ahahah :P

Henri said...

my fav from this post:

some great heavylight!
will have been cool with a beautiful blond too. :)

apixx said...

lol der scan mit dir und bernhard ist ja priceless :) !

und wie hast du das konzert gefunden?

Anonymous said...

sev you look like the lead singer of billy talent =p


marius said...

hehe,tha balkan night is awesome.

how come DA admins hate you.
when the rest of the world loves you.

John Hupp said...

Always interesting to see what stands out to you when you are taking a given roll...

zbyszek radwanski said...

great photos, i like it

Josh (GFXPunk) said...

I wanna fucking buy that print of the crowd. How much for a RC and how much for a FB print?

P.S. I won't be buying it until after xmas

P.P.S. Still loving the other print I bought off you.

P.P.P.S How the fuck do you get the border that you get on your prints?

Not sure how to subscribe to this place, so could you email the prices to


nasal said...

the last one rocks :D

Anonymous said...

"Lord, I have a problem!"
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