Thursday, November 16, 2006

just recent stuff. trix+3 again:

"fasten seatbelts forbidden, here one dies like a man!"

f2.0 1/4th.. i'm posting the stats for henri :)

so much mids here, i love that film.

his piss was almost dry. i wonder how long he slept there like this.

bernhard and i played around with the "enlarger" ;)

this one is for henri ;) f2.8 1/8th:

this one too: 1/4th f2.0

and this: f2.0 1/8th

the medium format enlarger also seemed to work out:


Miauzz said... this detail is amazing... 1/4?? ok, now you're really close to God...

:P tell me, what size do you usually make your prints? Last post, for example...

fergus said...

Love the ones of the posts and the criss crossing shadows, good eye for detail.

Ryan Marr said...

looks like you're seeing a lot of daylight. good thing you can push that stuff +3 hahaha.

Spaz said...

The last enlarger picture is the cutest! ^_^

adamkozlowski said...

That pic of Bernhard is awesome. A true classic. Get it printed biiiig.

Btw, what enlarger are You using now? I remember a pic of an old Leitz.

Oh, and one more important thing - are you using a plain enlarger + multigrade filters, or a multigrade head?

sebastian said...

who needs to photoshop eyes bigger if you can use your enlarger for that, too :-)

i really like the photo of the two poles throwing such simple but amazing shadows. very well seen and captured!

Henri said...

good quality (bokeh rocks on the second one), but no real good ones though.
and I think there is too much light in your night shots. you should do an exposition correction when there is some big source of light.

I'm actualy doing a lot of night shots too, with some 400asa though and I usualy walk at the same time. I love nice blurry photos! you probably know that site.. but just in case you don't!

eugenio said...

Good job.
Print those shot big!

Henri said...

too bad you got banned and that your deviations are finally erased;... because you probably were gonna win the street shot contest! at least your entry was realy what they were looking for I think: a shot that realy tells what streetshooting is about, not just one special moment...
If I was the judge at least! but I don't realy get Cweeks meaning of streetshooting, just look at his website in the "street section", there are some photos of trees... some of his daughter, one taken in a hospital... unless it's all about hirony ...WTF??
it's kind of wierd that he actualy puts up a street contest like.

smkblog said...


all the prints you see are scanned, so 8x10 or 9 1/2 x11 inch.

i can't scan bigger prints. i also print bigger of course but you won't see them digitalized.

@ryan: no i don't see much light these days.. i have pushed myself 3 steps ! ;)

@adam: i've used the leitz + ilford filters until last week. i switched on a schneider-kreuznach lens and filter-head.. and it's like a new world, much better.

@henri: do you print your photos in the darkroom ?

i might print one of these nightshots and post the print later.

i ask, because these photos you see taken at night will be much easier to enlarge than "normal" exposed ones. i also don't overexpose because it's fun but i correctly expose, where i want the exposure.. so if everything around is dark or bright doesn't matter to me as long as the subject is correctly exposed. that's with every shot you take, no matter if it's in bright sunlight or dark night.. also when i give the trix+3 enough light, i will avoid heavy grain in the shadows and have more information there too.

lightsources are lightsources, they're highlights at a 1/60th until 1/2 a second..

about the chris and street... i don't think he has put only streetshots in this category on his page. i just think that his private shots are there.. and since he didn't want to make another category, he put these photos there.. in the end it doesn't matter. he does the contest because.. well because who else could do it !?

yeah they deleted my work.. or he or she, whoever it is.. doesn't look good for me and DA.. we'll see though, gonna ask a little.

adamkozlowski said...

@Sev - Thanks for the info. I wanna get the Opemus by Meopta with the Meograde head and screw in some Rodenstock or Schneider lens. However the S-line of the Meopta lenses are very cool too. Those Czechs still make some great enlargers.

Henri said...

ok, so those are negscans. (I always forget that it is possible to scan negatives). I though they were final prints.
Yes of course I print all of my photos in the darkroom. (where else could I print it? (lol))

I don't agree with you I think it will be less easy to print those shots, in orther to get something good out of it. because when you have a real burnt area you can't do much, the information is definitly lost, when you have a dark area, of course you'll loose information and get more grain but you'll still be abble to get that information. (even if I feel that a night shot without big grain is not fun).
of course you can't do much because of what you sayd "lightsources are lightsources, they're highlights at a 1/60th until 1/2 a second" (it's a bit exagerated though but right )...
but having those big lightsources does make our eyes look at it and ruines the photo. What I suggest (of course you do whatever you want) is that you should just not find those kind of photos "useable" (and maybe don't shoot them, or don't select it). like this one

for me nightshots are realy about light... the beauty of it, the beauty of shadows too. I don't realy shoot those photos for the subject itself.
the only exemple I have that is loaded on the internet is that one:

yes, you are right about Chris and street I guess. but for somebody who acts like he realy knows what street shot is about (he did a 10000 pdf document about it, and you also participated I think?!), it's wierd to see that on the beautiful oficial web site, as you sayd in the end it doesn't matter!

DA is just gay! your journals were just fine!

Yo Momma said...

Will you have my children?

April May said...

Bernhard's face in that enlarger is fucking hilarious! Thank you for constantly updating. You are the most persistant blogger.

adamkozlowski said...

I got it now - all the pictures of you guys with the enlarger lenses are a proof that you spend too much time in the DORKROOM!

morgan said...

know any good places to get xtol off the net? I'm not so keen to use dd-x as I cannot find enough solid information for times at +3 for trix. the bigass dev chart doesnt have the times. unless you know? i can always try one film and expreiment...