Wednesday, November 01, 2006

developed my latest rolls of film tonight. 2 rolls of trix+3.

starting with the older one. on the way home from paris to vienna. location: strassbourg.

guessing exposure here

and here too.. i just hoped to have the other woman in the reflection also in the frame, which is not that easy with a rangefinder.

view outside. trainstation in strassbourg. 1/30th panning.

miriam left in karlsruhe.. bye bye

first frame in vienna of that roll. he collects leicas and nikons, he said while smelling like an alc bottle. he was nice though. freaky but nice.


i went outside the pub because some weirdos ran around cars. they were from ireland. i said hello. took the photo. went back inside. it was cold. she was straight, he wasn't probably > ;)

glad that i went to the bar to order two beer, for linus and me. there i took a few photos of this guy. if i print that, then in whole as a stripe (wink to chris!)..

in the nightline. going home.

tram action..

last frame of that roll. i waited a minute to get someone intresting in the frame.

next roll:

i told ryan that there was no film loaded. that was a lie. you thought i couldn't top off the sandwich shot.. see this :D !

ps: it's kaesespaetzle.. very austrian food

this dog.. haha freaked me out. he pulled in the other direction. pan action at a 1/15th

wohoo ! my fav shot from that roll. i forgot his name again. i know him. he didn't know me before i helped his mind. he is a barkeeper and i've been there a few times. will print this and give it to him next time i'm there...

bunny checking hairstyle.

honey, can you help me with my neckchain ? sure honey.

this one is for the bokehlovers:

i saw her when we left the train.. so i focused on the distance and waited till they pass us. so the train on the shot is moving. 1/60th 2.4

f11 1/15th. you can blur with DOF or speed ;D

love these old streets downtown.

little hommage to:
like a fish in the bowl. banging against glass.

we went to the cinema. thank you for smoking. others seemd to enjoy it more than i did.

1/4th f2.0



foig said...

Love the irish tourists and the cigar guy

Will said...

Yeah, the cigar guy series is really great. Tri-x at 3200 is pretty hard to control but you've hit the spot perfectly quite a few times here and resulted in some great shots. Always a pleasure.

iwan said...

sandwich frame is better ;)


Anonymous said...

hi there -- like the way you present the story of your photos -- allowing us to travel through each of them -- definately like theone with the guy at the bar -- later days

2904 said...

"like a fish in the bowl. banging against glass." angle is particularly cool in this one.

As a fellow of Tri-X, I will try it at 3200 after seen these photos. Ilford 3200 is double the price anyways.

And boy I wish to have a rangefinder to do the tricky pans. With SLR, it could be achieved but ...

apixx said...

das mit dem panning machst du *ausgezeichnet*

geht das eigentlich nur mit rangefinder?

Skepp said...

great as always :)

Suzan said...

"honey, can you help me with my neckchain ? sure honey." Hahaha! :D
Really like that shot of Miriam, her dad (I assume it's her dad) looks happy to see her, she obviously got mixed feelings. Cutest expression ever.
I very much like the photo of the repetitive sleepers in the train, great job on that!
Bokeh shot is amazing too, needless to say :O
Gotta love the expression of the guy sitting next to the girl with her head in her hands too. Eyecontact in photographs can be so awesome.
Enjoyable entry once again!

ananke said...

I like two photos especially: XL01_b15fe459f5d87 and XL01_b1538236cf649

Ryan Marr said...

g= ahahaha someone lieks the sandwich shot better? I dont know the cheese is a nice touch.

I like the wheel chair guy. Was I still around for that?

smkblog said...

no sorry mate. you left me already, left me in pain and agony you evil being !

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